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Nancy Reagan

( Wife fortieth U.S. President Ronald Reagan)

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Biography Nancy Reagan
(July 6, 1923 - 1650) Against the backdrop of the stunning splendor of the First Lady had to be something to distinguish themselves, in order to surpass the brilliance of other. Ambitious Nancy Reagan has sought to become a setter of American fashion, like Jacqueline Kennedy. In Washington, it introduced a new fashion, which could, of course, to follow the wife of rich men. The most elegant was considered to dress in elegant salons of fashion in Washington, at Saks-and the Niemen birthplace Janda-Makrus. Nancy shared the conservative views of her husband, she was also against allowing abortions, additions to the constitution on equality of women and restrictions on the rights of Americans to own firearms. She completely devoted herself to the fight against drug and alcohol abuse among young. In 1985, in Washington, a conference of First Ladies from 17 countries, dedicated to this issue. In 1987, Nancy told the press that made presentations in 60 cities in 30 states of the United States and in seven other countries to raise awareness of the dangers posed by drug trafficking.
. Ronald Reagan - the fortieth President of the United States (1981-1989), the only one in U.S. history, who divorced his wife
. He is also the only president who earns money as a professional actor. And both of his wife, Jane Wyman and Nancy Reagan, were also actresses.
Jane Wyman continued his artistic career, had the international recognition and has even received an Oscar for his achievements. Nancy a few years after her marriage left cinema.

Reagan loves comfort in everyday life, and Nancy is trying to create it. After numerous riots, attacks, harsh criticism, and other troubles, from which political life is no one delivers, it created a haven of rest for him and emotional equilibrium, where no one but herself, there is no access. Many biographers claim that it was Nancy's contribution to the success that befell her husband, and that in life she primarily cared about his welfare. When, in July and October 1985, Reagan suffered a second and a third operation on the colon, Nancy decided that from that time her husband's health is more important than his work. She gave Donald Riganu part of the responsibilities the president and only he could enter the hospital room. When Vice President Bush wanted to visit Reagan in a few days after surgery, his second visit he had discussed with Donald Riganom, but the last word left for Nancy.

. Only in the last days of stay in the hospital, Nancy Reagan authorized Robert Makfalanu, national security adviser and press secretary, White House, Larry list, visit the President
. At the urging of Nancy until mid-August, all cases were lifted, it allowed Reagan to go for a short time in the White House, only to take the People's Republic of China President Lee Hing-nyan. That's when Washington began arguing about who is actually entitled to vote in the White House. Most sounded an answer: the triumvirate of the president, head of administration in the White House of Donald Regan and the First Lady.

Nancy sat next to him, when, coming out of the hospital, Reagan addressed the American people. He said: "The first lady is not elected, and they do not receive any remuneration. This - individuals who are forced to always be in sight. Abigail Adams helped create America, Dolly Madison defended her. Eleanor Roosevelt was an eyes and ears of the President. Nancy Reagan for me ". At these words, Nancy began to cry.

"Does it have an impact on menyaN - asked Reagan himself and gave the answer:" Yes. Never in my life have I been so happy as it. She's so what you see it. Tactful and very conscientious. I'm always missing it when we are apart. We are very happy. I am sure that if I'm even going to sell shoes, as my father did it and this will help me. She is a very intelligent person. There is no one theme that I could not discuss with her. "

Lawrence Lamer, author of biographies of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, argues that without the determination and ambition of his wife Reagan would never have become president. Famous actor Jimmy Styuet once said:

"If Ronnie at the time was married to Jane Wyman is not, as in Nancy, he would have certainly received the" Oscar ". This would take care of it.

According to documents of the college, Nancy Smith was born July 6, 1923 in New York, her name was Anne Francis Robbins, but then she lowered myself two years. Her father sold cars. After the birth of Nancy, he left the family, not even appearing in the hospital to see his daughter. Her mother, Edith Luckett, had been an actress, so her daughter grew up with an aunt in Maryland. From time to time, Nancy was visiting her mother in New York, where he had the opportunity to admire it on Broadway. There she met and her father, who was last seen in thirteen years. Because Nancy was defending his mother, he locked her in the bathroom. From that time, Nancy was afraid of small enclosed spaces.

. This is a difficult time is over for Nancy and her mother, when the spring of 1929, traveling by ship to Europe, his mother met with Lowell Davis, a rich and conservative neurologist from Chicago
. In May of that year they were married. For both it was their second marriage.

Nancy fell in love with stepfather. Once, when she was a little girl, then knocked on the door of a neighbor, a retired judge.

. - Your Honor, I come to you on important business, - said Nancy.

. - What will be discussed, NensiN - asked, intrigued by the judge.

. - I would like to know how can I adopt Dr. Davis.

. - It's not so easy
. But let's see what you can do, "replied the judge.

The judge called Dr. Davis and told him about this conversation. Moved by Davis, adopted by a seven-year Nancy and to ensure that adequate maintenance. She grew up in Chicago, . where her parents lived on the fashionable Boulevard Laik Shaw Drava, . graduated from a private institution "Women's Latin school, and in 1939 began studying drama at Smith College in Northampton, . Massachusetts, . who graduated in 1943.,

. Back in Chicago, began working in the biggest department store Marshall Field. "

. As in school and in college, Nancy was a lot of admirers
. In Chicago, she met the love object of his youth - Kim White, to perform military service in the Navy. Novel developed very rapidly. They were engaged and agreed to marry after the war.

At this time, Nancy is seriously interested in a theatrical career, she broke off her engagement, deciding not to marry so early. Nancy got a role in a theater in Detroit, and when the play was removed from the repertory, decided to try his luck in New York. Leading role was in New York it is also disappointing. She met with Clark Gable, often met with him, but it was all over a small novel.

Some fans invited her in Stoke-Club. Often she modestly took away from the table one or two bread rolls to breakfast the next morning. Once the club's owner, Sherman Billingsley, ordered to put on the table, Nancy bag with butter and put it in a short note to read:

. "I think that the bun does not interfere with a little oil."

. Benny Tai, vice president of production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (movie studio in Hollywood), going on business to New York, and one of his friends advised him: "If you want to someone to go to the theater, call Nancy Davis
. This is very nice, sociable girl ". He followed the advice and asked Nancy to go with him to play with Spencer Tracy. Then suddenly Tai asked: "Do not you have the desire to go with me to the test in GollivudN"

In the spring of 1949, Nancy, full of hope, went to Hollywood. At Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "were satisfied with the breakdown, and Nancy has signed a contract with the company for seven years. She was offered only minor roles in the films category "B". In the first film, "Shadow on the wall, she was partnered by Zachary Scott, and with Glenn Ford, she played in the movie" Doctor and the girl. "

. In cinematic microcosm of Hollywood all considered a protege of Nancy Clark Gable, or the object of his passion, but in fact she patronized Benny Tai
. Many years later, the secretary Tai told how one day the chief gave her instructions to invite Nancy on Saturday in his office and make sure that nobody interfered with them. Thirty years later, Tai confessed that he helped move Nancy, but she could not compete with such stars as Norma Shearer and Elizabeth Taylor. "She was an attractive woman, but not beautiful. According to her, that she arranged a meeting.

Once Reagan, who was then chairman of the union of actors, called the director Mervyn Le Roy and told him about the young actress, who worked at MGM-Studios and starred in his film. At this actress - and this, of course, was Nancy Davis-problem: her name surfaced in the list of participants so-called communist front. Moreover, her signature was on various petitions leftist organizations and under the summary reports of some assembly, where she had never been present.

. Le Roy insisted that Nancy is not one organization on the left, and asked Reagan to help her
. Before agreeing to meet with Nancy Reagan thoroughly studied her case and "did not find anything there aggravating". He rang up the Le Roy and assured him that Nancy Davis' clean and she had nothing to fear ". Le Roy insisted that Nancy Reagan personally conveyed the good news and reassured her, inviting any lunch or dinner. "If she had a contract with MGM, she, at least, should not be unpleasant," - thought Reagan and called her.

"I introduced myself and immediately got down to business, explaining that morning I called to her question. I asked her if she would have dinner with me to discuss these issues. She politely replied that she, too, rang in the morning on this subject and it is ready to meet over dinner. And so in a beautiful California evening, leaning on crutches (I was just discharged from the hospital after a car accident), I knocked on the door in Westwood. I expected to see a star on the cover of an illustrated magazine, but in front of me stood a slender young woman of medium height with dark hair and eyes wide open. "

Nancy Davis Reagan, invited to dinner at the restaurant "La Rice". He learned a lot about her and her family. "Small" dinner ended at half past three in the morning.

Soon, friends began to invite them together and treating them as a pair. However, they were at the premiere of her participation "The next voice you hear". "There I first realized that she really an actress, in addition, determined that it was a damn good actress," recalled then-Reagan. After viewing the film, he decided that she could go home and collect things, as all testified that it was delayed for a long time in Hollywood.

Since then they have to meet regularly, usually in the house of William and Ardis Houlden. Once Reagan and Houlden were together at the meeting "Motion Picchu Industry Kounsil". "The first time I noticed a surprising indifference to everything that is happening around. Suddenly, I take a notebook and write to Bill: "To hell with all. What do you think about the role of a witness with me, and NensiN "Houlden said loudly:" It's time.

. After that the pain of his recent divorce from Jane Wyman (from 1940 to 1948 Reagan was married to a famous actress), and the sad experience of first marriage is his decision was not easy.

. In his memoirs, Nancy wrote: "I do not know if it was love at first sight, but something very similar
. We were fascinated by each other, I wanted to meet more. Then we agreed to yet another dinner, then another and another one ... Ronnie and I met for a year, but has already opened the door for him, I knew that it would be my man for life. "

Before getting married, and Nancy Reagan met two years. When she met with Reagan, she was 28 years old, at that time for a movie star he was already a considerable age. She understood that time is running out, and was afraid to remain an old maid.

In a personal form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "in the column" ambitious goals "she wrote:" happy marriage ". In the column "Phobia" wrote: "Fear of levity, and vulgar behavior, especially among women. Disturbances in thought and style of life. Smoking ".

As an actress, Nancy has not made a brilliant career, playing only a secondary role. So often played pregnant women, people recognizing her on the street, saw her pregnant. Disappointed in those roles that she was offered, she eventually left her job at MGM-Studios. All she starred in eleven films, but none of them has been especially popular. The last film, "shrew Navy," she played along with Reagan. By the time they were already married. Prior to that, films were: "West-East", "Shadow on the wall," "The next voice you hear," "The night goes into morning" and "This is a great country". The film "Talk about the amazing" was so unfortunate that Nancy did not even want to watch it
Reagan was not the only man with whom met Nancy. Hollywood gossip linked her name with the actor Robert Walker and Robert Struik, as well as screenwriter Leonard Shpilgassom. Despite these rumors, Nancy was considered a strong woman and then flirting with one, then another. She was not talkative, prefer to listen. Unlike other Hollywood stars, not chasing the leadership of the studio. Of all the forces it has sought to power life. On marriage to Nancy Reagan decided, because the gravity and composure he reminded her stepfather, Dr. Lowell Davis.
And Nancy Reagan needed. She gave him a home warm and reliability, treated him with respect and was willing to sacrifice for the sake of his career. It was the ideal American wife of the fifties, willingly devoted herself to her husband, home affairs and children. She served with any request of her husband. Due to this the first time in his life he felt himself lord and master, that he liked.
. Everything happened so quickly that Ronald did not even have time to buy the bride a wedding ring.
. March 4, 1952 they married in a small church in the San Fernando Valley, which was called "brown church"
. It was a modest celebration. Ardis Houlden baked a wedding cake that is eaten at home Houldenov in Tolyuka Lake. Reagan was 41 years, Nancy - 29, rather 31 year. First of all, it was the day when their dreams came true.

In the honeymoon the couple went to Phoenix, Arizona. Nancy stated that until now could not forget the smell of blooming orange trees.

Returning to Los Angeles, Reagan moved into Nancy's room in Westwood. Reagan, however, retained their old apartment as a married apartment was no place for his clothes, which affected their lifestyle. If the evening they were going somewhere else to go, he read a newspaper, while she dressed, then drove to his apartment and hugged each other: she read a newspaper, but he dressed, so they are often late for practices.

. Once at the racetrack pregnant Nancy whispered to her husband that she felt an unusual movement
. The contractions began to recur more often, it was necessary to urgently deliver her to the hospital.

October 22, 1952 she gave birth to a daughter, Patricia. Patti, as she was called, was born seven and a half months after the wedding as a result of caesarean section. "Her appearance had not made any impression on me," - remember Reagan's first contact with his daughter, but still proud that he was the father. Nancy so upset that her first child was born seven and a half months after the wedding that did not even mention in his autobiography, date of birth, Patty, but date of birth of her second child named accurately.

. Jealous of Nancy Reagan to his first wife, constantly feeling some kind of threat on the part
. Jane Wyman was everywhere, often filmed in the new film, wrote about it in the press, her photographs adorned the covers of magazines, talking about her everywhere, except at home Reagan. Ronald never mentioned her name. Nancy suffered merely from "Wyman-complexes", as she had already forgotten star, a housewife from the province, her conversations were limited to purchases and children. Maureen and Michael, Ronald children from his first marriage, every Saturday, come to visit her father, and Nancy was afraid of this constant reminder of the first marriage.

In 1957, Nancy with her husband was shot in the movie "hellcat navy, in the role of nurses. This film is a dramatic scene of farewell. Nancy was so appalled by the idea that Ronald should go on a dangerous military service, that it were real tears in her eyes.

A few years after the wedding, she left a career as a film actress. Marriage has become more important for her. "My life really began only in the moment when I married Ronnie,"-written in her autobiography.

After the birth of their daughter Reagan wanted a second child, son. In the first years of marriage have had several miscarriages, Nancy. When she became pregnant again, the doctor who took Patti, advised her to lie a little more, so three months she spent in bed. May 20, 1958 a son, who was named Ronald Prescott. Godfather and mother were their neighbors, a couple of artists with whom they became friends, Robert and Ursula Taylor. Nancy wanted the best possible way to educate children, she seemed to be competed with Jane Wyman. Her husband must never reproach her that her children are brought up worse than children from his first marriage.

In 1952, Reagan bought for 24 000 dollars a house in Pacific Palisend, with four bedrooms. By the standards of Hollywood it was a very modest house, if we compare it with the residence of movie stars in Beverly Hills or Bel-Air. Friends believed that Ronald and Nancy moved too far from Hollywood, but they were not the only artists who lived in Pacific Palisend. They settled Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotton and Lauren Velke.

. At first, Nancy felt it very lonely, until in 1954 the famous actor Robert Taylor and his wife Ursula are not settled with them in the neighborhood.

. High fees enable them to Reagan in 1956 to build a new, modern house in San Onof Drive
. It was located in the fashionable part of town-Pacific Palisend and was built by the architect Bill Steffensen. Nancy always dreamed of a house.

Employers Reagan, the concern of General Electric, gave him a housewarming present electrical equipment. They said that the Reagan house is considered the most electrified home in the United States. They had a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean, although it is worried about the proximity of the ocean, Nancy. In those years, the press often wrote that because of the tectonic shifts of the sea can absorb all of California.

A real threat represented by the fires in the pastures and hillsides that surround the valley. Their Nancy feared most. In 1961, the fire reached the valley, for a short time the smoke enveloped the richest part of the city of Bel-Air. It destroyed 600 of magnificent mansions, among them a private school attended by children of the Reagan. Of the schools were able to give a tip of a fire Nancy. She immediately went to the car and already twenty kilometers saw a black plume of smoke. Children safely evacuated from the school, but the building burned to the ground with a rich collection of antiques collected by the owner of the school.

. Nancy was brought up by parents in a conservative spirit, and now they are husband and I spun in circles of wealthy and conservative business people
. This environment is very fond of her, as consistent with the style of her life. She entered the "Club of famous women, collecting clothes for charity. Officially, the organization named "Colleagues". There Nancy friends with Mary Jane Wick, wife of a wealthy businessman Charles Z. Wick of Los Angeles.

. In 1962, Nancy wrote one of his old friends: "Not a day goes by that someone from our guests did not try to convince Ronnie to make a senator, governor or even president of the United States"
. Nancy has supported these plans.

During the grueling campaign, she worried about her husband's health. About her saying that she protects her husband "like a tigress their young". She wanted him to rest, and she actively participated in the election race. Political ritual of the United States requires that the entire family of the candidate was presented in this long-term polit-show. For his role as Nancy coped magnificently.

Nancy became the wife of the Governor and First Lady of California, immediately realized that he wanted to be everywhere surrounded by the glitter and glamor. She refused to move to the official residence of the Governor of California, . because it, . it felt, . was too small and modest, . it does not have the necessary fire protection devices and, . besides, . was located in a not very prestigious part of the Sacramento,
. Then Reagan's wealthy friends bought a villa, which passed them over 1250 dollars a month. It was a two-storey house with twelve rooms in Tudor style. Furniture gave them wealthy friends, subtracting these gifts from tax liabilities.

Last week, Nancy enjoys spending in Beverly Hills or in the Pacific-Palisend. It is disappointing that in Sacramento there is no decent hairdresser, and has always maintained that shopping has to go to Los Angeles, as well as in Sacramento, all designed for the taste of "the wives of local farmers."

. Since Reagan left the political scene, Nancy reborn
. As the wife of California Governor and then President of the United States, it is in society behaved as if her husband is completely hypnotized. The press often laughed at her, saying that she looks at her husband as if he expects the next moment a miracle. In 1974, journalist Nancy Skelton asked her was whether she had ever thought to disperse. At this Nancy exclaimed: "How can you think about it! I absolutely thought itself to remain without Ronnie. It would kill me. You can see for yourself what it exceptional man. "

Nancy was a very jealous woman. She could not move, when the women gathered around him, especially in her presence, so often marked by various spats, as detailed under the heading "From the life of high society."

. From the attack on Nancy's husband suffered more than him and was presenting to him a much more demanding than he
. She played the role of "chief of staff and forced Reagan to fire people that he was not very satisfied. In family life demanded of the children's discipline, while her husband almost all let them.

To strengthen the position of Reagan during the campaign for the presidency, decided to publish an autobiography, Nancy. To this end, invited a journalist Bill Libby, who was the author of a dozen books and knew how to write books, necessary for a political career. He understood that it is not required to write the truth, he needed to properly report that advisers and Nancy Reagan was considered favorable.

Libby recorded on tape several conversations with Nancy, and then reproduced them on paper. Nancy and her assistants checked each sentence, watching closely to ensure that a single word not to harm the career of Ronald Reagan. That's why were omitted mention of her novels, and relations with other men and some episodes of childhood. Nancy has changed its own age, omitted the date of birth of first child and only then gave the manuscript of Reagan's advisers for approval. The result was a dull and lifeless book, and she offered to add a few anecdotes and juicy details.

"It seemed that the intellectual abilities are very limited, Nancy. She lives in its own, special world of representations. This is a very secretive, cunning and jealous woman who knows what he wants, but intellectually very narrow-minded people, "- this assessment gave a journalist. Julie Baumgold of the periodical "New York" called her "a woman, totally dependent on Ronald Reagan."

. Evening 4 November 1980, election day, Nancy, and her husband were preparing to host the TV all night to monitor the records
. Wrapped in a rough towel, she left the bathroom and looked at the screen: "I called Ronnie. He ran out of the soul, and to our surprise, we saw a couple Carter, who admitted their defeat. And here we stood, wrapped in a towel, trying to understand the incredible truth that he became president of the United States, and I am the First Lady "- she later recalled.

. In the American press, Nancy was criticized for the fact that in the period between the election victory of her husband and the installation on it too openly showed impatience at the fact that it still does not have unrestricted access to the White House
. She demanded that the Carters leave the residence and move into a mansion. In addition, it reproached the fact that it took a gift from the fashion houses - a dress on the day of swearing in her husband. At the inauguration ceremony were her jewelry, free provision of two jewelry stores, which served as firms the cheapest and effective advertising. Secured friends Reagan gave them a new porcelain dinner service and financed a new situation and repair of the premises of the White House. All this taken care of Nancy.
During the election campaign in 1980 it had made a serious blunder, because of which it was suspected of racist prejudices. In Chicago, at a reception she talked with her husband on the radio. Because of the blizzard he was stuck at the airport of New Hampshire. She wanted it to be close and could see himself "all these beautiful white people". In the hall were negros. Nancy later apologized and said that she thought very differently. In this regard, the press remembered that her father in Chicago was known not only the professional skills of a neurosurgeon, but also racist.

. Celebrations on the Reagan administration in the post on Jan. 20, 1981 were not so much a demonstration of good taste, how much arrogance, brazenly on display
. At the president was a shirt worth 1250 dollars, especially made for him in Beverly Hills tailor, Frank Mariani. Dresses for the ladies present were the most expensive and sophisticated fashion shops: Adolfo, Blaise, Yves Saint-Laurent, Gelenes, de la Renta, Halston. One of Nancy's friends had brought to the celebrations in Washington a collection of twenty-one coat.

Against the background of this stunning splendor of the First Lady had to be something to distinguish themselves, in order to surpass the brilliance of other. Ambitious Nancy Reagan has sought to become a setter of American fashion, like Jacqueline Kennedy. But between the two ladies was a definite difference. Jacqueline Kennedy entered the White House, being twenty-two years younger. Nancy was so anxious to learn the secret of the success of Jacqueline Kennedy, in 1981 she attracted the cooperation Letizia Blodridzh, so that she introduced her to Washington society (L. Blodridzh worked closely with Jacqueline Kennedy). She even was invited to spend some time in the White House.

Nancy Reagan was considered a fairly mediocre, old-fashioned, traditionally-minded first lady. This image of his wife liked Reagan conservatism, which corresponded to the policies and values that he represented.

. The American public was outraged when Nancy told one reporter that she has next to the bed hidden "little pistol"
. These and other statements did not come from itself, Nancy, and from her press secretary, Robin Hor, fifty journalists from the "Oakland Tribune, was present at all interviews, which gave Nancy. Or scapegoat, firing twenty-eight days of work.

. February 9, 1981, Nancy met with 75 reporters and journalists to provide them with all of its headquarters staff, headed by Chief Peter Mc Goyem and a new press secretary, Sheila Pate
. Journalists warned: no questions are asked. Helen Thomas, correspondent, for many years accredited to the White House, tried to still ask a question, but first lady sharply interrupted her remark: "Ellen, we do not have a press conference". Then all present were invited to look dvenadtsatiminutny film about the problems of older people, as the First Lady wanted to do this imeeno. When the film ended and the lights came on, Nancy was no longer in the hall.

Each newly elected president receives from the State 50 000 dollars to refurbish the White House to your liking. Carters did not touch that money. Nancy this amount is not enough even to begin conceived restructuring and design of premises. Once the architect Ted Haber inspected the residence and listened to the wishes of Nancy, the costs of renovating each room he estimated at 50 000 dollars, this amount was, of course, did not include the cost of purchasing art and antiques.

. To change the interior of the premises, Nancy collected from wealthy sponsors husband's donation of 822 461 dollars, a private foundation from Maryland moved to her 209 508 dollars on a new set with 220 plates, decorated with the coat of arms President
. The money collected in the first year of her husband, she was able to update all the rooms on the first and second floor of the White House.

Nancy's penchant for luxury and the desire to show themselves not very popular with most Americans. According to the survey of opinion in late 1981, 62% of Americans believed that as a first lady Nancy attaches too much importance to the style and elegance, and only 30% of respondents supported her lifestyle and manner of dress. Public opinion is Nancy Reagan's much worse than Jacqueline Kennedy, Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford.

In American postcards Nancy was depicted with a crown on his head. When asked whether she wears a crown, laughing replied: "Of course not, I would have never wore the crown, so as not to spoil the hair."

March 30, 1981 on President Reagan in Washington was assassinated. At this time, Nancy was in the White House. Learning about the incident, she immediately went to the hospital and was horrified when she saw her husband, who lay panting. But he smiled and joked to his wife: "Honey, I just forgot how to play hide and seek". Nancy did not leave her husband's bed. If his condition worsened, she tried to reassure him: "Now let's go have dinner somewhere". - PravdaN KudaN - asked Reagan. - "At the disco, I saw on the way to hospital". - 0'key "- he said and stood. Then Nancy told me: "We went into the next room. I put two chairs in front of TV. As he watched the latest news, I was preparing dinner.

Reagan was a poor appetite, to force him to eat, Nancy ordered his favorite soups from California, and only at their former cook, Ann Olmen. His friends, who arrived from the west coast, brought this soup in thermoses, but Reagan refused to eat.

Nancy meddling, thereby restoring the doctors against himself. She wanted to know everything, demanded a detailed justification for each decision.

Reagan was in the room, whose windows for security purposes have been closed by heavy curtains. Nancy decided to shine, that her husband could see daylight and breathe fresh air. Dr. David Jensen explained to her that such security measures are only "a price to pay for the post of president."

. Then Dr. Jens once told Nancy that he would go home, because the past few days did not leave the hospital and his wife began to worry
. Nancy sarcastically remarked: "This is a price to pay to become a doctor."

Nancy Reagan is very close to my heart took the results of polls, especially those which indicated that it harms the political interests of her husband. She began to pay more attention to clothing and lifestyle, . participate in various charity campaigns: to promote programs of adaptation of sick children and worked with veterans of the Vietnam War, . often photographed with pensioners and disabled children.,

. She invited Landon Perrin that he wrote her a few speeches and witty anecdotes that could improve its image
. March 29, 1982 at a prestigious reception was raised sketch. Nancy Reagan, dressed in a beggar's dress, she sang a song that she is only old clothes that Ronnie bought her for ten cents. So she tried to ridicule the notion that Nancy loves only luxurious and outrageously expensive dress.

Despite the outward calm, Nancy at all meetings and interviews was very nervous, so rarely speaks to the public. Yes, and when she had to say, she would most willingly forget. During public events, she sat silently next to the beloved "divine" spouse.

On the seventieth anniversary of Ronald Reagan, on Friday, February 6, 1981, sixteen days after induction, Nancy decided to prepare her husband a surprise. After consulting with friends from California, she organized a White House reception for a hundred people closest to President. In the list of invitees were, of course, the Wilsons, Enninbergi, Jorgenson, Blumingdeyly and other guests. Nancy's husband said she would be only a narrow circle of friends. When Reagan entered the room and saw all these people, he was pleasantly surprised. Hall was buried in flowers, served delicious meals, the orchestra played the old romantic music. Pronouncing toast, Nancy said: "I know that for him there is nothing more than our friendship". It has long been in the White House had no such grandiose reception.

In July 1981, Nancy represented the President of the United States at the wedding of the heir to the throne of Great Britain, Sir Charles to Lady Diana. In London it went to her closest staff: Ten security guards, nurses, photographers, hairdressers Julius, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thirty journalists and her friends, Betsy and Alfred Blumingdeyly.

. In 1981 Reagan were sharply criticized for having accepted gifts valued at U.S. $ 30 000
. In addition, Nancy was given a dress of the most exclusive fashion shops, which cost several thousand dollars. She also "rented" from jewelers Balgeri and Harry Uingstona various jewelry, valued at U.S. 250, 000. When these facts became public, Nancy hurried to transfer part of the plateau of the New York School of Art, instructed to send them to different museums.

. Nancy, which in 1981 was 58 years old - if we assume its real date of birth, and not corrected, - looked at least ten years younger
. She boasted that such a remarkable appearance reaches a daily exercise and expensive dresses, which are specifically for her sewing in the cabin Gelenes and Adolfo. She became a symbol of "new luxury" in America.

In Washington, it introduced a new fashion, which could, of course, to follow the wife of rich men. The most elegant was considered to dress in elegant salons of fashion in Washington, at Saks-and the Niemen birthplace Janda-Makrus. In general, fashion has become the wealth that is not ashamed to show. No wonder there was that the rich American West quickly "taken over" the power in Washington.

Most of the people around Reagan did not like Nancy. "Iron Maiden" - it was very good-natured mocking nickname, which awarded it.

Reagan liked to relax at his ranch Del Village. Nancy did not like this place because it did not feel there is free. She thought of her all the time watching. And, indeed, to observe the private lives of the presidential couple, TV reporters set up at the surrounding mountains powerful telescopes. And Nancy could not escape the feeling that the TV camera is it even in the bedroom, so I ordered him to hang curtains everywhere, even in the bathroom.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan publicly display a sense of each other. William Bittorf wrote about it in Der Spiegel: "David Fisher, a personal assistant Reagan, once said that even if no one sees, they are constantly kissing and cuddling. There is nothing like the indifference with which Richard Nixon kept beside her Pat, just as unwanted furniture, but also nothing is not an equal relationship with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. At the head of the most powerful nations of the world was illuminated by the evening sun and cast gold pair of lovers, the mere sight of which warmed the hearts of eager confidence of Americans - and not just the older generation. It was a marriage of two movie stars who survived and served as a symbol of constancy in such a troubled life in America.

. But at the same time, the couple seems completely anachronistic - not so much because of age, but because of the perception
. Almost at the end of XX century, the couple demonstrates a common understanding of men and women, compared with which the relationship between Tarzan and Jane seem to be more progressive and intelligent.

. Even superficially, Ronald and Nancy Reagan correspond ridiculously exaggerated stereotypes: a tall, strong man who is of 74 years remained broad-shouldered and confident step forward, as Uncle Sam out of children's book with pictures
. And the small, delicate, elegant and delicate woman, with a high white forehead and wide-set eyes. It is still - and perhaps again - looks like a child, it's Cinderella. become older and waiting for Prince. It seems that she herself believes that lives in the twenties of childhood.

. But in this anachronism, in that the youthful, elegant aktikvarnosti presidential couple just lies all its charm that attracts Americans who question the current understanding of life and seek a future in the past. "
. Nancy shared the conservative views of her husband, she was also against allowing abortions, additions to the constitution on equality of women and restrictions on the rights of Americans to own firearms
. She completely devoted herself to the fight against drug and alcohol abuse among young. In 1985, in Washington, a conference of First Ladies from 17 countries, dedicated to this issue. In 1987, Nancy told the press that made presentations in 60 cities in 30 states of the United States and in seven other countries to raise awareness of the dangers posed by drug trafficking.

. In October 1986, the famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz gave a great concert at the White House
. At the very moment when President Reagan stood up to thank the artist, a chair leg, on which sat Nancy, slipped off the podium, and the wife of the president fell directly on chrysanthemums, which stood at the bottom. "All right!" - Exclaimed Nancy. - I would entertain this idea a little bit ". When she got up, Horowitz went to her with a charming smile and kissed her hand. Hall awarded both applause. "Worth to fall off the stage," remarked Nancy.

On the political role of Nancy Reagan in the U.S. talked a lot after the Iranian events in 1987. Because of this case the president was in a difficult position. Nancy tried her best to save "his honor, his health and place in history". This behavior led to sharp criticism of the press. She was accused in that it interferes in political affairs and trying to influence her husband, manipulates them.

. When 26 February 1987 Commission who had heard the case, rendered its decision, Nancy insistently demanded that her husband removed from the White House head of administration, Donald T
. Regan. She did not trust Riganu, as written, that he plays the role of "prime" or "Vice President". Furthermore, in her opinion, she put her husband in a bad light, saying in an interview in 1985, just as Reagan only began to recover from an illness that handles cases that the president usually has the. According to the media, Nancy Reagan accused Regan that he had not warned the president to intervene in this case and forced him to withdraw the statement made before the commission. Nancy also believed that the January 27, 1987, just three weeks after surgery for prostate, Reagan should not personally make a report on the status of the nation, on which insisted Regan. In addition, she stated that her husband wrote a bad speech, and it is not well prepared for the press conference on Nov. 19, 1986.

. Nancy not only contributed to the resignation of Regan, . and replacement of the national security adviser, . Richard Allan, . Minister of Foreign Affairs, . Haig, . former Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, . James Watt, . and the former leader of the service for environmental, . Ann Burfed.,

. With every day increasing amount of criticism votes
. The commentary of the famous American journalist William Saphir said: "At a time when Reagan was necessary to show the strength and determination, his wife's attempts to intervene in political affairs seriously weakened his position. Because of this, he often looked like a weak, weak-willed person.

Indeed, Nancy, who was usually far from the policy's role as "head of administration in the White House. If, in her opinion, someone or causes damage to the president, she insisted his resignation.

Don Regan, head of administration of the White House, became the first victim of Nancy Reagan's policies in recruitment. In his memoirs, contains interesting revelations: during his stay in the White House, Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer, Joan Quigley, from the predictions of which depended calendar for President. Thus was set the date for summit with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Nancy reiterated that on the advice of an astrologer, but disputed the fact that it is somehow influenced the policies of her husband. In his memoirs, she wrote: "I spoke with Joan personally, as with other friends, using a personal phone. If she called me, the telephone operator at the White House and Camp David knew her as my girlfriend and turned to me. If Joan informed me their opinion or gave advice on the timing, I called when I was in this necessity, Michael Devereux, responsible for setting dates in the calendar Ronnie. Sometimes we agreed minor changes. Since 1985, all planning was in the hands of Donald Regan, who became head of the administration of the White House. If nothing was changed, then the last word rested with Mike and Don, in such cases, I agree. If we look at astrology as exerting some influence on the calendar for Ronnie, it should be borne in mind that it was not decisive. Political solutions have never relied on the opinion of an astrologer. Of course, I knew that all this could put Ronnie in a difficult position, but I did not even anticipated, what will these difficulties.

. Don Regan claims that on his desk lay a calendar marked with dates, so that when drawing up a calendar of meetings for work or Ronnie, he could always rely on the wishes of Joan
. If this were true, then I am nothing to do with not have. Like everyone else, I learned from the newspapers and reviews of his book. As far as I know, with Donald Riganom I have never had any conversations about astrology or about my relationship with Joan.

. In the initial period of our cooperation, I had hoped that the advice that Joan gave me, she will continue to be treated exactly the same as in 1980: as just friendly advice
. But nothing of the sort! Publication of the size of its accounts was as inappropriate as if I publicly presented my bills to doctors, but they - it really can I say - not cost me cheaper! Monthly Joan sent me through. I asked her to write on the envelope, my five-digit personal code. It was adopted in the White house in order, through which important personal mail the President or First Lady could not drown in a pile of ordinary letters.

Anyone who lives in the White House, something to study, I also. I thought not very convenient to send an astrologer check signed personally by the First Lady. So asked her friend from California to pay bills, Joan and made up for her monthly expenses.

Once again, I would like to clear and confirm: recommendations Joan had not the slightest influence on policy. Her advice was confined to planning periods and used to adjust them. It was only on favorable and unfavorable days. This applies mainly to my husband's travel outside of Washington. "

Joan Nancy Reagan met back in 1973, but as an astrologer to the White House recommended her American TV star Merv Griffin. Nancy became interested in the predictions Quigley, after Griffin had told her that Joan predicted the assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981. This was the beginning of cooperation between the astrologer and the First Lady of the United States. Cooperation with the White House, Joan describes in the book, published in March 1990, "My seven-year collaboration with Ronald and Nancy Reagan as White House astrologer.

Reagan and Nancy had two children together. They say that their daughter Patti had inherited his father's figure and the beauty of mother. She studied at the acting faculty of the University of Southern California, but did not complete his. On her father she once said: "I think it was a great actor. I am interested in cinema and has always wanted to withdraw with him in any movie. Therefore, it is very sorry that my father gave acting up and went into politics. Patty considered herself "voter mood swings" and until 1980 had not voted for his father. At that time it was far from politics, but still took part in demonstrations against the spread of atomic weapons. In the mid-seventies, she is not quite a few years to communicate with parents and contacted a rock musician Bernie Ledonom, who in the early seventies belonged to the popular group "The Eagles". Nancy's shocked that her daughter not only loves "this" music, but also live with "such a" musician. Nancy and Ronald was sent to the Patti-Orme School, Arizona, located in the God forsaken place, to protect her daughter from the corrupting influence of youth culture of the sixties.

. In 1986, Patti has published an autobiographical novel, entitled "Boundary House, which made a criticism of the parents
. In a television interview with Barbara Walters, Ronald and Nancy Reagan admitted that the book daughter shook their. Reagan said: "I have always considered myself a good father, and Nancy added:" I tried to be a good mother. But nobody is perfect, so there is no perfect parents, no perfect children. "

In 1992, Patti has published a second book, "I can see both," which introduced the sadistic mother, constantly beating her daughter since the age of eight. Argued that Nancy allegedly used sedatives, particularly Valium.

Favorite of Nancy, whom she had pinned all their hopes, was the son of Ronald. His parents called him "Captain". In 1977 he began studying at Yale University but dropped out after one year. Nancy identified him in a private school at Webb School in Klaremonte, Calif., who was known for strict discipline. But Ron did not want to obey the rules of the school and left her in December 1974. Although Reagan's children start school, but none finished training. Ron became interested in ballet. In 1981 he began studying at the ballet company "Jeffrey Company in New York. Some time in her dancing, but then he was fired. Image of the President's son, who is standing in line for unemployment insurance, caused a sensation. Despite the categorical objections mother, Ron married Dora Palmer, who was seven years older than him. At one time worked for the "Playboy", which rather harshly criticized on various, sometimes even foreign policy issues.

January 20, 1989 was the last day of stay in the White House, Nancy - there rode the new first lady, Barbara Bush. On parting with the White House, Nancy wrote: "We parted company with the most pleasant for us, circumstances, and this caused particular pain. I can only imagine how bitter must leave the White House after losing the election ... Despite the sadness that I felt all my heart, leaving the White House, I knew that the time has come. I reasoned: "Behind were twenty years of intense political life, twenty years, when there was no time for family, friends, ourselves. All this should make up for now.

... Situation of the First Lady taught me. During those eight years in Washington, with all the ups and downs that accompanied my every step in the White House, I, to my surprise, I understood what is the meaning of life. I learned to be useful. Due to this, I inwardly enriched, I learned that, even in the crossfire of criticism, by constantly opposing views, it is possible to remain itself, whatever it is, Nancy is Nancy. For this and more for much, much more with all my heart I'll always be grateful. "

Reagan moved to Los Angeles in a fashionable part of the city of Bel-Air, in a house bought for them in 1986 by twenty-rich friends for 2,5 million dollars. Formally, they were shooting this magnificent villa for 15 000 dollars a month. In addition, they have a right of first refusal in its own possession. In 1989, the entire land area of 613 sq ft, a mansion with many rooms, six baths, warm floors, a swimming pool with heated water, garage for three cars, was estimated at five million dollars.
. Possession Reagan received the first number 666, but when Nancy found out that these figures in the Bible are a sign of the devil, it was replaced at number 668
. Perhaps, Mrs. Reagan enlightened astrologer, with whom she still maintains contact.
Nancy Reagan as First Lady was not so popular as her husband's presidency. While she was First Lady, she could not respond to the constant criticism. It was simply a disgrace, to the same forbidden by the protocol.
Fully expressed it in his memoirs, published in 1989. Here she raises the curtain on the high and low politics and put the reader not only to the study, but also in the bedroom, the president of the United States, describing the major political intrigue and the everyday problems that accompanied life in the White House. In this book, it has proved itself a magnificent storyteller and knowledgeable guide, holding the readers not only through the corridors, but also the offices of political power by the United States.

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