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Kobzon Ninel

( Wife of Joseph Kobzon)

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Biography Kobzon Ninel
Iosif Davidovich Kobzon married three times. And only last marriage - with Ninel - brought him a feeling of complete family. To learn how to live with the People's Artist of USSR people's deputy of Russia, Adviser to the Mayor of Moscow for the Arts, a businessman and father of the Russian mafia, "says Ninel Mikhaylovna Kobzon. A woman who has learned to live with a man who has long been known to the public. And that never fully belonged to her.
- For the first time I heard the name Joseph Kobzon, when I was twelve years old. At our rink on loudspeaker without a stop spinning "And our yard is a girl ..." I have friends ask: "Who is this singing all vremyaN" And they told me: "Do not you znaeshN This same Joseph Kobzon. He is so popular. His all time show in "blue flames".
But eight years later we met in person. It was in March 1971. I came from Leningrad to Moscow to see her mother's friend, and she decided to take me to visit, in order to acquaint with someone from Muscovites. This, apparently, was their joint plan with my mom. The fact that the mother is not like my Leningrad cavalier: he lived on a salary of Soviet engineers in a communal apartment. Also at that time was a popular humorous formula: Leningrad women marry Muscovites and Muscovites - for foreigners.
- "Conspiracy" was originally designed to Joseph DavydovichaN
- No. In the house of a famous entertainer Emile Radova met each Company: actors, famous people, "golden youth" in short, the beau monde. And the candidates that evening was rife. But so happened that fate brought me precisely to Kobzon.

At the party in the end all split up into different companies in the interests. Someone drank, someone in the kitchen led leftist talk about politics and "for life", someone was sitting at the TV. I went into the room, where watched "White Sun of the Desert". It was completely dark, and all the seats were occupied by. And suddenly a man gave me a place. When the movie ended, and turn on the light, I saw that it was slim, tall, sporty, elegant, relatively young man (he was 33 years). I did not even recognize. When I saw him on television, he absolutely did not like me. Seemed small stature with disproportionately short legs and large head.

I think it was in our meeting some sort of predestination. I still believe in destiny.

- And how to develop your relationship dalsheN

- Very roughly. We met two consecutive days. Then I had to return to Leningrad. Agreed that during the May holidays, he would come to visit us.

- I understand, my mother in your life did not take the last place and many decisions for you.

- My mother is very strong character. Apparently, so she was left lonely man, brought up by my brother and one. Strong women seriously, because the man who would report to them, it becomes uninteresting, and the other strong man near, they will not be tolerated.

- If you follow this formula, we can conclude that you are a weak person ... Once too many years suffer strong.

- Around the same is the golden mean. It's just that my mom is no gray. All either black or white. It is an uncompromising man, and women's diplomacy from her problems, which I can not say about myself. Marriage, as I saw on your experience - is a solid compromise.

So, when I returned home, I began to ask my mother board. It seemed to me that our relationship with Joseph had a very confused character. And my mother said to me: "Let's see with what he would come to visit us. If the flowers, we'll talk, if a bottle of vodka - means the gate turn.
When Joseph came to our door, he saw a sign: "The apartment exemplary content". Then these plates were given for the fact that tenants were paying rent on time. Apparently, he did not know this, and the plate made him a very favorable impression.
My mother looked through the peephole and saw a sea of pink carnations. So he came to our house. It was our day, and we parted for a long time (he was very much on tour). Redial. And so it turned out that he often found himself at the mother and for a long time talking to her. Once she said to him: "I'm the only daughter. And if you want a serious relationship, let's take a closer look ". Joseph offered to meet during the August vacation in Sochi. There we are more familiar. There he made me an offer. We agreed that in November, celebrated the wedding.
- You feel the real lyubovN
- You know, he was older than I was thirteen years old, was in the prime of life, glory, intelligence. And he talked with a young provincial girl. So first of all came the respect and genuine feeling came later. In love, rather, was Joseph.
- And you can not catch a dry rascheteN
- At least, not in financial ... Only material self-interest could be his car. Then everybody said: "Ah, Kobzon American" Buick "length of seven meters". For me it was a legend, a myth. I am very much about this machine heard, but never in it not even sit. The car stood for two years at the service station. But the necessary spare parts was impossible to get. So Joseph sold it for some penny. The first "working" car showed up at our six years after the wedding.

When I got married, he had some debts. In Leningrad I was living in the center of a very good single apartment with ceilings of the twenty-four. And when she moved to Moscow, it was in a flat of Joseph, where, apart from us, lived his sister and mother, who came from Dnepropetrovsk. Three days after our wedding and married the sister of Joseph. Soon she had a baby. What is really there might be a calculation on my part! We lived in the barricades of the trays, kolyasochek, diapers and toys.

To live in such conditions it was very hard, and we moved ... a hospital ward hospital MONICA. We helped with the Chamber doctor friend.

- You did not then have nervous breakdowns, episodes of hate, scandals at home pochveN

- On the contrary, I think of this hospital room as one of the brightest moments of our lives. Just because something is no life and no. There was no kitchen, no cleanings. All our belongings fit into two suitcases.

However, walking around the sick, the toilet was at the end of the corridor, and the wash I went to see friends. But to us all the time friends came, we arranged a feast, Backgammon tournaments. In short, lived perfectly. Probably because they were young. And a lot of time was spent on tour. He has been touring for eight months a year.

- So you have to travel the country with muzhemN

- When we were talking about the wedding, he told me just set a condition: "You're my third wife. Two of my marriage were a famous actress, and nothing good from the fact that the spouses separate in different parts of the country on tour, does not work. There is any suspicion, strife, clarification of relations ". He once said that if I'm going to marry him, he draws me to his touring troupe, say, costumers, so we were always together. I was too happy about it.

- You will not have complexes or any problems due to the fact that the former wife of Joseph Davydovich were "stars" and universal lyubimitsamiN Still Ludmila Gurchenko and Veronica Kruglov ...

- No. First, because he has matured to the point of having a normal family, wife, its proper. On the error of their previous marriages, he realized that he needed a wife is not primarily his profession. He did not want his wife involved in his business and would put their interests above his. Secondly, he really wanted to have children. Even he is not so much as his mother wanted grandchildren. In previous wives that has not been. Maybe I was given to just such a mission: a woman was needed, which would bring the offspring in this family. Why netN This is a normal mission of every woman. I think that's why Joseph wanted to marry a young girl with normal genetics.

- You spoke with him zhenamiN

- I remember once in Sochi I was approached by Kruglov and said: "Hello, I'm Veronica. I know you Nelia. Let's get acquainted ". Well met. She asked: "Well, you zhiveteN" I say: "Thank you, very well". And she surprised at the answer: "DaN must also". So talk.

. During the wires of the old New Year in the Central House of Artists, we exchanged a few words with Lyudmila Gurchenko, shook hands.

. Russian LinkExchange Member

. - You will not be offended by the comparison with Cinderella, which fell on balN

. - Apparently, you can make such a comparison
. Another thing is that I'm such a Cinderella, which would fall if not this, then the other ball. Somehow I've always had confidence in himself.

But to get to the ball - that's half the battle. Marry - it does not mean anything. Must be able to save marriage. This is an ongoing work.

- What do you viduN

- Yes, even the same physical work. I always worked. I woke up very early in order to begin to receive calls. Before that I had to clean up the apartment, cook dinner. Nurse, who watched our son Andrew, was seventy years old, and all the household chores were on me.

In 1973, Joseph bought the debt in small-sized two-bedroom apartment next to Moskontsert. After some time the front door to the table had been laid path: we have always had guests. By then it was already treated people with some requests, suggestions, problems. I do not remember that we are alone in not really eat dinner, but even breakfast. And I myself cleaned, cooked. Yes I am still very much trouble in the kitchen. In my family life is very helpful to me that in his time in Leningrad, I graduated from college catering to specialty technologist for cooking. I have a fifth digit.

- You do not sawed her husband, not pushing him to the fact that it was necessary vamN

- Kicking or pushing it quite unrealistic occupation. But there is a recipe. I realized that, if long, and veiled instill in him a thought, it sinks into his subconscious, and after a while he gives her for her. He said to me that it was his own decision, and my desire to put into practice. Bitch, which would it pilila, he would not be tolerated. But anyway, I always had my point of view, and always tried to defend it.

. - You always suit the position of housewives with their own point of view, "N had no desire something zanyatsyaN

. - When I went to Joseph on tour, I realized that I could be more useful than just a wardrobe mistress
. To iron the costumes and bring tea and sandwiches were already interested. And in 24 years, I entered the All-Union creative studio pop art. I received a diploma with a specialization actor conversational genre, and began to concerts, read poems Yevtushenko, Christmas. And when Joseph saw that I have success, jokingly said: "I do not want a wife Sarah Bernhardt."

. - Do you remember the moment when Joseph Davidovich has decided to change his creed, and from the singer turned into a significant public figure, businessman, politikaN

. - I can not say that he had suddenly changed and
. V He always had good organizational skills. Even in a team he has never had a director. Because it used to do everything himself, all penetrate, control, organize.

Regarding his political career. At one time he had long tried to join the party. Two years was a candidate. Then everybody tried to get into the party, because it depended on it and the social and professional life: travel abroad, participate in contests. No little red book break was unreal. And the title he would hardly have received is not keeping pace with the times.

- Why did not prinimaliN

- Well, first of all, remember the fifth paragraph in the passport. Secondly, the third time married. Third, is released, unconventionally behaving, concerts, more singing, more money earned. Suspicious. There is always someone that do not suit. His enemies and the envious were exactly the same as well-wishers.

- It is strange, and yet it was called the Kremlin's singer ...

- No I can not say that Joseph was Brezhnev singer. In the Kremlin invited the best artists, and getting there has been an honor.

He, of course, had to sing songs of circumstantial. The same "Small Earth". But do not forget about the whole Institute, edits and artistic council, through which was to take each song. It is now possible to sing anything: "They killed a negro, soaked, bitches". Although already in those years in the concert program of Joseph were two songs Vysotsky, he sang Vizbora, Russian folk songs, ballads, songs in Yiddish. Personally, I do not think it is a political prostitute, because he now believes was doing.

. - Once we've decided to expose the myths, as you comment on the view that Kobzon - "the godfather of the" Russian mafia "N

. - Judging by the fact that we consistently denied U.S. visa to the rationale of "suspicion of having links with the criminal world," I - "godmother" of the Russian mafia.

. Yes, we are familiar with many people who are considered authorities, but this does not mean that we trade in drugs or weapons
. If someone Taiwanchik - the Mafia, then for me - my "little brother". I honestly do not hesitate I can say about it all. I can wish everyone a faithful friend. Kinder and more decent man I have not met. I do not even believe in his own stories about that in the early 70's he was "Katalov". In the card he played some really do not know how.

- How did you hear about the explosion in the Intourist office in your muzhaN

- We both were at home, although at the time he was supposed to be at work. Shortly before the explosion, we received a call during a visit in Moscow, Odessa's friends. They were supposed to fly from Vnukovo, which is not far from our home in Peredelkino, and asked to wait for their houses to see. We can say this fact saved him. I still believe in destiny.

We sat and drank tea - and suddenly we began to call, talk about the explosion. Of course, we were dumbfounded. Forty minutes later, Joseph was already there.

- Do you ever been truly strashnoN

- One time it was very scary. Specifically threatened. That was in 1994 when killed Otari Kvantrishvili and Joseph took an active part in the investigation of this case.

Otari seriously interfered in politics. I do not know what to think about it, my husband, but I have always cautioned Otari: "Why do you need these ambitsiiN to playing". I began to notice that when people are engaged in politics and the decision of global problems, they have a dependence. This is worse than alcoholism or drug addiction.

- But is it now is your husband ...

- Yes, and it scares me. But I can not disturb him and I will not.

- What is the hypostasis Joseph Davydovich you prefer: a singer, businessman or politikN
- In principle, this is one and the same person. He likes to be called a businessman, though, in my opinion, least of all he is a businessman. By its very nature it antibiznesmen. His household, we will never be interested.
First of all, he, of course, creative people. The biggest kicks in his life - a scene, students, and music.
I never supported her husband as a politician. I was marrying an artist and always liked it artist. Therefore politician Kobzon like me much less than the artist Kobzon. But it seems that a politician can bring Kobzon is much more useful than a singer Kobzon.
- Benefits for semiN
- For the family, I think he did a lot, being a singer. He was constantly overwhelmed by some global things. Not family, and whole mankind. He was close to ten people are not so interesting, as a society, country, voters, the region. Now he plunged into a Rhode Island District. All the time reading and rereading the letter, holding llamas, looking for a place in Moscow for a Buddhist temple.
. - You did not hvataetN
. - Previously, he vowed to me that when the stop singing and come to well-deserved rest, it will go with me to handle in the theaters, museums, go on tourist trips
. But this is not
- By the way, and without it, your existence might well be called a secular. You can often be found on any presentations, the opening of the boutique, concert, fashion week.
- I am very eager to learn. I love people, communication. We live outside the city. In the summer I have no special feelings of isolation, forgotten, provincialism. And in winter, when getting dark at four o'clock, when the roads are covered with snow, ice, you want bright light, people, communication. I believe that if you manage to communicate, to participate in the festivities, we must seize the moment. It is actually much easier to sit in front of the TV by the fireplace, hide rug and forget about the outside world. But I do not want to live.
- You were costumers Joseph Davydovich. Now do it imidzhemN
- I think so. I remember literally on the second day of our marriage, we gather to visit. And Joseph decided to consult with me that he put. I say: "Well, I did not know that you have. Let's see ". He opened the closet. He had a myriad of incredible costumes. One with silver stripes, the other with a frill and brooch with stones, the third in sequins and so on in the same spirit. And I said to him: "You know, Joseph, and you have nothing to wear something". The next day I ran to the commission, I bought a brown gabardine, and he poshili classic costume. First six months this suit was the only one on all occasions.
Now Joseph has no problem with the fact that he put. Because every day I find out about his plans for tomorrow and all the study and prepare myself. On the morning of the necessary suits, shirts and ties hanging on a single hanger.
- You feel rich zhenschinoyN
- Yes.
- And it gives you confidence in sebeN
- Certainly. Because it becomes independent. No one presses on your opinion.
But much away, I myself do not do. Relatively speaking, a sewing machine, I'll buy myself, but if it goes about some antique vase, or furniture, make sure you talk it over with my husband.
. - Do you have an apartment in Moscow or only house in PeredelkineN
. - Apartments No, although I very much want
. Malogabaritku three-room, which we had, we sold. It is outdated and morally, and footage. The money I am allowed to repair houses. How many can remember, all my life to be repaired. All the time something altered, rebuilt, repainted. I like. I love physical labor.
- What do your detiN
- Natasha, with her husband, a lawyer now living in Paris. Ibid recently her daughter was born. They called Idel in honor of Mother Joseph, whose name was Ida. Natasha is studying in MGIMO, took a sabbatical.
Son, Andrew, graduated from the Academy Gnesin. Singing, trying to do their work, to earn money for their creative projects. My father never took money. And to Joseph in a strict views. Andrew's wife, Katia, to give birth in October girl
- Ninel Mikhaylovna you about something you come to regret in his zhizniN
- I am insanely sorry that we do not have a third child. The fact that I feel is not quite an old woman, if not by age, then in spirit, and I have grown children, who flew out of the house, have their own families. And I would like to have a child, whom I could caress, to educate, engage with. The more children, so life is more intense, interesting. In this paper, I prove themselves unable. So what's more, if not in the children, I can vyrazitsyaN
- Who you Iosif Davidovich KobzonN
- Genius. I'm a simple man. So serve him for me has always been a joy. It was there, and I hope it will still be. This is my destiny

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