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Davydov Vitaly Semenovich

( 9-times world champion, 8-time Champion of Europe)

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Biography Davydov Vitaly Semenovich
(April 1, 1939 - ...)
. 9-times world champion, 8-times European champion Vitaly Davydov Semenovich awarded the Labor Red Banner of Honor, two medals "For Labor Valor", the Hungarian Order of the Bronze level.
. Father, Semyon Ivanovich Davydov (1911g.rozhd., Died at the front in 1942.), Was the driver of class I
. Mother, Davydova Claudia Ivanovna (1914-1983), worked as an accountant. His wife, Tatiana Davydova (1939g.rozhd.) - Graduated from the Commerce and Economic Institute. Daughters, Alla Davydova Vitalyevna (1961g.rozhd.) - Manager of the Irish firm in Moscow, Olga V. Davydova (1971g.rozhd.), - Employee Television (ORT).

. For all its discipline and meticulous execution coaching guidance Vitaly Davydov at first in the eyes of the audience lost in comparison with the powerful-looking ice Nikolai Sologubov, . Ivan Tregubov, . Alfred Kuchevskim, . Henry Sidorenkovym, . Dmitry Ukolova,
. And the growth seemed to have had some not hockey ... But the future three-time Olympic champion clear actions to protect, the desire for power methods addicted to the courageous struggle and on the right eventually took place in the USSR team. Following the USSR championship in 1962 Ice Hockey Federation of the USSR for the first time recognized Davydova best defender.

. Like hundreds of boys in the late 40's - early 50-ies, Vitaliy was madly in love with hockey, but not bad chasing a soccer ball - in the country started a hockey boom
. Specialized hockey schools did not yet exist, but in the hockey section in the sports societies at stadiums took only 14 years old. Therefore, youngsters had no choice other than to play in the yards, especially fond of hockey boys, who lived near the stadium "Dinamo", where almost daily matches were all-union championship.

. Once near the "boxes", which desperately fought "wild" team, stopped passes on the lower Scissors Ilya V. Bizyukov, coach of Dynamo Club
. He called one of the players and invited him to come to him at the stadium "Dinamo". This teenager was Vitaly Davydov, who to this day is in the ranks of this illustrious company.

. For three seasons (1954-1956) Davydov worked under the authority Bizyukova, passing, as if from class to class, from one team to another - a third youth, a second youth, the first Youth
. And one of his partners, all these years was Vladimir Yurzinov, in the future, Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR. Together they in 1956 led to Arkady Ivanovich Chernyshev, who remained a mentor Davydova continuous 18 years.

It Chernyshev remade Davydova from winger in a high-defender, a star of world hockey. He saw that the young player would not mind playing tough, often goes to the clash with rivals, and most importantly - has a high speed, which is very important for a defender.

But Chernysheva led to the decision to put Davydova defense case. After the Olympic Games in 1956 Dynamo went on to play friendly matches in the country, and took a tour of all three defenders. And suddenly, at the Kirov-Chepetsk sick one of them - Oleg Tolmachev, . most experienced team, . only five years younger than Chernysheva (they were friends houses, . were part of the Dynamo, . opened in 1947, the list of champions of the USSR, . in the future is - the second coach),
. How bytN not go on the same ice with two defenders!
On the eve of the match Chernyshev called Davydova and set the task: tomorrow should be the first to play defender. Vitaly from such an order the coach was taken aback and had not slept, and next morning Chernyshev said: "If I will not need it, better let go ...". But played with dignity and for life has remained on the defensive.
Known Gorky's words: "Dynamo - a force in motion". So many years captain of the Moscow "Dynamo" Vitaly Davydov was the living embodiment of the thesis of the great writer. Fast, maneuverable, highly self-sacrifice, extraordinary will and dedication, with an inspiration not only play but also to train, Davydov always served as an example for partners. He was a giant in spirit - nothing and nobody could stop Vitali.

In one of the matches of the Canada-US tour Davydov seriously injured. It seemed that with skates, stick and puck he is a long separation. But Vitali and this time showed perseverance, tenacity. The nature of his firm, and therefore on the eve of departure for the World Cup and European (in Tampere), he rose again in order USSR team.

Davydova was named the best defender the world championship in 1967. Particularly hard, he held a match against the Canadians. Then the fathers of hockey felt that the Soviet defenders, including Davydova, are not only strong in the defense - they are also very active in the attack.
. The best in the history of national hockey champion Vitaly Davydov says Nicholas Sologubov, received at the front, four injured
. He remembers every detail, once at a pre-assembly of the USSR national team, which was held under the Nalchik, at the foot of Elbrus, a war veteran showed the young athletes how to act on the ice. Togo display Davydov ever enough - then he himself polished technique of different techniques.
During the world championships and Olympic Games Davydov always, when played, was the editor of the bulletin Hockey. For the next release used telegrams to the Motherland, and mail is delivered to their bags. They wrote the young fans, as, for example, in Grenoble: "Dear hockey players! A better puck into the goal team of Czechoslovakia than 20 bars of chocolate for our group!"
. Leaving the ice, Vitaly Semenovich was a wonderful coach - with him in trehsezonah Dynamo were twice winners of silver, and once - bronze
. Led by Davydov team youth team of the USSR excel at the first three world championships among peers. No wonder he was awarded the title of "Honored coach of the USSR".
A work in VengriiN For three years Davidovsky club ц jpest-Doge 'from Budapest took two "double", and once he did not have the rank of national champion just one point, but then he won the Hungarian Cup. Finally Hungarian team led by Vitaly Davydov moved to the World Cup from Group C to group "B".
Today's hockey life "Dinamo", including their victory in the championship of Russia of 2000, it is impossible to imagine without the organizational work of the vice-president of the club Vitaly Davydov.

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Davydov Vitaly Semenovich, photo, biography
Davydov Vitaly Semenovich, photo, biography Davydov Vitaly Semenovich  9-times world champion, 8-time Champion of Europe, photo, biography
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