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Biography DROZDOVA Inga
Weight: 56 kg
Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 92-60-92.

Born Dec. 14, 1975 in g. Riga.

Once M. S. Gorbachev introduced in the international vocabulary, the word "restructuring", so almost immediately in the American magazine Playboy has several cute girls awkwardly trying to expose their bodies. And sensation. The first sex symbol of Russia (as defined by the Russian edition of Playboy) Inga Drozdova was a girl of the month, appeared on the turn number. And not only at the central poster, but also inside the magazine. And because it all natural, not an ounce of silicone.

Russian model, the first among compatriots appeared on the pages of America's "Playboy" has finally become a married lady. Her chosen successor - an American, a wealthy businessman. The news of the wedding of Russian sex bomb has caused in Russia's get-together mass of gossip, . again began to discuss her past romances with Vlad Stashevsky (he, she starred in two video clips) and his producer Yuri Aizenshpis (he had tried unsuccessfully to untwist Inga as a pop star),

Drozdov threw both suitors and went to Sydney, where he enrolled in the University. Work on a law degree Inga perfectly combined with candid footage of "Playboy" and advertising. For questions about marriage always replied briefly: "I am young and beautiful!" Give to live for yourself! "

Willie (the name of her husband charmer) Inga met at one of the fashionable hangouts year ago. They exchanged phone numbers and a couple of months, just redial. Then it came to meeting, after which she moved into an apartment beautiful villa in the center of New York. Almost from the first day of their life together Willie begged to become his wife Inga. And with the consent, immediately took his bride in Las Vegas, where the marriage can be issued almost immediately. By signing the contract, the ring dove dipped in champagne glasses in one of the casinos in Las Vegas and rushed to New York. There, in removing the whole night chic nightclub already gathered relatives newlyweds and their friends.

Inga is now studying at the prestigious Australian university BOND at the Faculty of Economics and Financial Law. Her hobby - cars and motorcycles: "If we talk about cars, the more trust" Lamborghini ". But most of all like to travel on motorcycles. Two wheels provide some unreal feeling of freedom, independence from anyone. When mchishsya early morning on the road towards a new day, completely removed from all the problems and worries are left alone - you and the road. This is so cool! It is a pity that it is not always possible to find time - Work and education determine the schedule for my life. "

. Agenda famous model: "It starts the day with a charge, then - university, dance classes, singing lessons, necessarily - massage
. Ends, as a rule, the amazing party with friends. "

The most vivid impressions of the last time: "Recently at the international race" Indi Car Racing ", which was held in Australia, I represented the American edition of" Playboy ". There I was first introduced to the world-famous motorcycle company "Titan". And once they fell in love. Imagine, every motorcycle - exclusive to make by hand two weeks! Each of the parts is shining - just class! In addition to participating in various shows, I was talking with the riders. These are such interesting people, they are very much about themselves and their machines. "

. Dream Inga: "I want to be a famous actress or singer, but at the same time to be a business woman."

. The electronic version of the magazine "Moto"

Photos of DROZDOVA Inga
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova
  • Inga Drozdova

Photos of DROZDOVA Inga

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  • Yes, not just a sex symbol, a porn-character ... Although the figure of the girl is very beautiful, surely it could not be more beautiful show!
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  • Crazy difficult for me!
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  • Low-grade porn. Alas. Although beautiful eyes ... Pity.
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  • Well, where her tits, then? Th you nightingales fables feed ..
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  • Well, what to write?
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  • written?
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  • send me her exclusive pictures
  • Andrew Kirkham for DROZDOVA Inga
  • The most perfect example of pure natural beauty I have had the pleasure of knowing. The body of a Goddess, Voice of an angle and so very intelligent. What else is possible. RESPECT.(CAMP EDEN)
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    DROZDOVA Inga, photo, biography
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