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Ivan Pereverzev

( Actor)

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Biography Ivan Pereverzev
photo Ivan Pereverzev
(3.09.1914 - 23.04.1978)
. Do you know many people who allowed themselves during the ceremonial reception to send away Khrushchev and nothing to pay for etoN In the life of actor Ivan Pereverzev was such an episode ...
. Ivan Pereverzev was born into a peasant family in the village Kuz'minki Orel province
. His parents were simple peasants, who from childhood instilled in her son the love of work, to their native land. And still - they awarded him good health. From childhood dream to become a sailor, Vanya, was going to do in the Nautical School. The parents dreamed that he received this Nonprofit. To do this, and sent him to Moscow to his aunt Marusya with instructions: a pier, appliance guy to study in vocational school. Aunt and Received. Soon Ivan graduated remesluhu specialty fitter adjuster, was set at the factory "ball bearing".
So it would work Pereverzev at the plant, maybe even raised himself to princes, though mate Romka not knocked him once to go to the artists. "You just look at yourself! - Fervently urged other Roman. - Yes, with this growth and the person you did - a ringer for actor! Which one of you, to hell, slesarN "And in the end originated in the soul Pereverzeva doubts about their working future. Soon they had applied to school in the Theater of the Revolution. And in fact a paradox: Ivan took, and Roman - no. And he began to study theater Pereverzev literacy.
He studied it, I must say is excellent. All he succeeded, and his teachers are not in vain Pereverzeva considered one of the most talented students. When in 1938 he graduated from college, he Mikhail Astangov gave him direction in the Theater of the Revolution. On the stage of this theater, the young actor has played roles in two plays: Valentine in "Two Gentlemen of Verona" and Laertes in "Hamlet". And then on his way rose a great movie.

Actually, with film Pereverzev acquainted, while still a student at drama school. In 1932 he played in the crowd in the movie "deserter". Then in 1934 he entrusted a small role in "The Private Life of Peter Vinogradov". And finally in 1939 he received an invitation to play in a major role in the film "Walter". The film is about German anti-fascists. Actor gladly accepted the invitation, began to shoot, but they soon ceased. After the signing in August 1939 the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact Anti-Fascist theme was undesirable for the Kremlin leadership. Work on "Walter" immediately cease. However, our hero is not left without a job: in those days, film director Vladimir Korsch-Sablin in the same studio "Sovetskaya Belarus" to film "My Love". Here Pereverzeva a part of other actors from "Walter" and moved to this location. Note that our hero went to the movie has a central role - handsome engineer Grisha. In this role, actually, and started the famous actor-Union Pereverzeva.
. During the Great Patriotic War Pereverzev embodied on the screen a whole gallery of brave men: Lieutenant-Commander found in the "Sea Hawk", . Nikulin in "Ivan Nikulin, . Russian sailor "(by the way, . This was the first color, . tricolor Soviet film), . Colonel Ryabinin in "It was in the Donbas.,
. In the same years in Tashkent M
. Romm has created the world's first theater actor, and the first staging of the summit was "Guilty Without Guilt" A. Ostrovsky. In this performance, played and Pereverzev
After the war, in 1946, our hero was invited by the director Andrei Frolov to play in a major role in his film "The first glove". After the filming of this picture actor suddenly fell in love with his partner, 19-year-old actress Nadezhda Cherednichenko. And their first meeting was for a girl is not very pleasant: Pereverzev came to the set drunk, badly cracked jokes. And she did not like. But the shooting continued, and gradually the unpleasant impression of the first meeting took. His attention and persistent courtship broke the ice in their relations. At that time she lived in a dormitory, ate sparingly, and Pereverzev was already famous, and when took her to a cafe on Gorky Street, soril money. And though this young actress love to our hero does not felt, she finally consented to marry him. August 14, 1946 (the day of her birth), immediately after the shooting episode with balloons and Young announced their engagement. All participants filming rushed to congratulate them.

The film "The first glove" was released the country in 1947 and delighted the audience. It seemed that after such a successful career Pereverzeva dramatically go up the hill. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Late 40's proved to be unsuccessful for the Soviet cinema, and for many of its actors. The film was shot little and not enough work each. Not filmed and then our hero. In those years he has been more frequently applied to the glass. Not everything was okay with him and the family. Despite the birth of his son Sergei, living together with H. Cherednichenko not evolved. Hoping to change something he does expansive gestures: his wife bought a car, a new grand piano. But all to no avail. Scandals in the family followed one after another. Eventually, in 1951, despite his entreaties, his wife takes the child and leaves the house. Shortly thereafter, H. Cherednichenko married younger then the cameraman, then became the director, Peter Todorovsky.

Outlive family drama Pereverzev helps work: he was once again beginning to invite removed. In 1951, the screen comes the film "Taras Shevchenko", in which Pereverzev plays the role of the second plan, but the picture gets a Stalin Prize. Actor once again the focus of directors. In 1952, Mikhail Romm (not want) to begin work on dilogii "Admiral Ushakov" and "storm the bastions of Ships". The main role - the Admiral Ushakov - invited to play Pereverzev. Later, the actor himself recalled: "As soon as I adopted the role of Ushakov, Mikhail I. I am to become dear and close person, let alone my senses, I can not express in words to this day!.. Michael I. created around me the atmosphere of utmost attention and I would even say, adoration ... "
In 1953, both films come out on the screen.
After this film with Pereverzeva again began to emerge into the light one after another. These were:
"Heroes of Shipka," "Life Lessons", "Ivan Franko", "In the power of gold", "How to catch Semago", "Poliska legend". However, only a role in the film "Life Lessons" in South. Reisman - engineer Sergei Romashko - can safely be attributed to the success of the actor.
One day, fate brought Pereverzeva with the then Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. And the circumstances rather anecdotal.
In that year the Soviet Union with a friendly visit to the progressive American singer Paul Robeson. Khrushchev then rested in the Crimea, and it is there to get acquainted with him and brought the guest of honor. This was toward the end of August 1958. In those days of vacation in the Crimea and Ivan Pereverzev. During the grand arrival of Robson, the actor stood in greeting the crowd and clearly stood out for its major figure. Apparently, therefore, Robson and drew attention to it. Having moreover, that the Russian hero name is Ivan, a singer and was deeply moved at all and from that moment on a step would not let go of the actor himself.
. On the same evening in the Livadia Palace, the Soviet leader gave a magnificent reception in honor of distinguished guests, gathered entirely party-economic nomenclature and cultural figures
. Paul Robeson importantly walked about among the guests, and next to him and his new friend - Ivan Pereverzev, already well drunk.
. Meanwhile, Khrushchev, seeing that the high American guest all the time revolves around some akterishki, but not with him, apparently, vzrevnoval
. So he made the first attempt to oust Robson from his new friend, but the latter was surprisingly Assertive - as soon as Khrushchev to approach it, he took the American's arm and led him away. Some time later, Khrushchev tried again to go to the rendezvous, but the actor, and this time was on the alert, a new maneuver - and the Soviet leader was again left holding the bag. Apparently, this could go on all night, if the amount of alcohol consumed alcohol did not play a bad joke Pereverzev. By the time he had lost a sense of reality so that, when Khrushchev was the third time, approached them with a determination to win the American guest, the actor turned to the party and government leaders and said loudly:
. - Fuck you to ...!
. After this came in the room deathly silence, which first broke the guards
. They picked up the deranged actor's arm and literally carried him from the palace. Fortunately, bad who spoke the Russian language Paul Robeson did not understand exactly where he sent his friend, the Soviet leader.

It may seem strange, but this case is virtually no impact on personal and creative destiny Pereverzeva. Khrushchev was a man with the concept and knew that a man can do an extra shot of vodka. Therefore, no reprisals against the actor was not followed. Moreover, in 1962, a young director Victor Komissarzhevsky invited him to a major role in the movie "Meet Baluev!". It Ivan Pereverzev created the image of the head of a major construction project, an honest man and principled communist. All the Soviet press wrote about this movie in glowing terms. At the Moscow International Film Festival in 1963, officials from the State Committee for Cinematography actively advanced the film to the main prize, but members of the festival jury, headed by Mr.. Chuhray not afraid push candid crafts and gave award-winning F. Fellini's "8 1 / 2".
Since the mid 50-ies is back in a big cinema and H. Cherednichenko. On her account had been working in films: "World Champion", "Bonfire of Immortality," "Sailor Siskin," "When the nightingales sing," "Location unknown", "Olexa Dovbush", "Home". In 1961 she divorced P. Todorovsky (from this marriage she had a daughter), and suddenly returned to Pereverzev. By the time he too had failed to fall in love with an actress A. Larionov, zaimet daughter and divorced. However, the second attempt to live together and. Pereverzev and H. Cherednichenko was much shorter than the first: they have lived together all year and a half (even weighed in one movie) and went. Now forever.

It is worth noting that, despite the fact that outwardly Pereverzev gave the impression of quite successful, edakogo Lovelace, it is nevertheless in real life was far from this image. In confidential conversations with friends, he confessed that he had never triumphed over women and all of his marriage - the result of women's victories over him. After the third divorce in the mid-60's it seemed to him that his personal life would never be able to establish. But it was not the case.
In 1967, the director of the Odessa Film Studio Stanislav Govorukhin invited the actor to the role in his new adventure film "The Day of the angel". That's where our hero and met a 26-year-old Olga Solovieva - his future wife. January 6, 1968 at a birthday Nikolai Kryuchkov (he also played in that picture of one of the main roles) Pereverzev made a formal proposal to Olga hands and hearts. That agreed. January 13 in the same Odessa, they celebrated the wedding (note that for O. Solovieva it was the second marriage). Soon they had a son, who was named Theodore.
In everyday life Pereverzev was generous and courageous man. His friends say that he was never afraid to commit acts in defiance of public opinion. Thus, when the public is indignant unison behavior of such writers as Viktor Nekrasov, Vladimir Dudincev, Pereverzev not afraid to come to their house and maintain the good word.
In 1975. Pereverzev was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR.
Telefilm "Midsomer Murders" became one of the last in the record of the remarkable actor Pereverzeva. By that time, despite the fact that he quit drinking and smoking, his health was already undermined. Role in the film due to ill health he was unable to voice (for he did his old friend Eugene Vesnik). April 23, 1978 AND. Pereverzev died.

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