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Luzhin Larisa

( Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Luzhin Larisa
photo Luzhin Larisa
(p. March 4, 1939)
She was born with long hair and gypsy have foretold her mother that Larissa will be a lot of men, but left it alone.
Sama actress says she loves being alone. While many believe that it is outgoing, sociable. But this, according to the actress, just a game, a kind of mask protection.
Honored Artist of Russia Larisa Luzhin in cinema since 1959. She played about sixty roles. The best-known films: "In the seven winds," "Vertical", "Silence," "The main witness," "Meeting at the end of winter," "Heaven with me."
- My mother and I moved from Leningrad to Tallinn after the war. His father died at the front in 1942, grandmother and sister died in the siege. In Tallinn living relatives, they have shelter and. Lived hard. After school I went to work. She worked at the pharmaceutical factory and a candy factory. Since I can not see marshmallows. We had all day to inhale powdered sugar, squeeze out cream and put the finished product in boxes of six to ten pieces in each. Once decided to surprise her friends and made a huge candy. The funny thing is that I managed to make it to the factory. How - still amazed.
How many can remember, always wanted to become an actress. I tried to do in LGITMIK, but had fallen. Newly arrived in Tallinn. I saw an ad in the newspaper. Fashion House announced the contest. And I took it. I took mannequins. Podium became for me the scene where I played a role, albeit without the text, but still I went on the public.
- And then still become an actress.
- Fate itself led me to the actress. I never dreamed to do to VGIK, knowing that at the acting department was the age limit. In that year, the course gained Sergei Gerasimov, and found that he lacked the two girls. Gerasimov told me Lleida Layus, director, whom I was shot in Tallinn in the movie "Wedding Crashers". Gerasimov said: "Let them come". The trip was not that. And suddenly I was summoned to the sample to Alov and Naumov, travel and hotel paid by "Mosfilm". I settled in the hotel "Ukraine", and next to an apartment Gerasimov and Makarova. I came to them, read the monologue of Larissa from "Bride", burst into tears of pity for myself that nothing came of it and once again have to go back to the factory ...
Sergei Apollinarievich took me on my course ... I studied with Joan Prokhorenko, Zhanna Bolotova, Nikolai Gubenko, Galina Polish, Yevgeny Zharikov ...
- Gerasimov always famous for the fact that the shooting of students in the pictures.
- I was Gerasimov did not take off, I was not his actress. But when he began work, all students, not employed by him, he parked on the other pictures. It happened to me. Sergei Apollinarievich started filming "Men and beasts", and Stanislav Rostotsky - "On seven winds", that's Sergey Apollinarievich with Tamara and have recommended him to me. So I got on this picture.

- And the next morning woke up the famous ...

- In May 1962 I was in the delegation went to the film festival in Cannes with the painting "On seven winds". I had just moved to a second course. Imagine: the whales in our film - Gerasimov, Kulidzhanov, Rostotsky, Reisman - and we Ina Gulaya, most girls. Dressed us "the whole world". From Tallinn fashion house for old time sent two evening gowns.

. - Is it true that Robert Hossein invite you to my room, and you refused?

. - We are Inna and so "prepared" for this trip, we just looked savage
. From the numbers do not go out, with no one to talk. Inka fear at all of the rooms did not get out. I was brave. Down the hall just to sit at a table in the bar. And I was approached by a handsome man. Now I can not remember, once I learned it or not. His film credits were already in the Union. This was Robert Hossein. He spoke to me in Russian. "Mommy, you're Russian," - for some reason it appealed to all women: "The Mummy", perhaps, Marina Vlady (she was his wife), so called, do not know. He invited up to his room. I refused. He asked in surprise: "Do you not razreshayutN" - "Why do not permit, I just do not want to". He said: "Did you think I'm right away at you throw buduN pier, just a kiss, and all. Let's sit and talk ". And then he asked: "How old are you letN" - "21 years", - answered. "Oh, so you already know everything, Marina with fourteen he knows everything". That was the end.
- Not sorry that did not go? Perhaps, indeed nothing would be?
- I'm sorry. Even if it was, so what?
- It is strange how your fate is intertwined with the fate of Marina Vlady. Robert Hossein invites you in the room, and Vladimir Vysotsky you dedicating a song. However, sinking at one time claimed that the song "She was in Paris" dedicated to her.

- No, she acknowledged that it is not. But it is interesting that while this song struck me as very offensive. Some thoughtless girl, who is in Oslo, then in Paris ... And now I am proud to say that this song is dedicated to me.

- And you really were in Oslo?

- And in Paris, and Oslo and Warsaw, and in Iran ... In the painting "On seven of the Wind". And when the film "Vertical" in the breaks I talked about her travels.

- Vysotsky you liked?

- I do not know. Just we had very good friendly relations.

- As far as I know, your trip to Cannes would be the last.

- Our delegation in Cannes gave reception. And badgering me one person that I danced the twist. In those years, he danced the whole of Europe, and in the Union, he was declared unprincipled and obscene dances. But we VGIK, in the dormitory, he danced on the sly.
So, I refused, and Gerasimov told me: "Come, dance. My pupil should be able to do everything ". Once the teacher allow, and I went to dance. Then my picture appeared in the magazine "Paris Match" with the heading "Sweet life of Soviet students.
When they arrived in Moscow, the magazine was already lying on the table at Furtseva. She decided that I behaved improperly, and was excluded from all further visits.
We were supposed to go to the next Karpovs Vary Film Festival, Stanislav Rostotsky comes to legalize papers and my name was crossed out in red pencil. He - to Furtseva, and she says: "I do not want to talk about it". Thank you, Sergey Apollinarievich stood up and said: "This is my disciple, I permitted her to dance."
- They say that the actress did not get the main role in the film, if not lie with the director ...
- There is an opinion ... But I did not pass through the bed. Although one case was. I just started to appear in Tallinn, and there came a group of studios behalf Perkogo search for actors for a certain movie. I was invited to the hotel assistant director and administrator. They are something of himself imagined that here, they say, they can do anything ... With trepidation I come to the hotel. I meet and say that we should rehearse a future scenes from the movie. The heroine in the bathroom naked. We now put out the light, and you get undressed. I went there, saying nothing will not do. When I arrived at the screen test, the assistant director said that, they say, if you want to be removed, it should be ... So I learned that to play a role in the movie, you need to sleep ...
- With senior assistant junior janitor?
- Approximately so. But God spared me. I was shot at decent people.
- For an actress, probably a good idea to have a husband-producer?
- Yes, it is. But I always liked the operators. My first two husbands - operators. Lesch Chardynin shot now "Journalist". We met when I was in my second year, got married after the institute, spent seven years. With Valery Shuvalov also met at the picture. Parted, when our son was six years old.
- Parted because love has passed?
- The existence under one roof is not for me. Rushila all basically I. I fall in love, and I wish it was not a short novel, I want everything to be seriously. And then it is a serious collapsed. Men do not have to be beautiful. From it should come a certain energy, a current of some. And the strength. Unfortunately, I have not found such. I used to be a man in my life, and I want to have subjected me ...
- You always left themselves on their husbands?
- The third husband left me very. And for me it was a tragedy. Although largely my fault. I think that life can not live with love, love after some time away. Already there is no mystery, you know all about the man. Love someone turns into mutual respect, someone in the attachment, and some elementary afraid to be alone. Therefore people and lapped to each other, tolerate each other.

. 1960 man does not give
. 1961 ADVENTURES Krosh
. 1963 SILENCE
. 1964 BIG ORE
. 1966 NO AND YES
. 1969 The main witness
. 1969 GOLD
. PUTIN 1971
. 1972 Racer
. 1973 LIFE on this sinful earth
. 1974 shoo And DVAPORTFELYA
. 1974 SKY WITH ME
. 1975 ROSA
. 1975 YAROSLAV Dombrowski
. 1976 live in HIS
. 1976 So begins LEGEND
. 1977 DEBT
. 1978 Rasmus-TRAMP
. 1979 did not part with a favorite
. 1979 Sergeant
. 1,985 WARNING! Officers needed ..
1992 Tractor Driver II
1992 Price TREASURES
1995 SILENT ANGEL flying ...

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Luzhin Larisa, photo, biography
Luzhin Larisa, photo, biography Luzhin Larisa  Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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