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Hannelore Kohl

( Helmut Kohl's Wife)

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Biography Hannelore Kohl
The suicide of 68-year-old wife of Helmut Kohl of Germany shocked. It was not a spontaneous decision in desperation, the former first lady carefully planned every detail. "Hannelore Kohl went voluntarily from life, being unable to bear any more suffering from the excruciating disease - an allergy to light," - said in a statement Bureau Helmut Kohl. Major newspapers around the world present their version: someone blames the incident itself Kohl chronically does not pay attention to his wife, others - doctors, "missed" the patient is clearly prone to depression.
"Rest in peace" was made a week ago. But the last act of the drama was not over, yet always pops up the mass of details. All just now realized how few knew about Hannelore Kohl.
"I have always loved you ..."
Hannelore wrote 8 farewell letters - to her husband, each of the sons (marked "To be opened immediately") and close friends. Another letter - no envelope - she prudently kept in a conspicuous place: for the person who first enter the room to somehow soften the shock and immediately clarify the picture of what happened. Then mixed soporific c morphine and drank a lethal cocktail through a straw.
"Yesterday I lay down late. Please do not worry, I want to sleep "- such a note was attached to the bedroom door so that no one came earlier than all the ends and has not prevented her to go into eternal darkness. At 11.15 am the hostess found a maid.

Helmut Kohl was in Berlin, at the plenary session of the Reichstag, when he was informed that his wife was found dead in their house in Ludwigshafen. Sharply pale and he staggered for a few moments, he leaned his arm on the wall ... Half an hour Kohl accompanied police convoy drove from the airport to your villa. "I have always loved you. And thank you for everything you've done for me "- wrote to him, Hannelore. They met at a dance at 49-m, she was in a dress sewn of two flags with neatly carved out of them swastika. She was 15 years old ...
Up to 13 hours the next day Helmut Kohl and his sons in turn were on duty near the dead, saying goodbye to her. As stated by the prosecutor's office, the picture is clear-cut suicide, the cause is beyond doubt, the autopsy will not be carried. Case closed. Yet the question: "Why is it sdelalaN" - still hangs in the air.
"Wait and endure"
The long 16 years, Hannelore Kohl was the first lady of Germany. Exceptional discipline, no complaints, an eternal smile on the protocol, flawless appearance. Especially, it does not sons - Walter and Peter. Receiving higher education in the United States, both have become businessmen, never got into a newspaper column scandals and gossip.

Helmut Kohl, had once written to her more than 2 thousands of letters with declarations of love, home in Ludwigshafen appeared in the best case at the weekend, the rest being done in the Berlin apartment. From the few interviews the wife of the Chancellor can be concluded that the principal in her life were the words "expect," "hate" and "adapt".

By number of anecdotes about Helmut and Hannelore with them can compete only with Petka Vasily Ivanovich. Then, in a talk show, she acknowledged that to date, as it is called: "a provincial cow" and "dumb blonde", the main purpose of which - to cook stuffed pork stomach, the notorious favorite dish of the Chancellor. Yes, she was a certified translator, dedicated her life to family. A husband she had to "share" with the whole country. "Complete solitude at home, when dinner is ready, but he did not come and only time and again calls the delay ... After 4-5 hours of such expectations may be that the dog does require that she still rejoiced in the arrival of the master - once said Hannelore. - So I learned that our dog ".
Wounded soul
Within a half years solid shutters in the family's house Kohl had not been raised, so as not leaked any ray of light. A recent deterioration occurred even from the fact that the room was warm, so the villa maintain a minimum temperature. On the street Hannelore could go out of his bunker just closer to the night. For information about the health of Mrs. Kohl Germanic media collected bit by bit: intolerance to sunlight, unbearable pain, taking potent drugs (morphine), the impotence of physicians in Germany and abroad, receiving a fatal three tablets of penicillin. This is quite contradictory and does not fit the clinical picture alone allergic diseases. Rather, the cry is heard and the sick soul: I need help, support, do not leave me alone! Hannelore Kohl tragedy that her whole life had to play a strong woman. "I am burning inside," - she recently confessed to her friend.

Characteristic that the deterioration of the disease occurred at a time when the chancellor after the departure from the post of scandal with "black cash desk" of his party. Then, and offspring of Hannelore - Foundation for suffering from diseases of the central nervous system, for which she has collected more than 30 million German marks donations - in the press was accused of money laundering. In his recently published "Diary" Helmut Kohl wrote: "I was afraid that my wife did not survive". But she continued to smile at the camera. And inside all my life and remained a little girl, has experienced the fear of war, hunger, lack of shelter and violence, is in need of protection. "I was so happy that I met a man strong as a mountain, to which you can lean on," - she would say later about a young Helmut Kohl. Could he protect her, he fell from the pedestal of one of the most powerful people in mireN
. By and large, what kind of components - a disease in itself, loneliness, specificity, and the vicissitudes of life as a wife of a statesman - was more meaningful in its decision to put an end to all this, no one will ever know
When Hannelore acid dissolved one by one, sleeping pills, Helmut Kohl at a Berlin restaurant was celebrating its victory with lawyers: court decision on neobnarodovanii dossier, compiled for the Chancellor of the GDR secret service Stasi. Hannelore waited for the verdict of the judges. Now she could safely leave ...
At the funeral sounded "Requiem" by Verdi. In the face of Helmut Kohl tears flowed. Fate struck him again. Swinging ...

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