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VITTA Monica (Monica Vitti)

( Actress)

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Biography VITTA Monica (Monica Vitti)
(genus. November 3, 1931)
She considered herself ugly hard: men never fell in love with her at first sight. Only in 30 years, Monica Vitti met her first love. All her life after separation from Michelangelo Antonioni - escape from loneliness.
. Parents are doting mothers in her older brother and little Mary Louise only iostavalos that continue wearing their own clothes - she was born in Sicily in a family where women are always subordinate to men
. Maria slapped in the puddles in huge shoes, his hand forever slipping black trousers, felt like a complete nonentity, and secretly crying on the steps of his father's house. At fourteen years she has vowed that would be an actress and never zavedet his family. Soon grown up brothers went to America for money and happiness, and she - in Rome for the glory and recognition. At the Academy of Dramatic Art, it does not take, . recalling the weak vocal cords abiturientki - and the next morning Mary broke an appointment with the doctor unfamiliar, . tearfully begged to give her a certificate of excellent health ligaments and all other vital organs,
. Shaken eccentricity seniority, the old doctor surrendered. A year later, Mary has studied at the Academy. A girl has invented a sonorous actor's name - Monica Vitti - and believed in the beginning of his new life.
A new life began with the ordeal. Monica loved the candy, but the student poverty was forced to deny myself in this innocent pleasure. There had once a day - as a rule, it was unimaginable size of a sandwich with cheese and onions. (Then, by the way, sickening smell of onions for years would deprive her of appetite ...)

Friend at the rate famously twisted romances with actors and financiers. A first beauty academy Ramon even became the mistress of the Hemingway! Ham exported seniority in Paris on weekends, and on his return a happy young lady coquettishly with her friends shared their impressions about the romantic escapades. Monica has never participated in those conversations - at her lover's bill never had a convincing victory. Success in those days used the brown-haired and aspen waist and magnificent breasts, and Monica, a tall, blond hudyuschaya with sad eyes, the role of sex symbol is clearly not pulling. In the evenings, she played in the theater of Goldoni, the day trying to get some role in the movie. Familiar agents wearily told that with its external data is not. However, one director has agreed to try to Monica in his film, but with one condition: she must ... have cosmetic surgery and change the shape of the nose.

In 1957, Witty was invited to voice an English actress Dorian Gray in the movie "Scream". After recording the first scene today announced a short break, assistants raced off to smoke and drink a cup of coffee. Monica absently leafing through the script, trying to think about the upcoming dramatic monologue. Antonioni spoke first: him, they say, is like a low, hoarse, slightly mocking voice of seniority. A bit embarrassed Monica thanked for the compliment, and then have the courage to invite him to the theater of Goldoni. "I've seen you in a new play, - smiled Michelangelo - you know, I think that your face - exactly what I was looking for so long ..." She did not believe. Laughed. Then a long time could not understand why with him she always want to laugh ...

Friends and lovers, women called him Michele. He was born in Ferrara in the solar nice and eccentric family. Antonioni Sr. served as messenger in a factory and loved to joke about his secret relationship with most of the Swedish queen. Even in the most difficult days for the family for Sunday dinner always served meat lasagna - presumably looking for a sudden visit Crowned person. Junior Michele took the best aristocratic houses - rich housewives were crazy about his refined manners and virtuoso violin playing. Native Ferrara brought the young man's passion for elegance. On the impeccable cut of his suits were legends. Silk shirts Antonioni stitched in Genoa in some mysterious, known only to him tailor. Tall, frosty early Michelangelo easily won in men's tennis courts and charmed women at social events.
Raised in a family of strict Catholics Monica was not used to be flush with money, feelings, and men. Unlike Michele, she could not boast of rich experience in love and terribly afraid of him seem cold and unfeeling. And it is in Rome in the middle of XX century free, . when the girls changed the Knights with the same ease, . with which to buy yet another pair of nylon stockings! My friend Monica had always been in her purse spare toothbrush - so, . the case, . if you have to spend a night away from home,
. Monica admired their looseness, desperately jealous, but to buy a spare toothbrush still not solved. Getting with Michele dispel doubts about her past. To him she wanted to look like the most glamorous and sexual, for the first time in her modest wardrobe appeared high heels and a pretty bold dress ...
. Several evenings spent in the company, Michele and his friends at some restaurant on the Corso, invariably ended with a polite and stiff farewell
. In Rome raged May, in every street of the old city hidden courting couples, and in the recording studio was so stifling that once Monica just slammed into a swoon. She came to her in the arms of Michele, who painstakingly brought it to its senses. He helped her out onto the terrace to get some fresh air. Monica's head is still spinning, but not from the heat. Michele asked suddenly, and that she was going to do letomN really hold all three months in the scorching sun gorodeN He has an excellent suggestion - to rest together on the islands near Sicily. And by the way, the objections are not accepted! But Monica did not think to object.

In the best hotel on the shores of the Gulf gathered the most polite society. Influential advocates with elderly spouses, a banker with a young kept woman, a few offspring of known names, as well as their maids, the valet and noisy horde absurd lapdogs. His wit and a casual elegance Michele eclipsed all secular loafers. He waltzed beautifully and won all tennis tournaments. And what eyes followed him subdued aristocrat! The luxurious double room, . flowers and champagne in the morning - what else could dream of anyone not known and spoiled male attention aktrisaN! She felt cherished and loved and dreamed only of one thing: that this sweet dream lasted forever! Antonioni was going to Rome, . his hurried affairs,
. Monica begged him to stay at least another three days, but Michele was adamant. Then she got angry noise, ran out of room and a day spent alone in a small cave on the shore. Evening a lone figure met her at the door of the hotel. Antonioni waited in silence. Monica threw her arms around him saying: "Forgive me, I behaved very stupid ..." Michele embraced her: "You know, we'll shoot this film."

A week in Rome has returned completely different Monica Vitti. Friends did not recognize her: from the Thirty Years' old maid, she turned into a pretty young and flirtatious. Michele was for it all: a friend, husband, lover, father, and ... director. Antonioni seemed to be carefully gathered it, following the one he knew drawing. He taught her to speak, walk and breathe properly hold a glass of champagne ... It was hard to imagine a more diligent student. Monica watched his every movement is not taking his eyes: there he is tying his tie, that gives a tip to the waiter ... Next to him, she felt a little girl, which finally gave a real china doll for Christmas. Michelangelo felt like God, who creates a woman and actress.

First Antonioni wrote for Vitti small theatrical play "The Mysterious scandal". He rehearsed with her monologues, and after - spoiled ice cream in the cafe at the Trevi Fountain. Vanilla, strawberry, almond - Monica could absorb it pounds! In one of these evenings, Michele said that her face "pozhiratelnitsy Men". Wide, with irregular features and deep green eyes - it seemed to him mysterious, entailing, magnetic. Several years ago, Michele has experienced a strong passion for "porcelain figurine" on behalf of Lucia Bose, who gave a central role in his film "Chronicle of a Love". Beauty, winner of "Miss Italy", Lucia was a bad actress, and almost ruined the whole movie. Since then flawlessly beautiful women are not awakened imagination of director. Now he wanted to make movies only with Monica
"Adventure" They were filming in southern Italy. Filming began for Monica's first serious test. She did not recognize Michele. Always a gentle and attentive, and now he looked cold and focused. He made his films more reason than heart. All on-set meekly obey the will of the director. Antonioni seemed to serve a solemn Mass in the Cathedral: no unnecessary movement and speech. The actors were forbidden to smoke, talk loudly and carry heavy shoes to avoid damaging the special flooring for the cameras. On the first day of shooting Monica tried to talk to him about his role: that of how it should delatN "Remember, I never chew actor - she heard a response - forget about the psychology of the character and put on his own imagination. .. if you have, of course ". She silently swallowed insulting allusion. Monica has already realized that one can not argue that in the first place by Michele will always be a work. In the end, she decided, she does not take patience and a big game always requires sacrifice. And her efforts have been evaluated according to his deserts - Michele brought her real fame. After loud premiere actress Vitti woke up famous.

In the eleven years of marriage Vitti in Antonioni's shot four movies, each of which met with enthusiasm by the public and the press intellectual. In "Eclipse", she played a duet with a young and insolent handsome Alain Delon. Conceited Frenchman, loudly made its debut in those years, was not averse to twist an affair with an Italian blonde. However, its been disappointed. 's Partner did not even notice his eloquent views. All these years she remained faithful to one man only - Michelangelo. With the hope is that this loyalty is mutual, Monica, alas, had to leave fairly soon.

Favorite was not sinless. Women attacked him at every step. Beginners starlet and quite fortunate actress with a bunch of husbands and children - all now seemed Monica real danger, because everybody tries to get closer to her man ... Michele spoke excellent French and was often in Paris. The French adored Antonioni, and it cost him only appear on the Gare de Lyon - it immediately surrounded by a dense ring of friends and acquaintances. Rained down invitations to lunch or dinner, aperitif or a cup of coffee, open the exhibition, film festival and auction of Impressionist ... Michele were happy always and everywhere. Party in honor of the director ended well after midnight oysters and wine in the hotel restaurant. Among the motley audience dancing Monica always accurately identifies who declared the hunt for Michelangelo. Carefree and young Parisian woman did not take her eyes off him. And today a young, provocatively dressed brown hair stuck to her like Michele. I think he was familiar with it before, because happily welcomed her and kissed her on the cheek. Typically, Michele and Monica back in the room together, but this evening, as luck would have it terrible headache, and she left early. Aspirin helped, but sleep would not come. Monika long tossed, caught all sounds cautious, hoping to hear his footsteps. Michele has appeared in nine in the morning. At ten, as if nothing had happened, he had already ordered a taxi by phone. Monica in the bathroom trying to powder swollen face, but could not resist, and again burst into tears. Open to reproach him for treason, she could not, she did not have any evidence other than a fatal self-confidence. And then, before she herself - just like that, for the sake of mettle - she assured him that the greatest value in their relationship freedom: "Each of us has the right to privacy". Michele then asked, surprised her: "Honey, you seriously so dumaeshN" She nodded proudly. Antonioni only shook his head and kissed her forehead: "You're a rare woman ..."

... Monica pulled herself together. Thank God, she had enough sense not to roll scandal. In the end, sooner or later it had to happen. You must be an idiot not to see the obvious: it will always belong to themselves, their ideas, their hobbies, and then her, Mary Louise Checharelli. The only chance to keep it - it does not hold. A few hours Monica with the serene view gave an interview to Le Monde newspaper on the terrace cafe "Dome". Young and arrogant reporter most interested in its relationship with Michele, he is not embarrassed by trying to find out her details of their life together in Rome. Monica smiled casually: "We live on the same landing. The doors of our apartments are almost always open, we lock them only occasionally. That's up to you ". Own response so pleased with her that she was often to use it in conversations with journalists and friends ...

In film, he still remained faithful to her. In the new film Antonioni Monica played a woman living on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Michele was always interested in experimenting with the human psyche, and he felt confident enough in this area. At the International Congress of psychologists and psychiatrists in the United States even Antonioni was awarded the degree. Perhaps this strange fascination began in Genoa, when Michele took his first amateur film in a shelter for the insane. Scenes of madness these unfortunate long cut in his memory. Michelangelo did not doubt the abilities of actors Monica: she will cope with any role, a talented pupil has long been the conductor of his advanced ideas. Give command to her to go to the fire, and she will not hesitate. And here - just a clinic for the mentally ill ... Monica did not argue. But what it cost to spend a few weeks among mad people, watching their facial expressions ...

. When the painting "Red Desert" came out on screens, Vitti called a well-known psychiatrist: "Monica, you are an exceptional actress, but met you on the street, I would have asked me to come to the reception ..." Monica smiled bitterly
. She felt that the lives of these fictional heroines and her life becomes. In movies Michele women have always been particularly unhappy, they suffered from loneliness. Now she is more than anything else is afraid to be alone.

Temperamental Italians liked this pretty well-known couple. In a taxi with them, not take money for travel, and from the stores where they shop, addressed to Signora sent huge bouquets of flowers. Every evening after a long and eventful day, they met in the living room to drink a cup of tea with cream, and late at night differed in their bedrooms, in their apartments. Monica fully accept this way of life. Of course, she secretly longed for his home outside the city, about kids and the nurse in a pink cap, but admit it could not even myself. As for Michele, he was so immersed in their own thoughts and plans that are often not noticed in her loving women - only actress in need of his advice and approval.

. One morning, Monica Vitti was going to pose for the cover of the magazine "Women of Italy"
. Photographer fiddling with cords from the power of electric lamps. Michele gesture stopped him and turned to Monica: "Honey, you have to be removed so that one half of the face remained in the shadows". Then he looked at her heavy dress of costly velvet, and added: "Your color quite different. Try anything from pink to contrast with the black. Red - In no case. You do not want to be a symbol of the revolution ... "Pictures turned out great.

She was mistaken only once. English film director Joseph Losey sent Monica Vitti script with a mischievous name "Modest Blaise: Beauty, which kills". "My God, it's James Bond in a skirt!" - She exclaimed, and without hesitation went to the studio. When Monica returned, slightly drunk on champagne, which they celebrated the signing of the contract Losey, Michele concentration went through the book in its vast library. Monica eagerly began to retell the events of today. Antonioni seemed not to listen to her, still silently blow the dust from the folios. She froze in mid-sentence. "I had otkazatsyaN" - almost in a whisper asked Monica. "No, why, - pensively Michele - other films will open all your talents. In my do not you just be able to do. Do not worry - this fact is not your fault ... "With these words he left the room.

Following his film Antonioni filmed already without Monica, with the participation of British actress Vanessa Redgrave. He experienced another strong passion. This time, he was inspired London with his constant fog and smog, a strange fashion, mannequins, strikes and the hippie movement. The film was made in record time - 10 weeks. But Monica this week seemed an eternity. She went mad with jealousy, and several times a day called in London. Monica could not forgive him physical betrayal, but now it seemed that he had betrayed her as an actress. Number Michelangelo did not answer. For the first time in many years, she appealed for support for parents. Most grown old family Checharelli not willing to listen. Father did not approve of communication with his daughter Michele and stubbornly believed to act in films and singing couplets at the fairgrounds - the same thing.
Michele appeared unexpectedly - thinner, with glowing eyes. In late December, he took Monica to New York for the premiere of "Blow". At a grand reception at the Italian Embassy, she looked relaxed and happy. But in the car on the way to the hotel sob. Michele did not ask about the reason for her tears. Constantly preoccupied with his ideas, scripts, and football matches, he has long ceased to notice it. When it started, he could not recall. She - the perfect creation of his hands, his favorite actress, a successful design of trendy materials - fell apart, disintegrated into pieces. Of course, it could gather again, but this is at Michele had neither the strength nor the desire. Something akin to remorse wrung his heart. He made one last attempt to save their romance and the next morning, he proposed to her.

... From the unexpected Monica lost her voice. Ten years she waited for this moment. Siniora Antonioni ... God, what woman does not dream of brakeN All these years, she was immensely proud of themselves, their success, their roles and their Michele. It was an alliance of conspirators, comrades on the shop floor, blood brothers. But ... not husband and wife. And besides, why deceive sebyaN She was tired to wait. It's too late. It can not become the other, he - the more ... Monica looked into his eyes: "I can not. I mean, I can not ... - And for some reason added: - Perhaps in a year ... "

A year later, they parted. Quietly and peacefully dispersed in different areas of Rome. Each busily employed. Antonioni creates new masterpieces, Monica diligently played the gorgeous film star on the public. At the Venice Film Festival, she appeared with great cleavage. "Oh, - said one veteran critic. - Signora Vitti learns seduce ... "She handed the prizes and bestowed a smile. When the actress appeared on the concert Pavarotti hall applauded her standing. None of these enthusiastic talent Monica Vitti could not know what's going on in her heart. After the concert, she suddenly confessed to friend: "You know, if Michele called me, I would have left everything in the world ..." She grabbed more and more new roles. Woman of fifty with passion and sparkle in the eyes played naive and absurd Italians. She could not stop, she wanted him to prove ...
In 1990, Monica Vitti withdrew his film "The Secret scandal". First and last. The film showed at the Cannes Film Festival. Among those invited to the show producers and movie stars from around the world was, and Michelangelo. They met by chance in the aisle - Michele, gray, broken stroke is supported by the arm of a young wife, a blonde, patted her on the cheek and said quietly: "It was beautiful ..."
. By Vitti hurried through the hall Roberto Russo - as always, athletic, smart, energetic, with a huge bouquet of flowers
. Friends surrounding the Monica from all sides vying poured compliments. And she was looking after this hunched, dried and passions years old, slowly wandering to the door of the hall.

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VITTA Monica (Monica Vitti), photo, biography
VITTA Monica (Monica Vitti), photo, biography VITTA Monica (Monica Vitti)  Actress, photo, biography
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