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Natalija Daryalova

( Director of self-created television channel)

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Biography Natalija Daryalova
photo Natalija Daryalova
When Natalija Daryalova appeared on the RTR channel with the program "on everyone's lips," every spectator noticed her Hollywood smile, and later the audience learned that Natalia - daughter of the famous writer Arkady Vainer. Now Daryalova - CEO of his own television company, called "DTV-TV.

- From childhood I dreamed to get a magic wand to suddenly make all the fun and beautiful. Perhaps all that I am doing today - the desire to carry out childhood dream. This is from my mother, she - a professor, a renowned scholar in the field of oncology. How many can remember, the house phone rings constantly - and every mother tries to calm him, trying to help.

- As a doctor met Sophia Daryalova and investigator Arkady Vainer?
- This is a very funny story. My grandfather, my father's father, once he saw a beautiful blonde in the store, approached her and asked to leave the phone. The girl, of course, indignantly: "You're an old man, shame on you!" My grandfather was the excuse that, well, it's not for me but for my son. But she went, ignoring his request. My grandfather is my venture does not have, somehow surprisingly procured her phone number and tried to persuade her son to call. Pope, who was the playboy, and more acquainted with the girls without such tricks, long resisted, but still rang. But, he said: "I have a date you designate is not going to, but for the sake of my father, let's meet for five minutes". And five days later they were married.

- You - the only child of ordinary parents. This fact is reflected in your childhood?
- I am not much different from their peers. Went to the regular kindergarten, and when there was quarantined, stuck at work for parents. Dad was very strict with me. It was enough to say two words in a whisper to tame my tempestuous nature. I played with the boys in all their games and even among the hooligans had their yard. It is no accident in the tale of the Snow Queen, I have two favorite heroine - Gerda and Little Robber, two hypostasis strong and beautiful female nature.
. - In school, you enjoyed writing fame OTC?
. - A classmate, of course, know that I am the daughter of Arkady Vainer, but if I was that fly in the face, I would have scolded him in the first place
. Later, when I began to write stories, I took my mother's name, so as not to depend on the glory of the father. When I came waivers, dad, seeing my suffering, offered to help, but it was not for me.

- You married early. How do you meet a future spouse?
- A young scientist, PhD, came to Moscow from Siberia, accidentally fell into the House of Journalists, he saw me, and I slew him on the spot. He began fly every weekend, with a huge bouquet of roses, and just stood under the windows, even in the cold. The first could not stand Dad: "Well, not the same as freeze rights for nothing, as you can". Admitted. Then I just finished school. Daughters Lisa and Valeria were born when I was still a student at MSU. But love was short-lived. Even in America, I realized that not love my husband and we had better leave. No romance, no love I can not imagine any relationship.

- What is involved in your former suprugN Has he spoken to a girl?
- My ex-husband - a professor of economics, lives in New York. Daughters of his love, he is very caring father.

- A daughter feel rossiyankami?
- They belong to two cultures. Do not forget where they were born, daughters often come to me in Moscow, but they, of course, more American women. There they went to school, live there and spend most of their free time.

- And still come back a little back. What you lacked here that you decided to go to America?
- I wanted freedom, wanted to check what is capable in a strange land. Now it's frightening to remember, because I was traveling with her husband, who did not know a single English word, and two young daughters. And I perfectly understand that the fight for the survival of the entire family will have me one. It was difficult, money is not enough. We just saved Arthur Miller - the famous American writer, a friend of his father, who proposed to live in his New York apartment.
. - How was your U.S. career?
. - First written about Russia's Forbes magazine, was a columnist for our country
. There I made friends with the editor, then came to the ABC-SEA International. Once in the high society of America, I was always proud that I come from Russia, a country with rich history and culture, and for them should be honored to be friends with me. And the idea of "everyone's lips," I came straight to the president of ABC, BBC.

- I have received from him a carte blanche for total creative freedom?
- Well, not immediately. The turning point was the case, . when at the end of the transfer of this unique person, . who on his trikes taught a flock of young geese fly south, . I rang the bell crystal, . Turning to the audience with a call to believe in their ability to fly: "Maybe, . is bells ringing your destiny, . go to meet her ",
. Then the producer said that there were no bells, it does not allow it, and ran to the police, shouting "Either I, or is it!". At the producer replied calmly: "Producers have enough, and little stars."

- Why do not you set up your channel in America?
- In New York, a federal channel is unrealistic. In Russia, "DTV-TV is broadcast in many major cities. Channel is my name, which is also unique, because no one channel in the world bears the name TV stars. Here, we have built his Hollywood - TV studio XXI century.

- So you went back to Russia?
- Not exactly. I live in New York, a city that I adore. I have a spacious apartment in a prestigious part of Manhattan overlooking the East River. By the way, here in my apartment overlooking the Moscow River. Of course, now I have a lot of time I spend in Moscow, because the channel is busy building

- Your father was working on "DTV-TV. What is its role?
- DTV-TV "- is our father's dream. Without him, the creation and successful start of the channel would have been impossible. He directs all creative strategy "DTV-TV.

- And in America you still keep any projects?
- Yes, I am still in the air, though not so often because all my efforts are directed at the "DTV-TV. Had to abandon some very flattering offers - an ongoing program on ABC, BBC and shooting in a Hollywood movie.
. - Do you have enough time for personal life?
. - Men often say to me: "Why are you so you work, . when you created for lyubviN "My prince (representative of one of the existing royal dynasties, . whose name is Natalia keeps a secret from the public) persistently asked me, . so I dropped everything and moved in with him,
. But, as we know, and the palace may become a golden cage, where there is no freedom.

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. Television Natalia Daryalovoy

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