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Biography DEL BOCA Andrea
Andrea del Boca was born October 18, 1965 at 5:30 am in the clinic of San Camilo

She is the youngest of three children. Her father - the director's sister is her own costumers, Mom helps daughter in her career and, of course, Henry, her brother in law (sister's husband), wrote scripts for serials with its participation. Another brother, Adrian - live in New York and works as a doctor in one of the numerous hospitals of the city.

. Serials, television programs and movies
. First time it appeared on television at the age of four in the series, where she had to play a deaf-mute girl
. This was followed by: TV series "Habia una vez un circo" (1972, . Mercedes Carreras, Jorge Barreiro and starring, . and with the participation of clowns Spain: Gabi, . And Fofo Miliki), three programs for television "Wolf" (El Lobo), . "Dying, . playing "(Jugando a morir, . 1969) and "Colored eyes of time" (Los ojos de color del tiempo); weekly program "Today, the family goes to sleep at home" (La familia hoy duerme en casa),
. It is from this moment begins the endless string of shootings in various TV series, . films and programs for television: movies "Pininya loves dad" (Pinina quiere a papa) and "Heart Dad wants to get married" (Papa corazon se quiere casar, . 1974, . with Norberto Suarez), . "World of Love" (Un mundo de Amor, . 1974) and "Mom forever, . well as the days of hope "(Por siempre mama, . end Dias de ilusion, . 1980, . with Luis Brando), . telenovela "Heart Dad" (Papa corazon, . 110 series), . "Dad loves Pininya" (Pinina quiere a papa, , . "All year - Christmas" (Todo el ano es Navidad, . 1982, . 52 series), . "This angel's name is Andrea" (Un angel llamado Andrea, . 39 series, . shooting for the Colombian TV),
. After these programs, it becomes a famous actress. This is followed by several works for Spanish television and the famous series: "Andrea Celeste" (Andrea Celeste, 110 series), "Senorita Andrea" (Senorita Andrea, 120 series), "One hundred days of Anna" (Los cien dias de Ana, 120 series ). The actress takes a short-term "vacation" and goes to school, the Lee Strasberg studio, after which begins the formation of her theatrical career. Some time later, Andrea will debut as a singer and gives several concerts in different cities of Italy. And once again shooting in telenovelas: "My Asterisk" (Estrellita mia, . 150 series), . "Celeste" (Celesta, . 176 series), . "Antonella (Antonella, . 165 series), . "Celeste, . Only Celeste "(Celesta siempre Celesta, . 200 series), . "Black Pearl" (Perla Negra, . 200 series), . "Gypsy" (Zingara, . 182 series) and "My, . only my "(Mia, . solo mia, . 120 series),
. In parallel, it continues to act in and in the movies. In 1998, Andrea went to New York where he goes to the director's course and they will finish successfully.

Musical career
In each of its telenovela, it is not only a leading lady, but also as a singer. So far, it has already recorded three albums: "With love, Andrea del Boca" (Con amor Andrea del Boca, 1987), "I love you" (Te amo, 1989) and "Love" (El amor, 1995)

In the 14 years she was once 3 boyfriend. In 1982, she met her first love, the singer Sylvester, whose marriage collapsed in front. Due to various legal reasons their relationship had been issued only after a year. March 25, 1986 Sylvester and his ex-wife begin to fight, but Andrea is caught between two fires. This battle begins after he leaves his children, and Andrea, but a year later that relationship comes to an end. In 1988, the actress appeared in public together with Raul de la Torre. Their relationship lasted for almost 6 years. Then there was Jeffrey Sachs. In the end, and with this man she has broken, as Andrea said in one of his interviews, I do not know why. And now she has once again there is no other, but she is not alone. And in late 2000, Andrea should become a mother ...

For almost half a year, the Argentine actress Andrea del Boca, famous Russia viewers serials "Antonella" and "Black Pearl" are not calling home to its guests luxurious penthouse of the building on Avenida Libertadores in Buenos Aires. After the death in July in a mysterious plane crash of John F. Kennedy Jr., the fragile copper-skinned woman dressed in black, and in on itself.
. With his son 35-second U.S. President Argentine movie star introduced five years ago, the then boyfriend of actress Jeffrey Sachs - American financier-millionaire and a professor of economics at Harvard University
. Hearing about the disappearance of the plane, John, Andrea has experienced a real shock. Since then the name of this impulsive, sociable and energetic woman almost completely disappeared from the pages of gossip Argentine newspapers.

Born Andrea del Boca in Buenos Aires in the hospital "San Camilo" October 18, 1965. In the family of the capital filmmaker Nicholas Del Boca, she was the youngest of three children. Obtain strictly religious education in the two (!) Catholic colleges, Andi, as it is called close, unequivocally recognizes that the family played a huge role in her professional success. Without his father's favorite of family ties is hardly so quickly fell to under rays of spotlights. Of particular importance in the creative development has played and continues to play her mother, Ana Maria, who for many years now, not through fear but for conscience 'acting manager, assistant private secretary to his famous daughter. Working and ceremonial dress actresses are under full control of sister Anabella, in the workshops which are designed and sewn almost all dresses and costumes from the wardrobe stars. Finally, many scripts written by her son in law Henry - husband's sister Anabella. Why not a family row

Not surprisingly, with such strong support from the "rear" as early as age three future diva Argentine television took an active part in the popular TV show of Teresa Blasco. In the four years she has starred in two telenovelas, a year later played a major role in the popular comedy Abel Santa Cruz "family today spends the night at home". Movie parts then pushed to the pretty girl one after another. Andrea began to appear on the screen in the romantic duets with the brightest stars of Argentine cinema - Luis Brandon, Gustavo Bermudez. The charm of her was so great that in the name of almost every third series (unheard of in the television business practice!) Producers opted to include the true name of the performer starring. Only in the period before 1980 to screen out films and TV series "Andrea", "Angel named Andrea", "Senorita Andrea" and even "divine Andrea". Telenovela "Celeste", . in which Andrea acted as a partner of the famous Latin-American actor-Tavo Gus Bermudez, . became the winner of the prestigious award, Martin Fierro, . and then the talent actress flashed in the incomparable "Antonelli" (1993) with the same Gustavo Bermudez and "Black Pearl" (1995) with Gabriel Corrado.,
. Has made a brilliant career in cinema, . television and show business Actress, . itself performing all the songs in the films with his participation, . in general, . never experienced a shortage of enemies and zavistnitsah, . but even they recognize her consummate professionalism,
. Few people know, for example, that in the midst of filming the telenovela "Black Pearl" Andrea was experiencing an acute attack of so-called swoon - the disease, accompanied by sudden fainting exhausting. But Andrea has continued to play despite everything, struggling every time from the clutches of doctors "first aid", specifically on duty at the site.
. Future meticulous biographer actress, who wants to compile the annals of her novels, will be able to instantly transform their work in an exciting telenovela, simply putting on the cover of the word "scenario"
. Judge for yourself: already in 14 years, Andrea had just three cavaliers, . each, . in her own words, . possessed a unique set of qualities and called "under the banner of" depending on the nature of emerging challenges, or momentary whims of lady-artist,
. His first true love came to Andrea in 1982, when she was 17 years old. The object of affection was a prominent actor Sylvester as of which the actress played in the TV series "One Hundred Days of Anah". Silvestre experiencing at that moment a stormy divorce with his pregnant wife, spoiled impetuous Juliet lot of blood, until four years later, not cured her of residues feelings by holding a demonstration in front of Andrea fistfight with ... former wife. The next romantic partner is a full-fledged star became a popular producer Raul de la Torre, won several international awards for his film "Fyunes - great love" with Andrea del Boca starring. An extravagant couple, which gave a lot of idle capital languages, collapsed six years later.
. Then it appeared on the horizon heart actresses brilliant American financier Jeffrey Sachs, . arrived to advise the Argentine government in the difficult fight against hyperinflation and at the same time occupied the heart of the "black pearl" of the country pampas,
. About four years they were almost inseparable. "Almost" - bitterly remarked today Andy, nobody has so far not opened the reasons for her separation from 47-year old financial genius. As the buzz in 1987, local newspaper, a novel two superzanyatyh and superizvestnyh people living in opposite corners of the globe, was originally destined. Maybe so. But be that as it may, since Andrea del Boca goes through life alone and much of his free time with a book at once donated by Jeffrey beige sofa, and less - on the racetrack, with her characteristic passion playing on horse racing. However, judging by the constant loss of sweepstakes, in love, she will soon get lucky and black no longer unchallenged sway in the locker room of the Argentine "pearl".

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DEL BOCA Andrea, photo, biography
DEL BOCA Andrea, photo, biography DEL BOCA Andrea  Actress, photo, biography
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