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Maria Shriver

( The wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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Biography Maria Shriver
photo Maria Shriver
Spouses Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Kennedy's very little resemblance to each other. He - the hero of militants and she - a serious political TV observer, the girl most sophisticated education, a member of the "American royalty". Her name is preceded by a very impressive "titles" (or "comma," as she calls them): the niece of John F. Kennedy, sister of John F. Kennedy Jr. ... And yet this marriage has been thirteen years is a model of prosperity for all windy Hollywood ...
California's Pacific coast. Sunset. Maria Shriver, sitting on a white sofa on the terrace of his house, posing for the last for this day Camera capture. Filming is suddenly interrupted - on the sofa, under the side of Mary, climb year-old boy, and after him - year-old girl holding a baby ... And the baby - a miniature copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger - once adopted a desperate cry. "It's always, - complains Maria, - perhaps with porabotaeshN!" Somehow reassuring Christopher, having had Christine and Patrick return to the house and sent a photographer, Maria had already prepared to answer questions ... But nine years Catherine brought mother a notebook, so that she checked the puzzle in mathematics ...
. - Mary, do you yourself do with detmiN not it easier to hire uchitelyaN was
. - Actually, I offered to take Catherine for teachers, because just in mathematics, I am not strong
. But Arnie said: "UchitelN! But never in my life!" Nobody will give our children a better education than we do. And if you have problems with math - then you go to the teacher. And then she'll teach and Catherine, and all the rest ...
- So your husband - diktatorN
- Is that a tiny little bit ... He simply does not allow me to be lazy ... A deal with children and I very very much! While this is certainly not easy. In fact, I had no idea what that work - to be a mother. That motherhood has given me a sense of pride that I - a woman. I'm grew up surrounded by four brothers, and, of course, in childhood was sorry that I had not a boy ... Then it passed, but really I realized what being a woman just gave birth to children ...
- What is involved in the upbringing of children ArnoldN
- He brings them mostly in the mornings. Wakes six hours (with the exception of Christopher, of course). Then he rides on the football field, and after forcing pour cold water ... In short, he is "responsible" for their physical development. And I - for the spiritual. Here they, too, the poor, have hard times. For example, on Sundays, when you want to go to church, Patrick always whining: "I do not want to go to church, do not go!" I do not want to wear this tight dress ". Then I said to him: "You have no choice, baby" ...
- And what is the main principle you laid the foundation of your education sistemyN
- Our children are half-Irish-Catholic, half the Austrians - in short, Americans. And I want them to be well aware of their roots. Although more importantly - learn to think of myself as an individual. Even if they do something that does not lead me into ecstasy, I try to respect their actions. And Arnold, too. Although it just infuriates Patrick's passion for "female" work at home - for the harvest and brew. However, with the same pleasure with his father Patrick is building a toy wooden windmills. In short, each of my children something remarkable. And this - the most important. Believe me, I know what I mean! I well remember as a child went for a walk with two dozen relatives and cousins and passers-by said: "Wow, that's going Kennedy. And you - which of nihN "And people never even knew they could not distinguish us, and no wonder: the same head of hair, same smile ... And I was very upset that I was perceived only as "one of those Kennedy."
Now Maria is not very similar to nц?e Kennedy. What are her diamonds glittering in the rays of the setting sun: a platinum ring "Heart" on ring finger of his left hand), another - on the right, watch the dial and bracelet, just sprinkled with diamonds on her neck - a diamond necklace ... No one else from her family decided not to be so flagrantly "violating rules", which required restraint and modesty ... But Mary was this most important task to build their life, . that no one else never occurred to consider it only "one of Kennedy! What befits a family member to engage prezidentaN Either policy, . or jurisprudence, . or social activity,
. But Mary chose journalism, to which every self-respecting Kennedy should be suspicious ... Maria worked day and night at a television studio in California (five thousand kilometers from the "descent" in Washington). Eventually she managed to become the leading newsmaker, first at C-PBS, and then to NBC-si. Fidel Castro and Colonel Gaddafi melted under her radiant and stare, members of Congress willing to share state secrets in front of microphones, tightly compressed in its subtle and strong hand. Kennedy family had to accept the status of Mary, but then she presented them a new surprise - a novel, and then the marriage either with the actors, whether from an athlete, an immigrant with a monstrous accent, but also a member of the "hostile" the Republican Party!
. - What attracted you both in your muzheN Because then, in 1986, it seemed almost mezalyansomN
. - We met on a tennis court - there Arnie looked very advantageous ..
. Many people believe that we are attracted to each other physically. Well, not without it ... But most of all - yes, first of all! - Arnold liked his sense of humor. I realized that this guy will never get bored, and jumped married just for the sake of laughter. I'm joking. In fact, he immediately impressed me with its reliability. It literally came through in his every word, every gesture. And I always dreamed of having a family, a solid, as the White House!
- Your marriage is indeed formed an unusually successful. What is the sekretN
- The main secret - is the science of tolerance and forgiveness. When I married for Arnold, I knew that I would have much to forgive. And I was. But, thank God, he also trained in the science ... I immediately said that the domestic hen is not going to turn into: "Do you own career, his ambitions, and I have - my!" And he agreed.
. - And what ambition is now living Maria Shriver - mother of four deteyN
. - The writers! I'm really proud that my first book - "What is rayN" - sold a huge circulation
. Finally I "comma" after his name, but not before it!
This book became an echo of children's impressions of Mary. 1963, fatal shooting in Dallas, Texas, the tragic death of his uncle - President John F. Kennedy, "Jockeys AF-Kay, Sr. ... What smertN And where after it becomes of lyudiN over this question then puzzling impressionable eight-year old girl ...
. - I thought: someone died, all crying, but talk about it with their children somehow not accepted, so that it was better I will not ask
. Since then, thirty-six years, and with the same problems faced my son Patrick. It was a half years ago - from a heart attack died of Arnold's mother, Aurelia. Patrick went to a pensive, thoughtful. Arnold asked: "What are you dumaeshN". He replied: "O grandmother. Perhaps she had gone upstairs to look your dog (pet dog Aurelia disappeared shortly before the death of the mistress). And then I thought: about where to "go" parrots, dogs and hamsters, we have written several children's books. And about where to "go" people - or one for all of America! I decided to take this task on himself. And the idea for the cover (she looks at the sky) prompted me husband. In his opinion, this was all the intrigue: what, they say, this girl dumaetN
- It turns out that even my book you have written for the sake of their children ... Perhaps you - the perfect mother!
- Yes you! No, of course. My kids always hinted to me: "But such a mother sewed his own costume for Hzllouin", "Mama, this is every day she is preparing him a hot lunch!" Sometimes I even feel ashamed that I do not know how to do it all! But I can do something else ... For example, I compose for their albums with collages. For each - a. And with what pride they show these albums to your friends! If you saw, . with some important air Kristina gave an explanation: "That's what I'm after a few hours after birth, . but it is - last Christmas, . but it is - on the lawn of the White House ..,
. In short, I'm not perfect, but not a bad mother! In general, I realized that the most important thing in life - never anybody not to compare yourself!

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Maria Shriver, photo, biography
Maria Shriver, photo, biography Maria Shriver  The wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, photo, biography
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