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Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme)

( Actor)

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Biography Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme)
photo Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme)
(genus. October 18, 1960)
In June 1999 in the Belgian town of Knock-Heist held Venant, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portuguesa. It was the first wedding in the life of an actor, but the wedding - the fifth. It would seem - if the wedding of the fifth, then what is this sobytieN Where the fifth, and there will be sixth, and seventh ... But tridtsatidevyatiletny Jean-Claude binds their marriage, the best hope. He's not married to anybody, but to Gladys, his ex-wife, the mother of his two children. Returning to her, he wanted to reclaim himself. Start a new life, settle down ...
- So what do you mean GledisN Why start a new life was possible only with neyN
- Gladys - my only true love. It's an amazing woman! It is reliable, as a haven in which to return any of the storms of life. I always knew that she would await my return. Second such heart, understanding, loyal and home, women in the world, no!
They met in 1986 - five years after the arrival of Van Damme in America. Gladys was Portuguesa America bodybuilding champion, Jean-Claude - novice actor, starring in several second-rate films. However, when he saw her, he publicly declared: "I decided to marry this girl!" All then laughed a lot - everything except Gladys ... She once believed in him and did everything to help Jean-Claude become a real star. When the light started their first-born Christopher, she left the sport and limit their children's interests and kitchen. Gladys has developed a special diet for her husband on the basis of horse and rabbit stew - the rising star of high-protein diet is required with minimal fat. Soon a daughter, Bianca, and Gladys felt very happy. She remained only a dream that her husband managed to achieve the cherished goal - to become famous ...

He succeeded: the film was released "Blood Sport", and the actor talked about the whole of America. And here Gladys started a big problem. Every night her husband went to another secular party, and returned in the morning - very drunk, smeared lipstick. And then on his way appeared Darcy Lapierre - seductive brunette beauty contest winner of the Hawaiian Islands. One fine evening, she called him and invited guests. Darcy met Jean-Claude naked and immediately invited him to make love. Van Damme has not refused. And, unlike dozens of girlfriends fleeting, temperamental Darcy seriously "hooked" Jean-Claude.

He was divorced from Gladys, with whom he had lived for six years, and married to Darcy. Lovers all over the world have demonstrated their sizzling passion: they were photographed for erotic magazines in a very risky positions, embraced and kissed even at official receptions ... But what about the rules of decorum could be discussed if both they - and Jean-Claude, and Darcy - often there have been "junked". Decision actor treated for drug addiction Darcy did not support - as opposed to lagging Gladys ...
. - When I went to the clinic to get rid of drug addiction, Gladys was almost the only person who believed that I was cured
. And I am eternally grateful to her for that. And then ... This is the only woman in my life, . which can not think about money! Seriously! It is the only, . with whom I had not signed a marriage agreement! And even when I left her with two children, . She did not ask me for money (I, . sure, . and he helped them, . but still ...).,

. The first time Van Damme married 18 years - even at home in Belgium
. His chosen ones were 25-year-old Maria Rodriguez, a very wealthy person. With the money his wife Jean-Claude had bought a sports complex, California, Jim, "by which to him and came the first known. Their marriage lasted exactly as long as long as Van Damme was in need of financial assistance Rodriguez. As soon as he was digging for money for a future assault on Hollywood, he left without much thought about Mary ...

The second wife of Jean-Claude was Cynthia Derderian - daughter of the owner of the construction firm, where he worked Van Damme. Hollywood did not want him to surrender without a fight, just learn some words in English, and the money quickly ran out. Here Jean-Claude and served in parquet, and here - a rare success: a love Cynthia has provided him with a carefree existence. By the way, Dad paid for Derderian Van Damme English lessons (on acting lessons, Jean-Claude proudly refused - saying that you would have Van Gogh invited to learn to mix colors). Having first movie role, Van Damme immediately divorced Cynthia - she no longer was it necessary ...

Newly renowned Van Damme fairly rich. Now he did not need to depend on women - but that does not mean that he was ready to share with them their capital. Even the sizzling passion for Darcy Lapierre did not make him forget about the marriage contract - and to discuss details of his lovers to spend two weeks. When the light appeared little Nicholas, Van Damme demanded a paternity test. He did not want to pay alimony in a divorce ... After such ugly divorce proceedings, of course, not long to wait. And the money to pay for the child still had to - doctors unequivocally recognized Van Damme's father
- For all your other marriages were oshibkoyN
- OshibkoyN No! More precisely - in terms of human morality that were mistakes. But from the perspective of eternity ... Man must evolve, to pass your way. And what if in order to get their way, to learn something, I had to, for example, six zhenN Now if you could become a polygamist ... With this meshaetN only morality that people have invented themselves, and because of which themselves suffer ...

- And then you say you started a new life that marriage to Gladys - the last your wedding ...

- I hope that the latter. But the faithful - it is so difficult ...

- Especially if you - Star ...

- Well, or if you travel a lot. During filming, I met so many new people, and among them, as you know, half - female bus. And I like that! Although I would not want you to think that I - a sexual maniac.

- With a drink you too, must understand, is not goodbye. Your recent arrest of ...

After a couple of months after the. Van Damme has sworn before the altar Gladys become another man, happened to him next ugly story. He was taken to the police station in handcuffs for driving while intoxicated and the establishment of a road accident: leaving the parking lot, the actor hit a wall, so much so that a piece fell off the bumper of his car. By the way, the guards stay there and then picked up this "relic" and begged Jean-Claude put on her autograph, and only then called the police ... On this adventure did not end: Van Damme barely opened the car, and zigzags gazanul rushed forward, knocked the fence posts. The parking lot, he had not managed to escape - hurried to the police.

- I think that the noise that has been raised around this story, does not match my misdemeanor. First, I'm not too much and drank - 4-5 glasses of red wine. But, having found me behind the wheel, police immediately realized that here you can make a big scandal. One of them, and said: "Oh yes, today we caught a big fish!"

We are all human, and all from time to time, bad things happen, just need to take that calmly. And do not be specifically inflate scandals Actors. After all, there are children who are not very happy in their families, and they did not want something to imitate their fathers. And when they watch my films, I'm for them - a role model, an ideal ... I think that the state has plenty to think about how not to traumatize these children. Incidentally, when the famous actor 30-ies, John Wayne had landed in prison, the newspapers write about it did not - and did the right thing!

. - So what do you mean "start a new zhiznyuN

. - Well, at least that I began to play sports - every day for 3-4 hours a day
. I remember once, in eleven years, I first looked at his reflection in the mirror - a puny four-eyes, skin and bones. And I was fond of comics - you know, those superheroes with beautiful bodies, they came out victorious from any troubles ... In short, I decided to train. I even jumped from roof to roof - is dangerous, of course, but as a result of all this is gone in my favor. Now, I again experienced something like that ... My depression vanished!

- Are you oppressed by the loss of physical formyN

- It's not that. I just got to handle. Drinking, drugs, women (after her divorce from Darcy in the arms of Van Damme visited the actress Natasha Henstridzh, star of "Playboy" Izabell Torella, and even the Princess Stephanie of Monaco) ... I am completely confused in all this. Eventually, I even stopped practicing, and this I will endanger not only my body (shape, earned by long years of training, so quickly did not lose), but self-esteem. I began to feel that not worthy of its own success. Because so many actors in the world, and they all seemed to stand on the starting line for years waiting for the command "Go!" I was lucky, and I have long run on its track, though, maybe I did and no better than them.
. - So what purpose you are now in front of staviteN Where bezhiteN
. - I want to Change Role
. I'm tired of listening to idiotic speech critics that I - an actor of the genre Action. Of course, I know how to work really bad feet, but after all I've got a head on their shoulders! I may not be Einstein, but I thought a lot about life ... By the way, now I'm going to appear in serious films - about cloning.

. - If you were told: you may one day of his life to the way you want - without any moral constraints ...

. - I would take a yacht and set off on a desert island
. I would take with them their 5.6 children ...


- Yes, of course, I know that I have only three children. But let them take someone from their friends. And I would like to see on this desert island were all my ex-wife, and their new husbands, too - we have arranged a big family dinner ... Here only I would have to use all my diplomatic skills in order to maintain peace and tranquility in this company. The fact that some of my wives is married to a very rich guy, and rich guys love to share power ...
- Well, how you ever managed to gather all vmesteN
- I surrender. No, could not. Thank God, even the children I will get. At Millennium, I did so. We just spent several days together: walking, talking. My oldest son - he's 12 years - a very creative little man, he clearly draws. And my daughter - her nine - the most powerful spirit of us all. The younger son is too young (he is four years) to tell him about something specific.
- Where is your domN
- In Los Angeles. Two years ago I would say that in Europe ... I just was very difficult to get used to live here. I'm faster and easier to become famous, what felt like an American!
. - Why did you go to get married in BelgiyuN
. - Well, if only because we with Gladys was easier to go by in Belgium, than to carry out my grandmother - she was too old for such trips
. Then ... I wanted to somehow be cleansed, to join his roots or something ... Still, Belgium - my homeland, and this is quite a lot.

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    Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme), photo, biography
    Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme), photo, biography Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme)  Actor, photo, biography
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