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Anastasia Melnikova

( TV journalism in the program `Vesti-Moscow ',)

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Biography Anastasia Melnikova
photo Anastasia Melnikova

She is young, beautiful and talented. Her work on the RTR program "Vesti-Moscow", according to professional television - aerobatics in TV journalism. Anastasia Melnikova agreed to give an interview to our correspondent.
- Why did you decide to become telezhurnalistomN
- On television I got in 7 years. My mother worked as director of the city teleradiostudii, and I saw all the television "kitchen". On the screen, I came around the same time as a soloist in Nizhny Novgorod, the famous choir "Lark". But later decided to go to my mother's footsteps and become a journalist. She graduated from music school (department of music history), then the Institute of Foreign Languages (English Department). While studying at the institute, began work on TV already seriously. And has worked as a correspondent, and producer, and leading. We went for a few months in America - worked there as a reporter and producer. And then won the All-Russia competition of regional television, and I was invited to work leading the "News" on TV-Center. In late 1999 I was invited to become a leading daily "Vesti" on RTR.
- Recently you have become the leading program "Vesti-Moskva". What differs in this transfer of work from the work in the federal "West" N
- I had more authority. And in preparing the program there are differences - very important things right and on time to plan. After all, in Moscow and Moscow region, as you can imagine, much less interesting events than the whole of Russia and abroad. So something needs to invent, develop interesting topics, people find interesting. In "Moscow" will never hoping that tomorrow the news you yourself will fall on the head (in the federal news is you can afford).
- According to public services, the program high ratings. Even in regions. How do you obyasnyaeteN
- We have almost no boring subjects, but we are not doing scandalously shocking news. And then, we have an excellent opportunity - a strong team, excellent equipment, well-equipped studio. We have an exclusive video information about what is happening at the moment on Moscow roads, we often make direct interventions from different corners of the capital for a variety of events. In general, competitors have long passed, and the ratings we have now is not worse than the program "Time".
- You - a professional news anchors. How can you calmly tell something to people in direct efireN jim-jams netN
- I am no longer afraid to go on air. A year ago, rehearsed and 10 esters in the day, and they consisted mainly of direct interventions. This was particularly difficult to work on the submarine "Kursk" ... We are all very worried when it seemed that the dead crewmen and their families are to us as a family. After such esters nothing terribly. And in general - it is my job. You're not afraid to write articles ...

- They say that the BBC BBC specially picked for the lead, say, not very nice people. To television viewers watched the news, rather than admiring the manners leading. You dazzlingly pretty girl ...

- Thanks for the compliment. On the BBC BBC and CNN en a lot of nice key of all ages, body build and skin color. But European and U.S. television beautiful, bright and interesting appearance - an integral component of the success of TV stars. It is an axiom. And here, I will note, almost all channels prima TV presenters are not only dynamic, intelligent and charming, they are also beautiful - Sorokina, Mitkova, Sharapova, Andreyev, Pavlova ... The main thing is that beauty with intelligence but everything was in order. And another important point - the adequate behavior in the frame, sincerity, telegenic.

"My father bought a car"
- Do you have a rather busy schedule. How and where you spend the weekend dniN
- Used often traveled with friends outside the city, went to the theater and film premieres, exhibitions. Now, with the birth of a child, everything changed. I try as much as possible to spend more time with his Alice, she just turned 3 months. She - a wonderful child in need of affection and attention. When I was at work, Alice looks my programs, and slowly begins to take up the television.
- It seems that the love of television - do you have a family, not so liN

- As I said, my mom TV reporter. And TV reporters - the father of Alice. My husband, Dmitri Pappe - general director of TV channel "Capital". So our daughter certainly a direct path to TV. By the way, Alice has already received offers to play in a television advertising - very nice and cheerful she's our girl.

- What can be attributed to the category of your hobbiN What literature chitaeteN

- Classics of love, of course, but also for new books, too, try to keep. We've just got to work all the credit in Akunin - we even sometimes joke that it would be nice fan club to organize on the basis of "Vesti". Currently reading symbolic novel "The Alchemist" Paulo Coelho and "Read your ticket is invalid" by Romain Gary. As for other hobbies - I love music. I have a good collection of CDs - and classical, and modern.
- Where you can find in MoskveN
- On a night club a long time do not go. Not until now. Got a favorite restaurant - "Viennese court", "Le Duc", "San Michele". I support the physical form, regularly attending one of the best metropolitan gyms.
- Relaxing for granitseyN Got a favorite place where you can spend otpuskN
- Abroad often visit. Used mainly in the business had gone, when led program about tourism and travel. Now - on vacation. Traveled throughout Europe, America, Africa, that's only to Australia has not yet reached. Favorite mestaN most often travel to Spain, Germany and Switzerland.
- You are driving avtomobilN
- Yes, and quite well. Recently my father gave me a Mercedes, there are still "Lada", "ten". But Zhigulis already practically do not go - yet at the "Mercedes" comfortable.
- Anastasia, and were amusing instances where people have learned to ulitseN
- Once I came to visit friends in the province. Sitting in a local restaurant, dining. Suddenly a woman approaches and says: "Is that you, Anastasia Melnikova, to us from Moscow priehaliN We love you very. And our 18-year-old daughter is always watching you, discusses how you look. For example, the day before yesterday you were in a lilac dress ... "Very touching it looked. A funny incident happens to my mom. She rode the train, the conversation turned on the television. And her companion in all seriousness insisted that his favorite television presenter Anastasia Melnikova - sister of another leading Vesti, Mikhail Antonov. If you do not own, . a cousin for sure! I, . says, . wife told, . and she - in beauty salon, . they all know! And then, . Melnikov and Antonov in fact very similar, . is also clear, . that they were brother and sister! Only when my mom, . hearing a detailed story about me, . admitted, . that Anastasia - it's her daughter and that we Antonov did not even relatives, . viewer's astonishment knew no bounds.,


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Anastasia Melnikova, photo, biography
Anastasia Melnikova, photo, biography Anastasia Melnikova  TV journalism in the program `Vesti-Moscow ',, photo, biography
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