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Russian Princess

( Last Princess Romanov)

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Biography Russian Princess
Olga Romanova (November 3, 1895 - 18.07.1918)
. Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova (May 28, 1897 - 18.07.1918)
. Maria Nikolaevna Romanova (June 14, 1899 - 18.07.1918)
. Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (June 5, 1901 - 18.07.1918)
. Nikolaevmch Alexei Romanov (August 12, 1904 - 18.07.1918)
. They died in an instant
. Together. They were so few years that even put together all their years together still do not get full biogafii.. Thus, fragments, pieces ... Nedopetaya serenade ... Broken strings ... Unlived life ...
On them are written little. After a night journey on the web of the Internet I was surprised, to put it mildly, not an abundance of documents found. It was possible to find only a few leaves. However, with photographs. It's a little consolation. But - did not leave a feeling of bitterness and depression. Like a charming song cut short. The photo was not even a hint that the lady in the air from muslin dresses - the daughter of the last Emperor, the Russian princess blood, the great princess. From decorations - fresh flowers, pinned to the hair, long strings of pearls on the necks of the older ...
Gave them only posture. She remembered the phrase: "the Tsar's daughters learned from the way they themselves were carrying."
KrasotaN Yes, she was amazed ... And involuntarily thought ... a peak could reach this beauty if it were not for the terrible night of July 1918 - go.N If it was not she the beauty shot and dokolota shtykamiN But history has no subjunctive mood. What good is "to" N She does not love him.
They died in an instant. Together. They were so few years that even put together all their years together still do not get a full biography.. Thus, fragments, pieces ... Nedopetaya serenade ... Broken strings ... Unlived life ...
The oldest of them, Olga was twenty-three years, when it shot. Only she, the one and only, most often sisters danced as an adult, at balls, but it was one of the groom, frustrated true - Romanian King ... Add up all the way, Olga Nikolaevna Romanova was a Romanian queen. But not happened ...
Olga was born on November 3, 1895 in Tsarskoe Selo. At birth, when he saw her head covered with thick dark hair, a midwife, said she is expecting a child good fortune. If instant death - happiness, the midwife was not mistaken.
It was fun, mobile girl, a favorite of his father, who at first likened her "accomplishments" with the "achievements" of his sister's daughter, Irina Ksenia. And wrote in his diary, not concealing pride: "Our Olga weighs a little more" at the christening we were quiet and not scream when dipped ...."
. One day, someone from the adult guests asked playfully, pulling her from under the table, where she climbed, trying to pull off with a cloth - the subject:
. - You ktoN
. - I - Princess ...- she answered with a sigh ...
- Well, you're the princess, to the table could not reach!
- I do not know. And you ask Dad, he knows .... he will tell you who I am.
Seriously replied Olga and hobbled on unsteady legs more, to meet the laughter and smiles of the guests .. (E. Radzinsky. "Nicholas II's life and death". Chapter 5 Royal Family.)
Very tiny, all the girls were accustomed to a mother holding a needle or embroidery frame for embroidery, knitting needles. DIY tiny clothes for dolls.. Alexandra believed that even little girls should be something - a busy.

Olga loved to play with her sister Tatiana, born May 28, 1897, (Also in Tsarskoe Selo). Russian speech mixed up with English and French, equally shared sweets, biscuits and toys ... Toys shifted from older to younger. In the evenings, girls calmed down about the mother, reading them stories, or quietly singing English folk songs. Father, two older girls are incredibly happy, but even in the evening saw him rarely knew that he was busy ...

. When was granted a free moment, he took the crumbs of both light-brown hair to her knees and told them stories, but not English and Russian, long, a little scary, filled with magic and miracles.

Little mischievous child were allowed to gently stroked magnificently - bushy mustache, which was hiding a soft, slightly mischievous smile.

They grew up, began viscous boring grammar lessons, French, English. Strict governess watched their posture, manners, movements and ability to behave at the table.

However, it was all gently and easily, no excesses in food and delicacies. A lot of reading. And the time for pranks was not .... appeared younger sisters - Maria (genus. June 14, 1899, Mr.. Peterhof) and Anastasia. (Genus. 5 June 1901. Peterhof) They played together and learned while playing ...

All four were sleeping in one room, on folding, camp bed.

Even tried to dress the same. But the contents of desks in all it was different .... favorite books, watercolors, herbaria, photo albums, icons. Each of them kept a diary. First it was expensive albums with gold embossing and clasps on moire lining, then, after the February storm and arrest-simple notebook with a pencil records. Much was destroyed during the searches in Tobolsk and Yekaterinburg, much disappeared ...

. Girls engaged in many sports: playing ball, riding a bike, well ran and swam, then newfangled fond of tennis, in the morning poured cold water in the evening to take warm baths
. Their day has always been painted by the minute.

Olga and Tatiana during the summer holidays in the Finnish skerries liked to look for small pieces of amber or beautiful stones ... Anastasia is well painted watercolors, playing chess ... The talent for drawing was in all of them and passed, apparently, from mother. All, without exception, well sitting in the saddle and loved for many horseback riding. Olga and Tatiana were chefs two hussar regiments.

Evening the sisters played music or read aloud to each other, if not busy little dull for them representational duties. They soon started to get used to them - the mother developed heart disease, . Then Alex was born, . which required her endless chores and she, . lamenting, . that may not always be beside her husband, . as demanded by its high rank, . preparing a "worthy replacement" - (so sad and gently teased the Emperor.) Grand Duchess cope with the responsibilities,
. Liked the company of their smile, the elegance of manners, gentle care and affection in the conversation and talks.

Ambient noticed that all five sisters were extremely close friends among themselves. And at the foreign similarity differ from each other internally.

Leader in the family was Tatiana, Olga and not. By her advice and statements of more than listening. Her appointed intercessor in the children's requests and complaints to parents. If Tatiana said, "I'll talk to my father" - a sister and brother secretly rejoiced: his father rarely denied what a calm, seasoned beauty - the daughter, could not resist her gentle diplomacy. In doing so, it strongly resembled the mother. As the eldest, Tatiana more frequently visited social receptions and balls, and about her and Olga remained a little more evidence than the younger ones ... One of the officers with delight remembering the waltz with the Grand Duchess Tatiana said that it is always present something elusive, truly aristocratic ... Talking to her you feel that you are in society, the king's daughter. Most of the people, she outshone his older sister.. brilliantly played the piano, although they are much less Olga. It is distinguished by a large organization and dedication. Olga did not oppose the leadership of Tatiana. Both sisters were very loyal to each other. (Quoted from the book R. Macey. "Nicholas and Alexandra")

. (I note in brackets, . that from the autumn of 1914 on the hands. Tatiana died not less than fifty soldiers, . and those, . which she bandaged the wound and wrote a couple of letters and does not count! While on duty in the infirmary of Tsarskoe Selo saw her and the officer Nikolai Gumilev,
. Literature unknown, . Are they talking about something, . but well known, . that during the interrogation of the penultimate Nikolai Gumilev, not only did not renounce his monarchist beliefs, . but stated firmly, . I was hopelessly in love with the daughter of the Emperor, . Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna, . who had nursed him in hospital,
. This polufantaziya-polulegenda cost Gumilev life. A few hours later he was shot, accused of creating a huge monarchist movement and proximity to the family of the deposed king! Little-known fact.)

. But we never learn touched ever at least someone - the heart of the Russian princess seriously ...
. This is the heart stopped beating too early.

. Olga also left us with only a hint of mystery, glimpsed in the correspondence of Nicholas and Alexandra.

. Between the ages of fourteen she was in love with his cousin Dmitry Romanov, the man who later participated in the murder of Grigory Rasputin
. Witty, elegant, always cheerful, he was a favorite of all of the Romanovs, especially the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, sister of the Empress who is raising him as a son.

. He was very athletic and participated in the Summer Olympics 1912 (equestrian)
. He jokingly called the "Olympian" or "statuette Faberge - for elegance and ease of movement. I almost took their engagement with Olga, but what - it imprudent statement Dmitry against Rasputin spoil everything .... And maybe not only this. Carouse, too fun, play cards and play a lot - it befits the king zhenihu.N taken together, could alert the empress, and she refused to give up the idea of her daughter's cousin. But Olga, and a constant feeling like a father did not abandon the idea of Dmitri. Rejected the suit of the Romanian king. I went against the will of the mother. The beginning of a spat their traces in his letters: "This complete solitude .... children for all their love of all - yet very different ideas, and they rarely understand my point of view ... Olga all the time not in the spirit. She was unhappy, that we should dress decently to the infirmary, and not be in the form of a nurse. With it, everything becomes more difficult from - her mood ... "(From a letter of Alexandra Feodorovna - Nicholas II. Cited in Radzinsky. Chapter 5. Page. 137 - 138). But consent to the marriage with Dmitry and was not given.
Maybe Alexandra simply not had time peredumatN ..
The arrest of the family in March 21, 1917 the first all crossed out ....
Olga and generally differed slightly less restrained than sisters.
Change mood easily reflected in her face. It was very emotional, all take to heart. Most other sisters would sit near the bed beloved brother, although they all had no patience to hold. Wrote poetry, most often they were paraphrasing the biblical psalms. His small personal amount, posited her coming of age, she has spent on charity.
If she brought some - or request it, as Tatiana, acted without delay and without argument, helped immediately. Was chairman and member of many charitable societies and committees, especially during the 1914 war.
All the sisters featured striking modesty.
Baroness Buxhowden, maid of honor of the Empress, recalled that as - that was supposed to appeal to the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of the entire form .... with a deep curtsy and full title. Princess came to the confusion, and blushing, rushed to the old baroness, saying: "You're crazy!" Why you got me so nazyvaeteN! " Sisters preferred to be called simply by name - full name. (P. Macey. "Nicholas and Alexandra".)

To their parents in the home they called in the French style: Dad and Mom, (accent on second syllable), but with strangers and in society for their parents were .... Their Majesties.

Among the great teachers of the princesses were PV. Petrov - a teacher of Russian language and grammar, Inokenty Anennsky - a famous poet and teacher of Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum. - A teacher of belles-lettres is not excluded that Olga began to write poetry is under his influence.

. And sheytsarets Pierre Gilliard, - the heir to the tutor and teacher of French, one of the few who shared with the royal family exile in Tobolsk, and left great memories
. He truly loved his direct, graceful girls, forgave his pranks and not too much zeal in their studies .... Particularly Anastasia and Maria.

Two of the younger girls were a wonderful couple. Maria, born in June 1899, was two years older than Anastasia, but bezagovorochno obeyed her in everything. Masha have been thick brown hair and big dark blue eyes. They were called in the family affectionately: "Mashkin saucers."

It was composed of 'broad bone, and, possessing great physical strength, reminiscent of his grandfather - the Emperor Alexander III. In the family it was the simplest, most affectionate, friendly. By nature it was a typical mother. Its scope had small children. Most of all she loved to tinker and fuss with them. Mary dreamed of marriage and children.

She knew it by heart the names of sailors yacht "Standart", who knew how many children and bought them along with my sisters little gifts and sweets. While on duty in the hospital often talked with the soldiers, comforted them, but she then stole roared into "three stream".

One grateful Lieutenant of Tsarskoselskogo hospital gave the girl a little dog - a dwarf species. It could have been put in the clutch ... After the soldiers came to collect the dead bodies, a dead dog fell out of the clutches of Mary ...

Anastasia - the restless and the most legendary of all. She had the incredible posthumous fate, but it is - a separate conversation, another story ...

She was mischievous, always laughing, deftly climbed trees, jumped and jumped ... She easily given speaker, it was incredibly artistic, very comical all tease, but none of it did not take offense, so this was the imitation of kindness and genuine charm. Adored playing with her brother, a long time sat at his bedside when he was sick, a lot of reading aloud. To relax and to overcome the pain he often held her hand and stroked her hair.

. How - strange, . reading the small amount of material on the latest Russian Princess, . in the pages of books, . find there is not a description of balls and receptions, . which would have to shine beautiful young Princes, . and stories about, . How many of the wounded were brought today, . What were the worst, . on which operations assisted by Tatyana and Olga,
. Empress "high society" is often blamed for the fact that she "shut the girls in the walls of their hospitals'

. Working in hospitals and clinics and they become so familiar during the 1914 war that displeasure has itself met the need to "dress properly" for the hospital.
. Dress nurses has become their "second skin". They used to this since my childhood ... caring for patients with hemophilia brother, a friend of the family, Princess Sophia Orbeliani patients with bone tuberculosis.

. Often write that they lived very closed, this was primarily due to their high social position and therefore they were as if divorced from reality
. I think that this is not quite true.

They often talked with his father, when we became older, have read all four of them willingly, and many, examining and discussing the read, often it was serious spiritual books - philosophical. Especially those fond of Olga, the book disappeared from the table mother Empress earlier than that (by the way, doctor of philosophy at Heidelberg University, no more, no less!) - Have time to read them ....

. Another thing is that they may not be peddling itself to empty secular dating, nor to non-committal on flattering - fake friendship
. With respect to comprehension of life lessons ... Debatable.. They saw a lot and in the walls of the Alexander Palace.

. What is worth nothing but sleepless nights at the bedside of his brother, whom they all adored! Empress wrote that "only in a society sisters little boy perks up and his eyes appear old luster."

. The first time after surgery in the hospitals, they screw up your eyes eyes, carrying pots of blood and severed limbs
. Then used. If you can get used to this at all ..

However, the father of Olga and Tatiana were in the Kiev Opera House at the time of Stolypin's assassination. They clearly could see that a great power does not save from death and often - a direct path to it. Betrayal them too could not have been surprised. During the arrest of the Provisional Government of the Empress and members of the entourage of children were invited to choose whether to remain with the prisoners or to leave the palace. Most loyal "August personages" chose to disappear. Near left people 10: The Countess Gendrikova, Lili Deng, Anna Vyrubova, MD E. S. Botkin, Baroness Buxhowden, Earl Benckendorf .... List can be on your fingers.

Dr. Ostrogorsky, the famous pediatrician, before that arrives each morning to see the sick children. (Princes * ill severe measles, turned into a fever. Alex was also sick, but escaped the typhus), refused to come at the request of the former - Empress, citing refusal by the fact that the road to Tsarskoe Selo "too dirty and dangerous!" All this took place after March 14, 1917. Nicholas had just abdicated and had not yet come to the family. (It is difficult to comment on this case, and all further - especially. - Author).

. Why not life akademiyaN Here are the lessons were too many at once, and all too bitter.

. From the patients, tossed in hot girls (the temperature of forty, delirium, fever) had not slept all night mother tried to hide the truth about the ensuing revolution
. When they asked her what for the sound of shots from the palace park, she said firmly: "This is just a maneuver."

Mary began to recover, together with his mother went out into the street to the soldiers of the Guards regiment, guarding the palace. The Empress asked them not to open fire in vain, and to avoid disturbances near the palace for the safety of children. Soldiers promised and kept the oath. Radzinsky, commenting on this scene, notes that Alexander and her daughter seemed to feel the characters from Shakespeare's. No wonder they flowed the blood of the rebellious Mary Stuart (through Alexandra Feodorovna).

I dare to argue. It was then that began to play out the first act of the terrible tragedy of their own lives.

And they felt they were her heroes.

March 21, 1917 Nicholas was arrested in Mogilev and forwarded to the family. All of the following days, members of the Provisional Government were negotiating the future of the family of the former emperor, about its safety.

. Miliukov learned about the arrest of the king in Mogilev, began to persuade Lord Buchanan, the British envoy in Russia, to telegraph to London, King George V, asking for refuge for the royal family
. "This is the last chance to guarantee these poor fellows freedom, and, perhaps, to save lives!" - He told Ambassador. British Cabinet has agreed to grant asylum to the former emperor and his family March 23, 1917. But set one condition: the new government of Russia had to pay for the content of the emperor and the family. Kerensky's government had agreed, but did not receive the support of the Council of People's Deputies. "The owners of the revolution" of the emperor was considered a state criminal and demanded his detention in the fortress bastions.

March 25, 1917 Miliukov Buchanan telegraphed that he could not pass to Nicholas II, even a personal telegram of George V, as the Emperor and the family may be guilty of conspiracy and treason, and the consequences of all this - not predictable. April 9 Buchanan talked with Kerensky, who had declared that the departure of the king and the family is delayed for several weeks, as their personal papers should be viewed as the emperor and his wife questioned committee of the Provisional Government ...

. And here and in England itself, riots broke out, significantly reduced the popularity of the monarch
. Just April 10. And the king said in a memorandum cautious about seeming to him "not appropriate recommendations of the former residence of the monarch of Russia in the United Kingdom."
. The Government understood the subtle hint of His Majesty and Buchanan had sent a telegram with caution - a polite refusal, in the hope that a telegram to Nicholas and show that all understand
. Calculations justified. Buchanan was personally deeply shocked by the cynicism of their monarch, but could not do anything. Family Emperor Russia remained under house arrest. Father of Russian princesses blood is now called simply: "Citizen Romanov.
They are more and more deeply included in the position and condition of the prisoners.
Doors in the room were not allowed to lock (and on the boat in the cabins, with a trip to Tobolsk). The convoy could enter the room at any time without warning. To walk the royal family could only under the windows of the palace, go deep into the park, too, were not allowed. Documents and personal papers cops. The girls tried to brief concise writing, and then they were asked about the importance of written

. And in the rest-life was, . as usual: breakfast, . morning classes with her mother and father Monsieur Gilliard history and languages, . short walk in the park, . dinner at which a smiling mother was present at the open dress with a thread of pearls on her neck (as in the old days!),
. After lunch - reading, needlework, then again the lessons, a walk, dinner. All, as before. Everything, as always.

Or they tried to pretend that everything is going - to continue. Excerpts they could not hold. The tsar's daughter!

After the uprising, July 16, 1917 Kerensky and the Provisional Government decided to urgently evacuate the family away from Petrograd to a safer place. "I chose Tobolsk - Kerensky wrote later in" Memoirs "- because it was absolutely quiet backwater .... there was a small garrison, was not of the proletariat and the people were prosperous and happy, to say the least - an old-fashioned. To crown it all, the climate was wonderful, and the town could boast a tolerable residence of the Governor, where the royal family could live with some degree of comfort. "

. August 11, 1917 Kerensky arrived in the Alexander Palace and told the family of the imminent departure.

. August 12, 1917 Tsarevich Alexei was performed 13
. At the request of the Empress has been served a prayer service in the chapel at the Alexander Palace. Graf Benckendorf later recalled: "The ceremony was excruciating: All were in tears. The soldiers also appeared to have been touched. They approached the icon of the Mother of God and kissed her. It was like parting with the past which will never return. "

August 13, 1917 was the last day that Nicholas and Alexandra with their children spent in Tsarskoe Selo. All day the children excitedly rushed to say goodbye to the servants, his favorite spots and the island among the pond.

. Departure of Families held in the strictest confidence, . was not even reported to Cabinet, . all preparations disposed Kerensky himself - in person! For the protection of the royal train has been selected three companies of soldiers from the 1 - th, . 2 - th, . 3rd and 4 - Guards Rifle Regiment (6 officers and 330 soldiers,
. Many of them were awards for bravery.

. On the night of 13 on August 14 the train under the flag of the Japanese Red Cross mission was sent to the siding Tsarskoselskogo station.

. In Tobolsk the family of the former emperor lived 8 months.

. They arrived in Tobolsk on August 17 on board the "Rus" and lived there until August 26, 1917, as the governor's house was in need of repair
. Sept. 21 Families, last visited the big church service - Liturgy. Soon the soldiers of the guard began to object to such relative freedom of the captives, as she saw that the people belongs to the family of the former king of more than respectfully. The house was surrounded by a high fence, go to the church was completely prohibited. The chief of security every now and then replaced each other. Kobylinskii, Pankratov, Nicholas ...

Some idea of the way of life in Tobolsk, we can have by reading the surviving letters of the Empress Anna Vyrubova.. Here is one of them: "Classes begin at 9 am. Morning Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia and Alexei engaged the law of God. I bring the lessons of the German three times a week with Tatiana and once - with Maria. I also sew, embroider and paint .... I read in a large number of good books, short stories, re-read the Bible. I am so worried because of the fact that they are allowed to walk only in front of the house and behind a high fence. But at least they r breathing fresh air and we are grateful.

One after another, leaving all the vain things, family and the state of collapse, friends disappear.. Must live for today. But God and nature will never change. I can still see the church and the hills, loved the world ... "

A few days later she wrote in another letter ....

"I've become quite gray. Anastasia, to her despair, is now very well again, like Mary, full and round the waist, with short legs. I really do hope that it will grow more. Olga and Tatiana lose weight. "(Empress Alexandra - from letters to Anna Vyrubova. R. Macey. Nicholas and Alexandra. M. Interpraks. 1990)

In October came the Siberian winter. Girls' room - corner - in the words of Gilliard - has become "a real ice house". The temperature there did not rise above 7. To warm up a bit going into his mother's room, where a small fire was burning. Read aloud, rukodelnichat or rehearsed the play that led Pierre Gilliard to arrange a presentation of a home theater ... As it was when - that in Peterhof and bedrooms.. In so far, far away, old life. Played: Dr. Botkin, Prince Dolgorukov, all four girls, Alex and Nicholas himself, Pierre Gilliard .... Alexandra decorated programmki performances and theater tickets.

At Christmas, the Empress and her daughters have made gifts to his servants and retinue.. knitted vests and painted ribbons for bookmarks.

The atmosphere grew tense around the family. Inside the house was set close protection. Was it due to the appearance of the mysterious figure of the adventurer AB Solov'eva with its monarchical "conspiracy" or the changed political situation, the provisional government was overthrown quickly and without bloodshed, . only one night, . or something, . that the Government of Germany, . after the signing of the Brest peace was strongly demanding the extradition of the royal family under the patronage of the Kaiser VilgelmaN probably, . Putting It All Together,
. From Moscow arrived in Tobolsk Yakovlev, a secret order from Sverdlov (And TrotskogoN!) To bring the Emperor to the destination. Not indicated where. It is known that Trotsky wanted to build in Moscow show trial of the former emperor, and "red-minded Ural" - as soon as possible to make a massacre of his family. Plan Yakovlev is somewhat complicated by the fact that Alex could not move independently (because of the nasty fall from the icy hill he began exacerbation), Nicholas stubbornly refused to go.

. Then the empress, after long and painful hesitation, decided to go with him
. And the girls made their verdict: they must be accompanied by Maria. Others were like hostages..
Here's a short list of dates:

April 21, 1918 Nicholas and his family celebrated another anniversary of the family ... 24 - Anniversary of engagement with Alexandra Feodorovna.

On the same day he learned that he and Alexis is now forbidden to wear epaulettes with imperial monograms.. Big blow for him.

22 - April family found out about the arrival of Yakovlev. April 23 Yakovlev appears at Freedom House, which housed the Family. (The name sounds more than a sinister, but it was not invented!) King wrote in his diary: "The children imagine that he (Yakovlev) today will make a search and burned all the letters, and Maria and Anastasia, even his diaries ..."

. Twice in this day Yakovlev, along with a doctor examining a patient Alexei deciding whether it can be everything - still carry
. And I realized - it is impossible.

April 24, 1918 Yakovlev announced the decision to remove the Emperor from Tobolsk. With him in 4. 15 am left Maria, Alexandra, Dr. Botkin, Prince Dolgorukov and three men servants. Must have been to get more than 300 miles to Tyumen, where they waited for the train.

April 27 prisoners arrive in Tyumen.Sadyatsya the train. April 30, 1918 at 8 hours. 40 min. The car stopped on the tracks station Ekaterinburg -1.

. On the same day, . ordered Uralsoveta, . Ipatief engineer was ordered to urgently release its own house in the Voznesensky Pereulok (more precisely, . the corner of Voznesensky Prospekt and Voznesensky Pereulok). The building was surrounded by a high fence, . as the city crept hearing: "this house will live the royal family.",

. Here and unfold the "last act of the drama
. Final Dynasty "(E. Radzinsky).

And will she prologue ... murder of Prince Dolgoruky, a member of the entourage of the Emperor. Straight from the station Prince Valentine will be taken to the city jail and within a few days shoot. Cellmates say that he was "sent to Moscow". Familiar direction.

The family home in Ipatiev tightened. Every day - searches.

(They search for valuables, they remained in Tobolsk, m.b. therefore Uralsovet and take a decision later to move the rest of the family to join EkaterinburgeN!)

A stroll is not allowed. Take baths - impossible, no running water. Windows thickly smeared with lime. Emperor breathes the air in the open window. (!) Days occur uniformly. A lot of time for reflection. In all the diaries written brief, only the most necessary. May 22, 1918, after an infinite long wait, on the boat "Rus" (with open cabins, forever embittered and drunken guards!) Arrive three great princesses, and Czarevitch Alexei.

Count Tatishchev, Countess Gendrikova - maid of honor of the sovereign and a lady in waiting Schneider, who accompanied them, as well as Pierre Gilliard and teacher of the heir Monsieur Gibbs were not allowed to prisoners.

Box Tatishcheva shot in the basement of the Yekaterinburg prison, and the Countess Anastasia Gendrikova and Catherine Schneider were killed by rifle butts. Their bodies later found outside the town white. They two defenseless women security detachment did not even waste bullets ...

Gilliard and Gibbes, as foreign nationals, were released by the Bolsheviks. Gilliard unsuccessfully tried to do something to save the family, but ...

That's all - prologue. The royal family in the house Ipatief had to live for less than two months. Alex was still ill, screamed and cried at night. (Looking around him Dr. Botkin said carefully to parents that the boy would never walk again. In the one last night Nicholas bear his arms.) Olga, Tatiana and Anastasia are studying in the evenings in the kitchen, the cook, bake bread and pancakes. Nicholas humorously assesses: "Not bad."

Alexandra sits for days and nights at the bedside of Alexei. It replaced Tatiana, Olga, Maria, laughter-loving, big Anastasia. June 5, 1918 she was 18 years. Her last birthday. The Emperor wrote that on this day, the heat outside and inside was great ". The windows did not open. They have set the lattice. If you can not walk in the evening spend reading. Reads the works of Nikolai Saltykov - Shchedrin, increasingly turning over biblical pages of the book of Job.

Girls rukodelnichat, dissolving and bandaging old woolen things, from a piece of pale - lavender scarf mother Tatiana tries to make a skein of yarn for embroidery. She did a lot of time with the patient and frosty mother reads aloud to her books of spiritual reading: the Bible, "The Life Seraphim Sorovskie" Psalms, Prayers, something from the novels of Tolstoy. Investigator Nikolai Sokolov then find these books, torn and scattered throughout the house. Olga and Alexei enthusiastically re-read the tragedy of Edmond Rostand's "Eaglet". This book will find in a garbage pit. As a locket with a miniature portrait of his father. Since Olga had always kept them never. These past few days ... We felt they understood liN think, yes. Even unconsciously. During the home of the priests by mistake (!) Instead of prayer "for his health begins to read" For the peace of the saints "and the whole family down on his knees, silently crossing. In their diaries, miraculously survived thin notebooks, we did not find any confessions and premonitions. All remain in the recesses of the soul. As usual, put to bed by 10, only disturbed by the fact that the Empress before taken away much - a boy - cook Sednev. Too well she knew the consequences of such disappearances!

. They were all woken up late at night, from 17 to 18 July 1918, will say that the city is restless, and for security purposes will be ordered to go down to the basement.

. Sleepy girls catching with a pillow - dumochki in which protection diamonds
. They descended into the basement, mechanically, mentally counting the steps (23!) And then begin the horror that is hard to describe how well you did not own style and word. Olga and her mother had crossed himself. Died immediately. The Emperor was shot through the heart.

From Maria, Anastasia and Tatiana bullets bounced off as started talking. These corsets were sewn treasures. They served as the inadvertent including booking. Dazed from the blood, gunpowder smoke and the cries of the guards had fired without aiming! Nailed a shot in the head (Jurowski) Tsarevich Alexei, who was lying in a pool of blood and clutching his father's tunic. Another living girls and the maid Demidova dokalyvali butts bayonets. Lay down all of the sheets with their own beds, and carried into the yard.

We loaded the car and to the 4 - I eat the morning was taken out of town. The bodies were dumped on the bottom of the mine and burned. Who came after 10 days in the city of white on the bottom of the mine have found bones and skulls, . false teeth Dr. Botkin, . belt buckles of Nicholas and the Crown Prince, . remnants sapphire ring emperor, . which can not be removed from his finger and a handful of nails and bolts,
. Could not understand it until I showed the contents of Pierre Gilliard. He turned pale as a sheet, immediately identified the contents of the pockets of the Tsarevich.

In the devastated empty house, except for books and icons, Nikolai Sokolov found a few thin notebooks - diaries tsesareven and empty bottles, with drops of scent on the bottom. Favorite spirits of the last Russian Princess. On one fine bottle survived the inscription: "Coti. Violett. Paris. "" Violet ". Favorite flavor of Anastasia. The youngest of the four. Years will pass and she will rise with the help of some kind of Anna Anderson. For thirty years, she will convince everyone that it is - miraculously surviving daughter of the last Emperor of Anastasia Romanov. It will be a living legend, will remove about her films and write books. But will not know until the end of the mystery of life, dangling on poluvzdohe. Life on which survived only a drop of aroma of violets ....
PS. All the details of the tragedy in Ekaterinburg rather well and accurately described in the book Edvard Radzinsky, "Lord, save and pacify Russia!" Nicholas II. Life and Death. "Moscow. Izdat of "Vagrius" 1993 g.Otsylayu wishing to know more, this book and the new works of the famous writer. I tried to tell you the story is not being shot, and the history of life: short and fragile, like a flame candles: How I did try - you.
. * In preparation of this article draws upon the book by Edward Radzinsky, "Lord, Save and pacify Russia! Nicholas II
. Life and Death ". M. Izdatel'stvo "Vagrius, 1993. and Robert Macy "Nicholas and Alexandra". M. Izdatel'stvo "Interpraks, 1990. Photos taken from the Internet - site called 'Church on the Blood ". This site and the small details, everything that is in the web of the Internet about the Russian princess!

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