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Sergey Utochkin

( swimmer and sailor, fencer and boxer, skater and a runner, a bicycle racer.)

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Biography Sergey Utochkin
photo Sergey Utochkin
(12.07.1876 - 13.01.1916)
Perhaps only the most famous artists were so well known as that joyful fiery red-haired man, a brave and chivalrous noble - favorite of all of Odessa. "I met him at the Great Fountain in the summer of 1904 - A writer remembered. I. Kuprin - and since then never have imagined without Utochkina Odessa and Odessa without Utochkina. "
. Sergei Utochkin was an excellent swimmer and sailor, swordsman and fighter, skaters and runners, but particularly famous as a bicycle racer
. For 17 years he never went to the track and won countless victories in Russia and abroad.
With bike Utochkin transferred to a car, was involved in motor racing, set speed records. Its crazy driving all knew Odessa policemen. Then Sergei carried away by ballooning. With his balloon, he went to Egypt and flew over the ancient pyramids and the Sahara desert.
When born aviation Utochkin only thinking about how to learn to fly on a winged car. Airplanes were kept in the air already for an hour or more, the Frenchman Louis Bleriot flew across the Strait of English Channel, and in Russia was not yet his aviators. Finally in the spring of 1910 in Odessa took flight first Russian pilot Mikhail Yefimov. He had just returned from France, where he learned to fly. Flights his real furor. This further strengthened the hot dream Utochkin
Fortunately, the plane was in Odessa - Farman biplane. And then one day Utochkin sat on the plane, like a huge box-shaped kite, took off and flew without any instruction - a rare event in the history of aviation. He became the second Russian pilot. Since then he has started a new and very hard life.

Of course, he did not once had to endure life-threatening moments. In Ekaterinoslav wind dropped an airplane on the trees. In Rostov due to stop the motor vehicle fell and almost ruined the pilot. Dangerous drop was also not far from Bender. But the fatal accident occurred in July 1911 during the flight Petersburg - Moscow.

This was the first in Russia a long and extremely challenging flight. It was attended by nine pilots, but flew only one - Alexander Vassiliev.

"I am going to Moscow to drink tea!" -mischievously shouted Utochkin, flying. However, a cup of tea in the throned he failed. He has already passed Novgorod and flying up to the sacrum, when the propeller broke into pieces! He had to go to the landing. The descent went unsuccessful. The plane crashed into a steep river. Utochkin managed to jump out of the car, but was hurt wing and fell unconscious in the water. He saved the peasants. Injury received them, were serious: a broken leg, arm, collarbone, severe bruising of the chest and head.
Now, sick, crippled, he suddenly left alone, penniless and without even a roof over your head. In private life as airman occurred drama. Favorite woman, wife, left him and went to Odessa for a rich financier and breeder.

Even in the hospital, so crippled aviator, died in terrible pain, doctors injected his morphine, cocaine given. After leaving the hospital, Utochkin have not parted with a syringe and a jar of cocaine.

After moving to St. Petersburg, Utochkin tried unsuccessfully to find work. Few earned billiards - good masterfully owned cue. Once received a fee for memories in kuprinskom "Blue magazine. Previously Sergey always dressed elegantly. Now, however, was ashamed of his shabby costume. I spent the night with friends, and often simply on the street, starving.

In 1913 the city there were rumors about the signs of insanity at the famed pilot. And, in fact - the morning of July 26, 1913 very excited Utochkin burst into the entrance of the Winter Palace and demanded that the doorman's report to the Tsar Nicholas II by the arrival of the famous aviator. Terrified doorman rushed to block the way forward uninvited guest. Then Utochkin pounced on him with fists. Runaway guard grabbed a madman. "I - genius! - Shouted Utochkin. - Let me go! I hear my name! "

By order of the superintendent of the Winter Palace airman was taken to a psychiatric hospital of St.. Nicholas on the Moika. There Utochkin told that near St. Isaac's Cathedral allegedly met the emperor, and he invited him to the palace.
Utochkin recovering slowly. Through the efforts of his friends was soon transferred to the hospital "All Who Sorrow" at the Peterhof highway, in a separate ward. Expenditures for maintenance and treatment aviator took over city government.
Suffering in the hospital, Utochkin hunger strike, saying that he preferred death by starvation imprisonment,. Then it began to force feed. Only the fall of 1913 he was released and moved to Odessa.
Already been the First World War. Many airmen were mobilized. Utochkin also asked at the front. But who is he, crazy, to hear vserezN When the disease temporarily retreated Utochkin tried to do in an aircraft factory.
In this paper, he was denied. "And yet, - said Utochkin with bitterness - I was ready to work supervisor, workers. Probably, the stigma of a madman would die with me ". These experiences again exacerbated terrible disease.
Winter 1915 in St. Petersburg п?я?пЄп°п?п°я?я? frosty and snowy. Friend Utochkina, A. G. Alekseev, met the former aviator on Nevsky Prospect. Half-starved, ill-dressed Utochkin had a cold. Soon, with pneumonia, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital of St.. Nicholas, in the same one where he first came in the summer of 1913. There he died. "Forgotten by all, - wrote" The Petrograd newspaper "- recent hero of the crowd died under the new, 1916, from bleeding in the lungs". It was then Utochkin all fortieth year ...
He was buried at St. Nicholas cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, near the graves of other Russian aviators who died in the crash.

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Sergey Utochkin, photo, biography
Sergey Utochkin, photo, biography Sergey Utochkin  swimmer and sailor, fencer and boxer, skater and a runner, a bicycle racer., photo, biography
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