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SEDYKH Natalia

( Actress)

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Biography SEDYKH Natalia
photo SEDYKH Natalia
(p. 1949)
A beautiful, kind, gentle girl Nastya from the movie "Jack Frost" the audience fell in love once and for all. Natalia Sedykh, who played the role of his stepdaughter, in fifteen years, became a star of the screen. Then the girl had other roles in the film, but viewers still call her an affectionate Russian name Nastya. Natalia Sedykh - professional ballerina. Twenty years she danced at the Bolshoi Theater, performed the leading roles. Its partners were the outstanding performers Maya Plisetskaya, Maris Liepa. Recently Sedykh came to balerinskuyu retirement. And Natasha now working actress in the theater Mark Rozovsky. Dreams of new roles in the movies.
Bolshoi ballerina Natalia Sedykh ceychas dramatic actress, is playing in the theater "Nikitsky Gate" led by Mark Rozovsky. Occupied in two performances: "Mein Kampf, Farce" and "Two Nabokov". I watched the first show and was struck by the ability to transform an actress. Natasha, sweet and gentle Natasha, played the role of power Frau Death, friend of Hitler. Passionate voice she said to his young pal: "We have so many people you send to the other world, so many people ..." Nothing in this grotesque role was reminiscent skromnitsu-Nastya. After the performance, Natalia said: "When my mother died, I spent a whole year could not play this role. It was hard ... "
... Lives actress in a huge house by Stalin Subway Dynamo. We crossed the threshold of her apartment, asked:
- It's Bolshoi Theater gave such horomyN
- Dozhdeshsya from the Big. He received this flat daddy. He was a colonel Aviation. Pope was a man of courageous profession, and at first very skeptical look at my ballet classes.
- When you become seriously engaged iskusstvomN
- You can say that my creative life began in four years. One day I watched on TV the international competitions in figure skating. As I remember, Czech skater Indra Kramberova struck my imagination. I began to ask the parents to get me enrolled in the section of figure skating. I went with my mother at the stadium of Young Pioneers. But they did not take such small. I am terribly upset. A conversation with the coach held in a room where athletes dress up. There was a huge bed rug. And I suddenly came to the middle of the carpet and solemnly declared: "Before you stands European champion Indra Kramberova". After these words began to imitate different movements on the ice. I even tried to turn and did God knows what. All fell over with laughter.
They laughed, and then coach Tatiana Granatkina (a wonderful coach, all of our champions - her pupils) told my mother: "Well, quote the girl. Let him try ". At the training I went with toys. Things were going well on the ice. But began to notice that in figure skating me more and more attracted by the element of dance. Dance and decided to deal separately, began to prepare for exams in ballet school at the Bolshoi Theater. Received. In his spare time continued to go to the section of figure skating.
I had prepared on the ice is very beautiful room "Dying Swan" and spoke with him at the sports festival. Reporting from the stadium showed TV. And I saw a film director Aleksandr Rou, invited to the studio, told her about the film "Jack Frost"
- You udivilisN
- Course. However, I was a little shot in childhood. Let me took off at six in the television commercial "Beware of fire" and then starred in an educational film in French.
- Rowe immediately offered the role NastenkiN
- No. Daly read the script. I liked all the crazy. I just could not believe that I will adopt. She knew that the role of Nastenka auditioned many actresses. I went to the finals with Nadezhda Rumyantseva (of course, not equal to me with this actress). I tried on the samples, but did not count on approval. To the delight, I was approved.
- The Ballet School as treated etomuN
- There was a terrible scandal. I also had a few months to go, winter nature filmed on the Kola Peninsula. All winter shots were filmed in the city Olenegorsk. My teacher Sulamith Messerer quarreling with the leadership of the school, then let me go. Then I passed all exams with excellent marks.
- A summer where snimaliN
- Under Zvenigorod.
- On set all poluchalosN
- There were no problems. But once yelled at me because Alexander Arturovich. We had to shoot a scene in which Marfushka falls through the hole, and I jump for it, I save ... I was afraid to jump into the water. The pond was terribly dirty, leeches swam near the shore. The first time gave the command "Motor", I run with prigorochka, and at the water stop. Three times I have done so. And on the fourth Rowe yelled at me wildly, and I plopped down.
- Leeches not prisosalisN
- No sooner. I immediately jumped out
- With Marfushka (Chourikova) relations on the set well skladyvalisN According to the role you are polar opposites ...
- Inna treated me very warmly. But somehow I took care. But I was little, I was only 15 years old. And after shooting Inna Churikova led me into drama school to his teacher Vera Vasilyeva. The fact that my voice is quiet, there were problems with the sound system role, had Nastenka to sound through a microphone. Ina told me: "Natasha, you will have a future in film. Let you listen to. Perhaps it should go in ". Vera Vasileva listen to me and said:
- At the movies you always ozvuchat. And so we just get destroyed your individuality.
- At the end of the film Nastenka kiss with her fiance. Kissing in front of a camera does not stesnyalisN
- Still as shy. This was the first in my life kiss. Above all, I'm still in love with her Ivanushka. But it is true, about this and did not even know, and be in charge did not know. Love was a mystery.
- Your life after the movie "Jack Frost" as a izmenilasN
- I would not say. On the street began to recognize, greet strangers, asked for autographs. But I got used to the public from childhood. Rowe took me in another tale - "Fire, water and copper pipes". Then there was a lot of offers to act in films, but I refused. In Ballet School have enough worries. Then they took me to the Bolshoi Theater. At that time, appeared in two films: "Blue Ice" (a famous figure skater Sasha Gorelik was my partner) and "Love for Three Oranges" (it was a television film-opera). At this point I put in a great movie. At the Bolshoi Theater for the shooting were disgusting, even the conflict began. With studios I rang and rang. And I did all the studio special statement: "Please do not call me. Filmed over will not. Please cancel all my files.
- How was life in the Big teatreN
- Generally speaking about it is better not to talk. At rehearsals, the performances, I feel good. I loved the ballet and theater. But life was difficult for me there. All the stories about the endless intrigues at the Bolshoi Theater - it's all true. The character I did not have such a Fight, there to feel good about themselves. But my life is fairly well. I was in the theater soloist, danced in the best ballets from the troupe has traveled the world.
. - Which party remember more vsehN
. - Masha in "The Seagull" Kitty in "Anna Karenina.
. - So you danced with Maya PlisetskoyN It you opekalaN
. - She treated me with cold protection.
. - Who was your partneromN
. - Standing was
. Most others I danced with Alexander Bogatyrev and Victor Barykina. And in "Anna Karenina," performed with Maris Liepa (he was the party Vronsky).

- But starting something, probably in kordebaleteN

- Course. All the dancers pass through the corps de ballet. Then I gave the party fairies in "Sleeping Beauty". I have it very carefully prepared under the direction of my artistic director Timofeevna Marina Semenova. Everything turned out fine. And Grigorovich, chief choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater, gave me a batch of Masha in The Nutcracker. This was the highest achievement for a novice dancer. But I Masha did not manage to dance. Marina Timofeevna ill, and began the intrigues against me: it did not give room for rehearsals, then concertmaster. Bolshoi is the Bolshoi Theater. But here in the Great from St. Petersburg took Luda Semenyaka with a ready repertoire. She goes danced my Masha. Need a new prima ballerina, and she appeared. About me somehow forgotten.

- It turns out that you passed Semenyaka doroguN

- Semenyaka this is not involved. Never. Still, the whole thing in me. I was not persistent and did not hurry to show himself. I thought it was important the party has already given, there's no hurry. While senior comrades said: "The Bolshoi is no such thing" Dali ". We must hold hands and teeth that you were given ". I, alas, could not keep. Relaxed, shorter. Novels began ...
- You vlyubilisN
- Yes.
- With whom, if not sekretN
- In a famous artist.
- What ended romanN
- Any novel ends in disappointment to a greater or lesser extent. Only my novel ended marriage. I married the composer Viktor Lebedev (he wrote the music for the film "Midshipmen, forward!"). We have recently divorced.
- What is the reason razvodaN
- My husband and I lived in different cities. I am - in Moscow, and he - in St. Petersburg. And here and there riding. Well dokatalis.
- Why live in different gorodahN Do not want to live vmesteN
- I did not want to leave the Bolshoi, the husband did not want to leave Peter. We are very fond of each other. But her husband was in need of an elementary kind of care. He did not know how to wash, nor prepare. He can not even kettle on the stove to put. He needs a normal woman, and found it so.
- You are very perezhivaliN
- Very, very ... I do not know how to express it. Moreover, we have 16-year-old son.
- What has helped in the difficult minutuN
- New job, moving to the theater Mark Rozovsky, new roles. Work has always stretched me. Friends, friends supported. And a new love ...
- A lot of you men byloN
- Very much. Fifty-something was. When I fall in love, I think that is madly in love. Time passes and begin to understand that this is just a love affair. So these novels were four or five. Their heroes were men much older than me. I always liked people wise.
When I was twenty years old, my father left the family. I am terribly offended. Because mother. She suffered terribly. My father married a young athlete. I am ten years with his father did not speak. I knew his father only when she began to fall in love.

- Gifts you men dariliN

- Gifted. Rings, earrings, chains, fur. Even an admirer donated an antique chest of drawers.

- They say that men in our time greedy.

- Since I had many hobbies, it should tell you that, indeed, men rarely give gifts. Gifts presented with only the exceptional man.

- Natasha, and in love you often obyasnyalisN

- I am in love was due only to her husband. It was always so, that I won, but I did not. I do not need a man who does not interest me. Well zachemN

- You are often called zamuzhN

- Frequently. I'm not really fond of marriage. My childhood parents brought up this way: "count only on themselves, and not to have to marry a successful husband". I usually say to their men: "Why zamuzhN And so well. You do that, so do not lyubishN "
- How do you marry a composer Lebedeva poshliN
- In Viktor Mikhailovich I fell in love.
- How it all proizoshloN
- Bolshoi came on tour to St. Petersburg. Performances we have had little. And we with girlfriend Kseniya Ryabinkina bored. Then she decided to call his friend the composer Lebedev. After twenty minutes he was at our hotel. And on the hour - midnight, but the truth, at this time in St. Petersburg were white nights. Let's go look at the town. And so it began a mad affair.
- A Lebedev was zhenatN
- He always married. The weakness has for ballerinas.
- Why do everyone loves balerinN
- Who should be. My ex-husband loves thin women. Here we saw yesterday, and he told me: "Something you become too thick."
- You tolstayaN doubt he jokingly said.
- Could be some other trick to invent. I began to make trouble, he began to laugh.
- Can you skandalitN
- I could bawl, I can throw pillow, a cup of split. The doctor said that I should definitely make a scene.
. - Doctors say that the dishes beat useful.
. - I too have noticed.
. - How do you manage it so wonderful to keep figuruN you follow any special dietyN
. - You know, I have a recipe
. But I think that he will not approach anyone. I've always had a problem with weight. I, of course, never complete, because I always sat on some diets, and was always hungry.
- Though konfetochku day could sestN

- What vyN What I konfetyN in the apple to himself refused, in a drink of water superfluous. And what happened. Before your trip to St. Petersburg, during which I met with the composer Lebedev, I had a passionate affair with a very famous artist of the Bolshoi Theater. He called me married, I do not agree. Some "good" man called hero of my novel, Moscow and told Lebedev. My lover came to Peter, burst into the hotel room, threw a wild cry on my bed and began to choke.

- In nastoyaschemuN
- Even as a truly. Next put the knife and said: "You'll cry - slaughter". I was so frightened that even attempted to throw out the window. But before it opened. I was again thrown on the bed and began to choke. I was talking mad jealous that I want to marry him that I love, by some unimaginable promises saved her life. And since then I have completely lost my appetite. I will drink a cup of morning coffee with a lemon and all day I do not want a. For lunch, eat without an appetite a little piece of fish. And, more than not eating anything.
- Yes, indeed, your recipe hudeniya hardly anyone will approach ... Tell me, Natasha, what clothes do you prefer nositN
- Import, bought in selected stores. All the outfits I brought myself out of touring. I remember from the first trip abroad, I brought two large suitcases with rags. And then a boat came to a container. Especially I was glad to two spectacular hats. And white long boots, which were hidden away under a skirt. I am all in transport were asked: "Do you have boots with pants that lN" We had to cut off his boots, fed up with this issue. Cut off, people to see where the end. We rarely buy clothes, I have everything and in huge quantities. The money I spend on perfume. A woman should look beautiful, be loved. Otherwise, this is not a woman ... So life goes on ...

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SEDYKH Natalia, photo, biography
SEDYKH Natalia, photo, biography SEDYKH Natalia  Actress, photo, biography
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