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Milla Jovovich

( Actress)

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Biography Milla Jovovich
photo Milla Jovovich
(genus. December 17, 1975)
Milla Jovovich is removed almost ten years. But only recently, its (now former) husband Luc Besson gave her the opportunity to prove that it is a mature actress, again inviting her to lead, the second after the "Fifth Element"
In December, Milla Jovovich of 24 years. It's not a lot for a girl, . which was the main heroine superexpensive two films - "Fifth Element" and "Joan of Arc", . starred in Spike Lee ( "He Got Game"), . Wim Wenders ( "Hotel for a million dollars"), . twice divorced (including with Besson), . established two rock groups, . released the album "Divine Comedy" (she wrote to him texts, . performed guitar and vocals), . and in between all those involved in two major ad campaigns (Calvin Klein and 1'Oreal).,
. In life, Milla does not impress a business woman
. However, she said a little tired voice, but it is rather the voice of the child, who slept late yesterday. The ability to look at the same time Jovovich child and sexual woman is well known.
- Who was your hero in detstveN
- Give to remember ... Perhaps Voltaire.
- He is not very highly of Joan of Arc ...
- What is the difference, I still grew up with him. In the end, he had a right to speak about anyone anything. As in the saying "You have yourself to be someone to speak about someone."
. - When you first heard about Jeanne d'ArkN
. - I heard about it all my life! To be honest, I do not know how her name is known in America, but my parents are Europeans, so that you understand ..
. (her mother, Galina - Russian father Bogich - from Montenegro, itself Milla was born in Kiev in 1975).
- Ta Jeanne you imagined before, differs from the one you igraliN
- Yes, before I imagined a girl from the picture of Bush. In sheep, visions ...
- Which of the previous films about Joan of Arc, you videliN
- With Ingrid Bergman (dir. Victor Fleming, 1948) and "The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928, silent film). I'm more like the second, I have a general feeling that talkies Jeanne brought more harm than good. Actors have all this play too seriously (imitates the voice of God): "Zha-and-a-nne ..." (moving to a frightened tone) "BozheN" My goal, . with what Luke and screenwriter Andrew Birkin agreed from the outset, . Jeanne was to show the real, . this, . with which people could identify themselves,
. In previous films she had been pondering and doubt. I consider her a heroine of action, the man who obeys the impulses, instincts. We are not interested in the "sanctity" of Joan - in fact it canonized only in 1928-m. She has always treated as a warrior and savior. In every war, people need a mascot, so the myth of Joan of constant use and revised.

- Do you think that resemble neeN

- Course. I am the same impulsive and passionate. Too many women can say about myself is the same and find themselves in Jeanne, so she was so up to date. Today, it could take up science and try to answer the eternal questions of life, not looking at God.
- What you describe, did Jodie Foster in the movie "Contact" ...
- Yes, that is what I had in mind. In the early 15 th century, representations of the world were so childish! Adults smart people believed in God, as the children believe in fairy tales, were convinced that after death will fall into the sky, while killing others and intrigued. I think that Jeanne was looking for the answer to the heavens, because the world of men was terribly flawed and illogical. Live it now, I think she would have sought the truth in science, because science is today - a new religion.
- Do you have any answers to be alone
- The fact of the matter is that the more I live, the more surprised at how little I know. And while I still believe more in myself, I rely on themselves.
. - What do you think the main achievement of his career since then have become a model in 9 years and starred in "Return to the Blue Lagoon" in 15N
. - I hope that I become a good actress and made a good record
. Also, I finally grew up and learned to emotionally honest. And this helped me Jeanne.
- How did the idea filmaN
- After I finished "The Fifth Element, I participated in the shooting of one of my favorite photographers Paolo Rovers. The photos I was stylized in the spirit of "warrior" or the Olympic god, or its muse. I was not like any man, nor a woman, rather, on being "not from here, on the androgyne. When Luke saw the shooting, he immediately got excited and started thinking about the film, to explore all that one could learn about Joan of Arc. He was very encouraged. This is generally characteristic of Luke - he is not taken for what is not absorbed completely. In addition, it is logical that it was French film director shoots a film about the French folk heroine.
. - And what's the story with Kathryn Bigelow, who originally was supposed to make a film (she is suing Besson more than a year) N
. - Everything happened very strange
. I passed her test. Luc greatly helped her as a producer, but then realized that he could not produce something for which does not bear the full responsibility. And Catherine reluctantly discussed with him the script and then, what movie she wants to withdraw. It is true that it was she who brought the original script, which then was rewritten, but it improved the hatch, and besides, the money was given under his name. Catherine herself did not know what she wanted - she wanted me to play a role, so that it played Claire Danes, the general 30-year-old woman ... And Luke was frightened.
- Probably not easy to talk about the film you made with ex-husband ...
- In life, tough things happen. When it comes to relationships, feelings, everything can not be simplified and divided into black and white. In our case, the gap was not very painful, we were best friends. So everything is normal.

- Leela in "Fifth Element and Joan of Arc - is the heroine of. You are going to continue in the same duheN

- You know, I have so much trumped the "strange" girls, that many and I feel abnormal. When I was a teenager, the last thing I wanted was to play female characters, which people consider "normal". I liked to go crazy and have fun with my friends - I did not refer to the movie as the work. Years to 18 years, my attitude has changed. I was curious to work and learn their profession. I was bored superficial Role "girlfriend of the protagonist" or "beauty with a party". I wanted to play adult women, but also unusual, even marginal. So suddenly I became a walking stereotype, but just this and avoided! So now I would have gladly played absolutely "normal" woman.

. - Want to become a new Michelle PfayfferN

. - Oh, Michelle just super!

. - This means that your next movie will be a romantic komediyaN

. - It would be brilliant
. Plain light film.

- Harrison FordomN

- Oh, no.

- From someone pomolozheN

- Yes, if possible. Frankly, I am not yet ready to withdraw from the inexperienced young, albeit talented director. I'm not so sure of herself on the set to someone else to help. Rather, I myself need help.

- You do not seem strange when the role of a prostitute (in "His game) just to play svyatuyuN

- I generally characterized by wavering from one extreme to another. When I am old, will be interesting to see the line of heroines, which I played and still played. Not because I consider myself such a good actress or want to become a superstar. I was not obliged to act in films - as a model I'm financially independent, and I have the freedom to choose the roles that I like, teach me something new. Simply put, I want to play very different women, because going to see life from different perspectives.

- You still write pesniN

- Yes. I founded the band Plastic Has Memory.

- You do not want to leave the model biznesaN

- I already went. I have not acted in films and advertising for three years and devote himself entirely to music, lived in England, where I had my own folk group. Then I needed money, and I again began to withdraw. About a year later I was offered a role in "Fifth Element", and I realized that the work of the model was physically prevent me from going to acting class. Being a model means constant travel, you live between Milan and, say, Tokyo.

. - How do you yourself feel you - a pretty girl who got into film because of their appearance, or do you primarily an actress, which sometimes poses for reklamyN

. - I just do what I think it necessary
. I do it as best I can, and in the end, this is exactly what I do best. Let's just say: I work as a fashion model for the money and acted in films, because I like it.

. - It's true that your partner in "Joan of Arc" instead of Dustin Hoffman was supposed to be Jack NikolsonN

. - Yes, but I'm glad I worked with Dustin - he is great! Nicholson is also a wonderful actor, but Dustin just wanted to work
. Nicholson, however, when negotiating conditions of their participation in the first place was to learn whether there is a golf course in southern France, where the movie was. I admire people who are doing something all my life, do not lose to the taste and try to make it even better.

. - There was much speculation as to who exactly plays Hoffman ...

. - He plays a "consciousness" of Jeanne.

. - And in life you would like to see Dustin Hoffman was your soznaniemN

. - It would be great
. He would have answered your questions now instead of me and would give me advice about my career.

. - Have you watched historical films, while preparing for roliN "Braveheart", say ...
. - No, I'm preparing for a different role - a lot of rehearsing, endlessly re-read the script
. While your character does not become you, you seem to penetrate each other. At this time I scroll thousands of variations on how it should behave. This is the most interesting in the film: to be someone else, think about how this other person has to walk, talk and laugh.
- What was the most difficult in the role of ZhannyN
- Strangely enough - that I was young. I kept myself saying: "You do not know how, you nothingness". But I know how to hide their fears and pretend that self-confident, even when it is not so. So the biggest challenge was to play innocent.

- You can transfer your "important stages in the life of" N

- I think last year was for me in such a stage. I learned to make important decisions, always be honest, as difficult as it may be. In addition, I realized how important it is to work hard. This helps to avoid superficiality, and now I have acted in films, because I feel this need, but not because it is "cool"
. - Your father was sentenced to 20 years in prison and a fine of several hundred million for medical fraud ...
. - It's hard to talk about it, after all he is my father
. I could say that we are improving over suffering, but I do not agree to improve due to the suffering of the people closest to me. In any case, the penalty incurred by my father, too harshly.
- Do you consider yourself vzrosloyN
- I do not know that he feels adult. I can say that I need to have a lot to learn and much to give. And yet - would not want to die sooner than give back everything they learned.
- Rolling Stone Magazine once called you "the acid mixture Sharon Stone Kurt Cobain". And how would you call yourself nazvaliN
- Frankly, I do not even understand it a compliment or insult. Although part about Kurt Cobain I like. You know, journalistic language are so klishirovannymi that sound absolutely retarded. Everyone is infinite, and define it in a few words is impossible. Maybe I can answer your question in 50 years may, on his deathbed. In the meantime, I can only say: I'm just a human being with all the consequences

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