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Grace Coolidge Goodhew

( Wife 30 th President of the United States.)

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Biography Grace Coolidge Goodhew
(January 3, 1879 - July 8, 1957)
Wife 30 th U.S. President. First Grace doubted whether it is worthy of the responsibilities that are assigned to the First Lady. But all doubts were unfounded. His charm and enthusiasm, she won the arrogant Washington. The famous actor Will Rogers said about her, that "this woman is full of magnetism", it "is the most popular woman of society". Chief Justice William Howard Taft called it "very nice" hostess of the White House. Some compared her with Dolly Madison (wife of the fourth President of the United States, 1768-1849, which was called the "Grand Dame of Washington"). And the press welcomed her, calling her "a charming and tactful" First Lady.
Amazing couple
Goodhew Grace Coolidge and Calvin Coolidge were really amazing pair. Even their friends could not understand how two totally different nature to create a harmonious marriage. Grace was the only woman who ever was interested in Coolidge.

One summer day in 1903 Grace watering flowers in front of the school Deaf in Northampton, where she taught. Raising his eyes to the front window of the house she found a man in pajamas and a hat, which shaved. Its kind of laughed at it. Coolidge noticed it, but calmly continued its occupation. After getting acquainted, he explained to her that long hair, prevented him from shaving, so he always wore a hat.

Grace - a lively, friendly and sociable girl who literally radiates energy and joy. Coolidge, in contrast, was always calm, thoughtful, shy and ascetic. Her lips were always laughing, and it - in silence compressed.

Grace was the complete opposite of quiet wife. Coolidge joked once that Grace teaches the deaf to hear, maybe she can teach and the dumb to speak.

. By the end of the life of Grace asked why she married Coolidge replied: "I thought that I could teach him how to enjoy life, but he was uncooperative"
. Asked by a reporter about their first meeting with Coolidge, she laughed: "Have you ever met my muzhemN"

Somehow Grace showed her friend the first love letter from Calvin. It consisted of four rows of dry without a single hint of any emotion.

Grace Anne Goodhew, like Calvin Coolidge, was born in Vermont. She was six and a half years younger than him. Born January 3, 1879 in Burlington, and was the only child in the family. After primary and secondary schools in his native city in 1898 went to study at the University of Vermont. It had an attractive appearance: a beautiful brunette, medium build, with gray-green eyes, always smiling and a special predilection for the gray color. Well sang in the university choir, and in his spare time, walks in the mountains, skiing. And of course, has always had success with men.

Grace's father, Andrew Goodhew, inspect ships on Lake Champlain. Her mother, Lemira Banet Goodhew, was an energetic woman, and always openly said that she thought. She did not hide his doubts that Coolidge is not quite suitable match for her daughter, and advised her to postpone the wedding. Only then, when Calvin Coolidge began to climb the ladder of political career, he recognized in-law.

Goodhew were Methodists and disapproved of the various entertainment and dancing, and the same demanded of Grace. In their view, the church provided the man ample opportunity for personal development. Under the influence of the daughter they have changed the religious orientation and moved in the Congregational Church.

In 1902, Grace graduated from university and started working as a teacher in a school for deaf children. Then she met Calvin Coolidge. He fell in love with her at first sight, but his Puritan upbringing did not allow him to show feelings. How to write biographers, he finally asked the hostess to submit his young teacher.

Strangely sought attention Grace Coolidge. Once, to her liking, he went with her to the rink, although he did not know how to skate, even put on skates, but he felt on the ice is very insecure and afraid of seeming ridiculous, again removed them and briefly stated that he would go home. This was the first and last time when he put on skates. She willingly danced it - no. She loved theater and music, while he did not recognize such entertainment. She was sociable, he preferred solitude. Despite these differences, Coolidge argued that "we have from the beginning interested in dating each other."
Only after two years of dating Calvin plucked up the courage to make a proposal Grace. He went to the house Goodhew and saw on the veranda of his father's girlfriend.
- Hello, Calvin. What led you syudaN
- I would like to see Grace.
- She waits tebyaN
- No. But I came to ask you for her hand.
- She knows about etomN - his father asked with curiosity.
- Not yet, I'll tell her now. And his proposal was a rather unusual. "I have the intention to marry you," - he told Grace, and she immediately agreed to. The wedding took place October 4, 1905 in Burlington, in the bride's parents. The young husband was already 33 years old, and Grace, almost 27 years. In the honeymoon they went to Montreal. A week later, Calvin suddenly occurred to me: "Grace, we need to go back". Reason Grace had to fish out of him: "I put up a candidate in the School Board and should make a speech". They returned to Northampton, where they filmed the apartment. Soon after the wedding, he wrote to his mother-: "If you knew what dresses bought myself my wife. Who first saw all these dresses will understand the reason why I can not afford to rent an apartment better than this ". Later, Calvin bought half of the house for two families. There they lived until his election to the presidency of the United States.

Once Coolidge brought from Boston bag, there were 52 pairs of holey socks. Carefully patched, Grace returned them to him and wanted to know: "Are you married me, so I darn you chulkiN" He replied calmly: "No, but marriage, I feel very comfortable alliance". In 1906 was born their first son, John, and two years later - the second son, Calvin.

Coolidge was often away, because he worked in Boston. Grace herself to care for children. She wanted to give them a good education, and played with them in baseball and it was a good friend.

In addition, Grace was a wonderful hostess. We Coolidge was a sick stomach, and that he was on a diet Grace cooked strictly on doctor's advice. One day she baked apple pie for the guests, who, unfortunately, not quite a success. Calvin insisted that this is hard, burnt, almost inedible cake served guests. Swallow it was quite difficult. Calvin joked: "What do you think the Minister of Communications will pay the fee for my wife that she invented the recipe for strengthening the road pokrytiyaN"

. Sometimes Grace so ably and cheerfully copied the gestures and facial expressions of her husband, even morose Calvin laughed.

. Coolidge was known for his frugality
. While traveling, he stayed in the cheapest boarding the train and went to the cheapest class. He refused to buy a car, saving money on travel and entertainment, but dress for his wife that "miser" did not spare any money. She always dressed well, even when they were alone at home. Grace loved to go shopping with him, as he helped her choose a dress, hat and shoes. She trusted his good taste and marveled at the patience which he displayed at the same time.
Gray is hardly interested in politics, and even Calvin had no idea that she became involved in political affairs. According to him, she had to care for children and the house. He was never interested in her views and did not consult with her. In the early years of their marriage, Grace learned that her husband should make a speech at a local church. When he saw that she was dressed, he asked where she met. "I want to hear your speech". - "Better not," - he replied sharply. Of course, Grace's desire to obey her husband. Only many years later, she began to participate in public events at which he spoke. But being the mistress of the White House, stay away from politics. Theodore Roosevelt's daughter, Alice, once said that Grace "does not pop up a woman's nose in the affairs of state". Grace felt more home than Calvin. But he objected to it, noting that she "did not want me to participate in any election."

Calvin was already mayor of Northampton, when Grace with a group of students went on a trip to the White House. There she was well liked in the Eastern grand salon, which she mechanically stroked his hand. Guide rudely pushed her aside, and, offended, she promised: "If I ever come back here, I opened the piano and will play on it, and no one will stop me". Later, when Grace actually moved into the White House, she often thought about this case and in moments of great irritation took out the mood on the piano.

. Elections to the School Board were the first and the last elections, in which the defeated Coolidge
. After that, he was elected mayor of Northampton, deputy governor and governor of Massachusetts, then vice-president and finally president of the United States.

Grace was a reliable bulwark in the political career of Coolidge. His sociability and energy, she always knew how to support them in their hour of need, quickly winning the hearts of people, gaining new supporters for her husband. Previously, she sympathized with the Democratic Party, but since Coolidge was ingrained Republican, has changed and its political views. One of the friends of Calvin admitted: "The biggest trump Coolidge - it is his wife. Wherever she appeared everywhere to find him new friends, it is not interfering in its affairs ". Coolidge himself realized what a big role in his political career playing the wife, but, as before, is not attracted to her and did not ask for advice.

. The nomination of her husband from the Republican Party candidate for vice-president in 1920, she assimilated with mixed feelings
. "You're not going to accept this nomination, not so liN" - she asked him. This proposal is exactly historians as evidence of little interest to the policy of Grace. In fact, she hoped that her husband was nominated for president, not vice-presidents. The success of the elections tandem Harding - Coolidge, she commented saying: "This means that we are now going more to live in hotels."

Due to the status of the wife, Vice-President of the United States has changed and lifestyle Grace. She attended the receptions and she took politicians and diplomats from around the world. To her surprise, Calvin liked Receptions. "Anywhere you can also something to eat," - he would say. The appearance of Grace with her husband has always attracted the attention. Soon it became an ornament of Washington salons, which contributed to the popularity of Coolidge. Alice Roosevelt has always stressed the naturalness and ease of Grace Coolidge, her simplicity and charm.

When in May 1921, Grace moved to Northampton, Calvin wrote to his father: "Grace is extremely popular here. I do not know what I would do without it ". In his memoirs, he confessed: "Almost a quarter century she carried my weakness, but I'm glad its power."
. Once Grace, being late to her husband on the conference at Washington's Continental Hall, forgot to take the invitation and called the porter his name.
. - And as the name of your muzhaN
. - Calvin.
. - Who is he to Carrie Phillips, referred to as "These things" on professiiN
. - Vice-President.
. - Vice-President chegoN
. - The United States! - Angrily exclaimed Grace, and only then it missed the conference room.
. Receptions Calvin Coolidge usually silent
. It is often called the "silent Cal". Once, after tea, one lady Grace said that the next day she will have the honor to sit next to her husband. Grace said: "I sympathize with you all the time would have to say the most". One evening Coolidge invited guests at the presidential yacht. About President sat spouses D. Moreau and Frank B. Kelg. Coolidge kept silent. None of the ladies could not extract from him a word. The next morning at breakfast Coolidge asked his wife: "And where are those two beautiful damyN" She replied: "They rest from the busy talking to you yesterday."

. After the sudden death of Harding in August 1923 Coolidge became the thirtieth president of the United States
. When his wife heard this news, she burst into tears. Both fell to their knees and prayed. Grace felt that "personal likes and dislikes should recede into the background and give way to what is expected of the wife of the president."

First Grace doubted whether it is worthy of the responsibilities that are assigned to the First Lady. But all doubts were unfounded. His charm and enthusiasm, she won the arrogant Washington. The famous actor Will Rogers said about her, that "this woman is full of magnetism", it "is the most popular woman of society". Chief Justice William Howard Taft called it "very nice" hostess of the White House. Chief White House doorkeeper Ike HOEVE argued that Grace for all staff to take "90% administration". When one foreign diplomat asked whether he understood all that said Grace, he replied: "It's not important. Just look at her have fun ". Some compared her with Dolly Madison (wife of the fourth President of the United States, 1768-1849, which was called the "Grand Dame of Washington"). And the press welcomed her, calling her "a charming and tactful" First Lady.

She loved music and often concerts in the White House. Coolidge took the American and foreign celebrities, such as marshals Foch and Jaufre, the Romanian Queen Maria, Sergei Rachmaninoff and the Prince of Wales, and since the president was not talkative, the wife had to keep talking. Often rescued her humor, stimulating conversation.

. Alice Roosevelt believed, . that after, . as Coolidge succeeded Harding, . White House poliostyu changed atmosphere, . as evidenced by the following anecdote: when Florence Harding took her successor in the White House, . she called to her supervisor attendants Elizabeth Jeffery: "Mrs. Coolidge, . I want to introduce you to Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffrey,
. I hope that Elizabeth likes you ". After the presentation, Elizabeth felt uncomfortable. "Dear Mrs. Harding, - she said - just does not matter whether I like Mrs. Coolidge. Much more important, like me I Mrs. Coolidge. "
. Grace smiled, gave her hand to Elizabeth and defuse this unpleasant situation with the words: "Mrs. Jeffrey, like that under your leadership here everything went well, as hitherto.

. Puritan upbringing did not allow Coolidge during Prohibition entertain guests with alcoholic beverages, although their predecessors did not experience any pangs of conscience because of this
. Grace said she would not change the existing rules, but not welcomed prohibition. She even beloved dog named in honor of the then popular in the U.S. drink "Rob Roy". Sometimes at dinner Coolidge, pretending told his wife that he had discovered in the plate for some insect. This they spoke in whispers. Immediately, the president resorted to a waiter to clarify the situation. But Coolidge was talking loudly to his wife: "I did not know that the waiters overheard our conversation."

Once during a dinner discussion of whether the U.S. recognize the Soviet Union. When was the escalating dispute, the hostess said, diplomatically, trying to attract the attention of visitors to dishes on the table: "In these little cups for salad dressing, French and Russian". "I, п©п╬п╤п╟п╧п╩я┐я│я┌п╟, any seasoning, but not red," - said Coolidge.

Grace was a diligent hostess of the White House. Her calendar was always filled. She received visitors, plant flowers, took part in laying the foundations of various objects, collecting money for deaf children and other charitable. Usually it is a working day began at nine o'clock in the morning, when accompanied by two dogs, she went to his office on the top floor of the White House. It scans e-mail, pre-decomposition of its secretary Polly Randolph, often very typed. Constantly listening to the radio. Before dinner, a walk, then again sat at his desk and worked. Every last Wednesday of the month at the White House has invited female members of the Cabinet. When one of her guests enviously remarked how wonderful to live in the White House, sitting under a beautiful tree, reading a book, Grace replied: "How long have I lived in it, I've never been able to sit down and read a book". And next time she said: "My book - people". Grace wrote endless letters to friends, describing the events in the capital or interesting meetings. Sometimes one and the same text sent to different people.

. Nothing could bring it out of balance, just incredibly annoying habit of Calvin to keep it at the last moment of receptions and other events in which it was necessary to take part
. "Calvin, look at me at least once, - she said her husband, when he breakfasted, poring over newspaper. - Every day we go to any meetings, which I know nothing, I would like to protect me in advance to provide a list of all events for the week ahead and I knew what was waiting for me ". Because of the newspaper was heard: "Grace, we can not so easily disseminate information.

. After futile attempts Grace developed a habit of always keeping alert coat, hat and a pair of gloves to the wind velocity can be dressed for the reception
. Once Ike HOEVE asked her whether she would accompany her husband to the appointment meeting. "I do not know, but I'm ready," - she replied.

Coolidge commissioned artist Howard Chandler Christy portrait of Grace with her beloved dog, white collie. The artist asked Grace to wear a red dress to create a color contrast with the huge, white, pressed it to her dog. But the president wanted his wife painted in a white dress. "If you so need contrasts, just imagine my wife in a white dress, and let the dog will be red wool. In the end, the crucial importance was all the same view of the artist, and his portrait still hangs in the White House.

Interest of the press to the First Lady was huge. One could often see a picture of a smiling Grace in an elegant dress with a bouquet of flowers. She loved to be photographed, but shied away from interviews. Therefore especially a lot written about, . she rested, . what walks, . the changes in the environment of the White House, . she made, . and of course, . of her favorite pets, . especially dogs Prudence Prim and Rob Roy, . two cats and canaries,
. When Grace came to the White House with his little tenderness Rebecca, it was a real sensation.

. Despite all the activity, Grace was far from politics, and frankly admitted: "My husband and I very rarely talk about current issues, government affairs or history"
. But she said, by the way, "rarely" but not "never". This Grace urged women to participate in elections and to the manifestation of interest in politics.

Coolidge forbade his wife to give interviews, speeches, and Grace followed him. Once Union of American journalists, invited her to dinner. And suddenly she was asked to say a few words. Grace got up and spoke for five minutes, but more gestures.

August 2, 1927 Coolidge said about the fourth anniversary of his reign, that the elections of 1928 he would not stand for second term. This statement startled the whole country, including his wife. Even more different politicians surprised by the fact that he did not put the wife aware of such an important decision. To which Grace replied: "I am proud that my husband after twenty-five years of married life are still free to independently make important decisions without consulting with me and let me not one word about it."

. Calvin Coolidge, for its part, saw nothing unusual in the fact that he often intervened in the affairs of his wife
. Behind him was the last word on the menu, which it offered, he controlled the costs, even looking through her e-mail, checking the guest lists and delete those who disliked. Moreover, he forbade her to dance in the presence of strangers, drive, fly the plane, wear pants and make extravagant hairstyles. When she began to take driving lessons for the media reported about it, he has forbidden to continue exercises. He also objected to the dress to the knees, which then coming into vogue. But despite this, clothing Grace has always been a strong and consistent with the new fashion. Especially striking is her wonderful hats.
She passionately loved to buy. According to rumors, in the fashionable salons of New York, she left thousands of dollars every. Even joked that the president accepted the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce in New York primarily to ensure that the wife could go shopping.

Autumn 1927 Coolidge hosted Charles Lindbergh after his historic flight across the Atlantic. Grace stood on the balcony next to the pilot and welcomed the crowds. She showed him to Washington and introduced him to friends, spouses Morrow, whose daughter, Anne, he later married. The famous pilot wanted to thank them for all that the First Lady, inviting her to perform with him circling over the town, but she replied:

. "I'm not afraid to fly, but I swore to her husband that he would never get on a plane."

. Sometimes Grace just barely managed to fulfill her husband's injunctions
. She was afraid of losing himself, his personality, but I tried to understand and. Friend, she wrote: "I have no right to forget that I was depending on the circumstances, which have no influence."

. If it's something irritated it or sewing, or go for a walk to calm down, but long on her husband never got angry
. She always had a good mood, she sang, laughed and even frequently whistled. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the staff of the White House called it "a ray of sunlight.

Coolidge never openly showed feelings for his wife, but he was jealous that we can conclude from the following case. The summer of 1927 they spent holidays in the Wild West, in South Dakota. President has decided to work, and the wife went for a walk on the outskirts. Then they wanted to have dinner. On the walk, Mrs. Coolidge accompanied by one of the guards, James Haley, a rather pleasant looking. The President could not wait for the return of his wife, dined alone, and went out on the veranda. When it came, it came to a quarrel, and a few days prevailed "deathly silence". James Haley got another destination. This family scandal to hit pages of newspapers. Even wrote about a possible divorce couples Coolidge, and because the White House did not receive an official denials, rumors began to spread even more. After that Coolidge began to increasingly appear in public together, which eventually forced the press silenced.

Once Grace visited with her husband a new poultry farm. But they were in different groups. Suddenly she asked the guide how often the rooster can copulate day. "More than ten times," - replied the guide. - "Tell me about my husband" - asked Mrs. Coolidge. After listening to the message of his wife, only the president and asked: "Always with the same kuritseyN" - "No, each time with new," - replied the guide. - "Tell me about my wife," - said the President.

. This event attracted Coolidge attention and led to the emergence of the term "Coolidge effect", which refers to increased reproductive capacity in males because of contacts with different females.

. Once in Washington, rumors that Grace is pregnant
. In the White House has even started receiving packages with gifts for the heir, but since this time from the White House is not followed by any official confirmation, the flow of gifts ran out nine months later.

. In the summer of 1924 in the life of Coolidge tragedy happened: they lost their son, sixteen Calvin
. After the game of tennis on the thumb of his right foot had a blister appeared, he smeared it with iodine and forget. Began inflammation, and four days later, July 7, 1924, a young man died. This death has shocked parents. Together with them, mourned the whole of America. Of course, it's bad luck Coolidge brought many new votes in presidential elections that took place a few months later, but the president remained inconsolable: "He's gone from us, and for me all the power faded, and all the shine of the presidency". On the day of the fifth anniversary of the death of Calvin Coolidge wrote a poem in which he expressed deep sorrow about their son.

According to Grace, her husband foresaw that the United States could fall into a deep economic crisis. "Papa (ie. Coolidge) believes that we are facing an economic depression, "- said to Grace, assuming that during the crisis he did not want to be president, as would have required large state changes, contrary to his conservative beliefs.

. In March 1929, after five years and seven months, Grace without regret, left the White House
. She willingly went back to the life of a private person, cared about the health of her husband and longed for more quiet existence.

Spouses Coolidge returned to Northampton. There they bought a big house with a garden and named it "Buki". Grace led the household, helping in the affairs of the Red Cross, met at the supervisory board of the school for the deaf, where he once taught. Sometimes writing poetry. When Boston University awarded her an honorary doctorate, she joked that certainly deserves the title of "domestic science".

In 1932, a year before his death, Coolidge wrote from New York last love letter to his wife. The most tender proposal in the letter read: "Since I left the house, and only think about you". He died in 1933, after nearly four years after it left the White House. January 5, 1933 Coolidge suddenly lost consciousness, Grace at this time was shopping in the city. Returning home and saw her husband on the floor, she experienced a shock.

As it should be reserved, Coolidge was the will of a single sentence, and it was the shortest, has ever left the United States President. All state in the 700 000 dollars, he bequeathed to his wife.

After the death of Grace's husband's trusted friend: "I am completely helpless and confused. Nobody would believe - but I have no one who had told me what to do. At first, all this in my life I did my father, then Calvin ". It is so distrusted him that, in his own words, "would have believed him if he even told me that I would die the next day at ten o'clock". From time to time it was rumored that Grace is going to get married again. Her name was linked with Everett Sanders, Secretary of her husband in the White House.
. After the death of Grace's husband built a house in Northampton, less than the former, but big enough to accommodate her son with his family and make friends, often visiting her.
. Grace survived her husband for 24 years
. She led an active life, as before, collecting money for the deaf school (two million dollars), traveled to Europe, attended the game Boston Red Sox baseball teams. With his son John and two grandchildren she had very warm relations. In August 1936, when she returned from a trip to Europe, she was asked whether she is interested in politics. Grace said: "Everybody should be interested in politics". She supported U.S. involvement in World War II.
. After the Second World War, she gave interviews to the press.
. Until the last days of life she committed long walks, always accompanied by a white collie Rob Roy.
. She died July 8, 1957 at age 78
. Buried her beside her husband and son at the cemetery in Plymouth-Notes.

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Grace Coolidge Goodhew, photo, biography
Grace Coolidge Goodhew, photo, biography Grace Coolidge Goodhew  Wife 30 th President of the United States., photo, biography
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