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Jill Barad

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Biography Jill Barad
Jill Barad for many years considered the living embodiment of all the Barbie. PochemuN Because this eccentric beauty, with its hypnotic charm and iron business acumen, for many years was general manager of Mattel Toys, producing Barbie. But the other day she left her post and left the company. Because suddenly became clear that Barbie has to bear the losses.
New York, 1998. Jill Barad, who had just returned from a business trip in a hurry to the hotel "Hilton". An hour later she would be on the stage of Congress Hall, where she will serve an honorary award from the Society Girls Club of America ( "American Girls club"). Leaning back seat of a limousine, Jill did not look agitated. Leaving the car and passed the lounge, she calmly watched as the other awarded business lady leave the stage one after another under the polite applause from the audience. Now its turn. Reaction to the appearance of Jill like a bombshell.

She looks like a Hollywood actress: bright suit with a mini-skirt, high heels, dazzling smile. Near Jill on stage 18-year-old girl, who presented the award for the fight against alcoholism and drug. Barad compresses the girl in his arms as if she knew her life, and begins his speech with the words:
- When I started working, my mother told me that the laws of aerodynamics bumblebees can not fly. But they fly. The words I remember all my life. And here I am.
. Room explodes with applause.

. Ironically, a woman named Jill has become one of the richest and most powerful women in America thanks to the doll, which feminists linked concepts such as "sexism" and "demeaning women"
. It is not surprising: the very Barbie feminist can not be called. It is beautiful, constantly changing costumes and apartments, and certainly does not resist sexual advances of his boyfriend Ken.

. But Jill Barad similar to their offspring, perhaps, the only way people dress but also because, like Barbie, has nothing to do with the lady of Balzac's age (though both are over 40)
. Otherwise Jill is not Barbie. His iron grip, tough style of leadership and intuition turned Barad not particularly successful companies in the giant Mattel the modern toy industry.
Jill Elikan born and raised in New York. Malyshko she could not imagine that a passion for bright clothing, an innate sense of style and taste ever bring her vast fortune. At the tender age of Jill showed more interest in the profession of a model or an actress, and not to the business. Perhaps because her father was Lawrence Elikan television director and producer.
As a child, Jill loved to dress up and turn in front of the mirror, introducing herself a heroine fashion shows or TV shows. Her sister Anne recalls that even at night, Jill could jump on the bed like crazy, in full voice singing tunes from popular Broadway musicals.
. In 16 years, Jill got a job at the time of summer vacation: she sat in short skirts, bell-company Happylegs, which literally means "happy feet"
. Happy to help not only excellent feet Jill, but her character. She would not be limited only work model. Jill hard look into everything that happened in the company: working with customers, sales techniques.
After college, she worked as a clerk in the company of Love Cosmetics. Alas, the work did not bring any big money, no special pleasure. Jill could not articulate for themselves, what would she really wanted to do. She went through a few locations, instead viewing them simply as entertainment, but deep down she felt that requires something more serious.

. Gill tried to itself and acting break, but the tiny role of the second plan, and film sets the whole atmosphere seemed to her silly, contrived and meaningless
. So in 1974 she joined the post of consultant in retreat known cosmetic company Coty.
. While traveling across America, she came to the conclusion that the company's products are decorated too dull and not remembered by the purchaser, in spite of their excellent quality
. Then it develops its own design advertisements powder and comes with the layout directly to the central office Coty. Next fact speaks for itself: this advertising company used for 20 years.
In life, Jill is entering a new turn. She met Tom Barada, film producer and just a lovely man, and after six months dating threw his promising career at Coty, to go along with him in Los Angeles. Jill was not difficult to find work and there: her with open arms and has an advertising agency company Max Factor. A year later, Jill and Tom were married, and soon Jill Barad has found that pregnant. Neglected work, she decided to become a model wife and mother, believing that such a role suited her perfectly.

However, after the birth exemplary mother fell into a deep depression. For the first time in my life Jill realized how business life is important for her. "It was not a child, he slept all the time" - she recalls. The only entertainment for Jill were riding with a sidecar for a clothing store, during which it is closely watching the latest fashions.
Tom could not help suffering wife, and with the consent of Jill Barad went in search of work. One of her many talents have always been the ability to easily combine career and femininity
So in 1981, Jill Barad was in the department of development company Mattel Toys. The first of its project called "Heavy worms" - rubber worms, slipping on the wall. And although they offend perseverance always fall on the floor, their campaign Jill had brilliantly. In the new employee drew the attention of CEO Tom Kalinsky. Agree, . difficult to forget the slave, . who breaks into your office with the words "What the hell am I doing here, . if you can not get a decent zadanieN Pravda, . Jill assures, . that statement sounded a little differently: "Perhaps, . there is something better chervyakovN ",

. A sharp tongue and extraordinary perseverance helped Jill Barad quickly become his own in a company where all employees have tried to outstrip each other without worrying about compliance with moral norms and not feeding a special love for our neighbor
. Jill has succeeded in this unique art: a pool with sharks became her aquarium.

Having worked with Mattel Toys for two years, Jill has become managing the release of new product development team in the Barbie. Doll was produced in 1959 and did not enjoy special demand. Jill aim was to make Barbie doll, 80's, what she has achieved, presenting "Barbie - Business Woman" and "Barbie in evening dress". Dolls gone in an instant.

In 1997, Gill became the CEO and chairman of the Mattel Toys. First thing she repainted the walls of the office in pink color and has increased the Christmas holidays for employees who simply said: "I love you!"

. During work in the company of Jill Barad Issue Barbie and her accessories household grew from $ 200 million
. to $ 1.9 billion and the cost of Mattel rose to $ 5.5 billion. Toy has become a cult.

Now the average American girl has nine Barbie dolls. Sell not only dolls, but also all kinds of computer games, whose main character - Barbie and her friends. Barbie - is not just a toy, it is an essential attribute of social learning. As members of American society, Barbie are different: the poor and the rich, athletes and housewives, business women and women police officers. In short, Barbie doll's world copies present.
Jill Barad no regrets about what she had to balance between career and family. Children - the most important thing in her life. Work - too. Two sons, Jill, 18-year-old Alex and 15-year-old Justin, his mother proud, but in her footsteps, apparently, are not going to go. Jill Barad joined the list of 50 most influential women in the United States, compiled by the magazine Fortune, one of the highest paid women in the world (the magazine Working Woman).
But history has a sad ending. In early February, Gill resigned. The reason is the growing losses of the company last year due, in particular, the decision to buy the company Jill Barad The Learning Comp., Producing entertaining and educational programs, for 3.5 billion. In addition, sales fell, and with it, and the stock Mattel Toys in the stock market.
Purchase, as it turned out, did not justify itself, but Barad admitted that until recently knew nothing about the loss (they were $ 206 million. , 1999), as all the slaves used to the fact that Jill is bad news to report dangerous. Truly, the head of the company became a cult figure, straight as a revival of her Barbie, but the hard style of management as a result of ruined it. On the other hand, it is not so scary. Just in the lives of Jill Barad came another turning point.

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  • Hugh Brown for Jill Barad
  • I went to Bayside HS with Jill, and even then you knew she was going places. I'm happy to read this
  • jamie for Jill Barad
  • what are you kidding me? Takes a special douchebag to bring a company like Mattel to the brink of bankruptcy and in my opinion Jill deserves the credit
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    Jill Barad, photo, biography
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