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Dubovitskii Regina

( Lead Program Anshlag ``)

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Biography Dubovitskii Regina
Regina Dubovitskaya was born on Dec. 31 in Kostroma, and the "artist" are now found in four years, playing in front of neighbors for the sake of name-day gift of chocolates. In the house where the family lived Dubovitskii was taken bedizen child's birthday. Child passed around the apartment, and spoke of his triumph, and it was treated to sweets. Without waiting for the next such day, a friend of Regina, who was two years older, dressed her, and led to neighbors. "Here, Reine birthday today," - she said, and their gifts to what could. And the next day, when all the candies were eaten, they moved along the same route: "This is Regina, she has now ..." We neighbors got out their eyes to the forehead. Devchenok ruined greed!

At school, Regina Dubovitskaya instead of quietly reading books in class fiction, and answer at the blackboard shy. But the rest were the instigators. Classmates called her Milady: everywhere she went, accompanied by four boys, her "Musketeers". Even then, Regina stood out among peers eccentric outfits. Once she came to school night in a very short dress with a trendy haircut "Gavroche". And for some reason this evening decided to criticize the central Kostroma newspaper. Most all of the journalist is a moralist got it: he even non-existent neck saw in her dress. Parents then were unfortunate dress to the Editor - demanded refutation.

With the exact sciences of relationship did not exist, but in literature and Russian language Regina received only five. Class she was only "technical", and it is for everyone to write essays, and in addition penned an article in school newspaper, as she was sure that would be a journalist. Neither television nor radio to journalism if she did not consider. Regina Pope, an expert on ancient literature, very much wanted her daughter, too, was a philologist, but finally took her hand and led him into a youth newspaper - he had friends there.

However, the future TV presenter decided to do all the same to the institute of foreign languages - namely, the faculty of the German language, to the house "not sawed". For journalism had two years to work on the profile, besides the Institute of Foreign Languages was close to home. Department of German Regina graduated with honors, but now can remember only "Hande hoch!" - The day when she parted with the Institute, the German was "tied".

. Journalistic career she started in the department of letters editorial satire and humor-Union Radio
. Since 1970 Regina I. Dubovitskaya became an editor of radio program "Good morning!". She herself madly wanted to work in a children's editorial board, but there was a post occupied. She was told that a month can be translated, but after two weeks of Regina realized that no children's version of it does not need, she came into the world of humor! Sat at the table, where for many years before she sat Voinovich, then Rozovsky. In this edition were the traditions, the special atmosphere. There and held her acquaintance with the future members "Anshlag". To her coming all known humorists have been "dismantled" by other editors, and the only vacant niche remained Youth Variety. So in the transfer of first debuted Winokur - it was in 1976, then - Shifrin and Evdokimov. But in 1987, Regina went out. Gorbachev announced the publicity and TV have a lot to resolve, and on the radio for some reason remained old censors, who literally with a magnifying glass checking all texts. Department of satire and humor has always been under the gun. Dubovitskaya became unbearably boring, so the radio was "finished". Since that time, she became director and leading a humorous TV show "Anshlag".

In May 2007, Regina Dubovitskaya rested with Elena Sparrow in Montenegro, and during one of his trips around the country they came together in a car accident. Returning at night from the town of Kotar in the hotel, they took a taxi. The driver seems a bit drunk, and the road was a "serpentine". In the dark he lost control and crashed into a concrete barrier. Regina sat in the front seat, Elena behind, both not to wear.

Dubovitskaya received very serious injuries, Sparrow escaped with minor bruises and a concussion. Both women were taken to a local hospital, where they had first aid. Next flight victims flew to Moscow (this was taken care of friends of TV stars, in particular Vladimir Vinokur). Dubovitskii suffered more friends immediately sent to the resuscitation. She had a broken right thigh, had to put plaster from the waist.


Regina Dubovitskaya met her husband, Yuri Ayvazyan, a physicist by profession, train Pyatigorsk - Sochi. The future artist was traveling to her grandmother, and neighbor was a young graduate student. At present they live in the village under the Zelenograd scientific and capital are not going to move. At spouses adult daughter - Ilona. She applied mathematician who graduated from the Energy Institute, but, despite this, now works as an assistant director in the "sold out" and raising a daughter - Regina.

Interesting facts about TV presenter

Regina Dubovitskaya believes that experienced all the existing diets. He is afraid that otherwise the door would include sideways. She likes sweet, but - do not eat, instead - yogurt and fruit.

Favorite writers - Kuprin, Bunin, Gogol, Turgenev, Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy. View them may at any page and, thus, immediately to cheer yourself up.

Can not tolerate dogs, but for some reason he opened a lovely cocker spaniel, which is called Topic.

Reine Dubovitskaya three cats. Once Kuklachev gave her on New Year's black kitten (the one who participated in Regina in the program), it was terribly scary, but after a year in vymahal handsome, and when the cat was hit by a car, Regina was really worried. The next day her husband bought in the market for 50 rubles shabby one-month black "replacement". It is in the hearts and tears uttered to her husband that she need no one, and sent him to the "replacement" back on the market. And it must be the same to happen that accidentally stepped on a kitten ... Where to now carry! Kitten revived, began to grow ... Meanwhile Kuklachev, after hearing of her grief, gave Regina a small copy of the very. Thus, there were already two leading healthy black "monster". And after some time the door of her apartment came another - like two drops of water similar to the deceased, fluffy and good.
Regina calls them all red - in memory of the cat, which she was once a child.

The best remedy for depression, says shopping.

Photos of Dubovitskii Regina
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  • Dubovitskii Regina
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  • Dubovitskii Regina
  • Dubovitskii Regina
  • Dubovitskii Regina
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  • Dubovitskii Regina
  • Dubovitskii Regina
  • Dubovitskii Regina
  • Dubovitskii Regina

Photos of Dubovitskii Regina
Dubovitskii ReginaDubovitskii ReginaDubovitskii ReginaDubovitskii Regina

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  • Yuri for Dubovitskii Regina
  • I'm not a fan "of the product produced under the brand name" Regina Dubovitskaya, no matter how he was called in the program channels ... I want to pay tribute to a very attractive woman who is (in his own way!) Stylish, and her-"my dear"! Show me a "head box" that could well appeal to the audience! Low bow to you, Regina ... and THANK YOU!
  • Ivan for Dubovitskii Regina
  • It is a pity that this misery continues to appear on our screens to this day ... Is this still watching??
  • Svetlana for Dubovitskii Regina
  • You, personally, admire, but the years ... not redraw. It is a pity, sympathize with you, in connection with problems, vonikshimi you. Hello from Kazakhstan.
  • Nick Balaban for Dubovitskii Regina
  • Of course, as a woman, Regina I. outstanding. But even more shocking me she created "product" - TV show "Anshlag". Once the contest was announced to create a quatrain, where the ads would be corned beef, sgschenki production company Glavproduct. I wrote a song about Regine Dubovitskaya, . Vladimir Vinokur, . Gennady Khazanov, . Maxim Galkin, . Svetlana Rozhkova, . Nicholas Lukinsky, . Danilko, . Chvanove and Kasilove, . Yana Arlazorove, . Elena Sparrow, . Anatolia Trushkin, . Victor Koklyushkine, . Arcadia Arkanov, . Mikhail Evdokimov, . Yevgeny Petrosyan, . Elena Stepanenko, . Vladimir Danil'tsev, . Roman Kartseva, . Veniamin Alexandrov, . Mikhail Zadornov, . Klara Novikova, . Efim Shifrin and Gennady Vetrova,
    . ORegine said:
  • фыв for Dubovitskii Regina
  • Hi everyone
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    Dubovitskii Regina, photo, biography
    Dubovitskii Regina, photo, biography Dubovitskii Regina  Lead Program Anshlag ``, photo, biography
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