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SPACE, Kevin (Kevin Spacey)

( Actor)

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Biography SPACE, Kevin (Kevin Spacey)
(genus. 26 July 1959)
Who is Kevin SpeysiN "That is how it ktoN! He - lucky, won an Oscar for Best Actor in" American Beauty "!" - Will say, anyone even slightly interested in cinema. But we repeat the question: who is Kevin SpeysiN
. And by people belonging to the breed of moviegoers already, will hear: "This is the actor who played such a well-known productions, starring in such films and some five years ago became the owner of an Oscar for supporting actress in" The Usual Suspects "
. And vseN And if popodrobneeN Tastes, weaknesses, personal zhiznN.. It was a long silence ... Understandably. After all, here we are faced with a real "phenomenon Spacey": personal life, twice winner knows almost nothing, and enthusiastic fans, and even cunning Hollywood reporters.
Judge for yourself. During the last time in a few expensive journals, very competently dealing with gossip, appeared regularly portraits Kevin with various women, and each of them was the caption: "Spacey with his wife". Polygamist downright. Bluebeard. And this despite the fact that in its forty-actor has managed to never tie the knot. However, in order. Back in those days, when Kevin was not interested in portraits of anyone else, except his loving family
. He was born July 26, 1959 in New Jersey, grew up in California, the family was the youngest of three children at birth was given the name Kevin Fowler
. According to unconfirmed rumors, mother's maiden name - Spacey - he took in the very beginning of his career. He felt that the words "Kevin Spacey" will cause producers pleasant subconscious associations with the great Spencer Tracy. (As a teenager he was an ardent admirer of classic black and white American movies. Biographies of some stars, including Tracy, knew by heart and considered them the most amazing role models.)

In this exemplary young man himself was not at all. One of malice burnt hut, lovingly built by his sister on the branches of huge trees. Pope, a midlevel scientist and author of several books, secretly dreaming of a career of a great writer, was furious and sent his son to military school. The army, she and America army. But finish my studies here until the end of Kevin did not have. Once, in the heat of the usual childish fights, he zvezdanul enemy automobile tire. As a result, one was in the infirmary, and the second - for the school gates.
But in the next school he became interested in dramatic art, and has been involved in amateur theatricals. Incidentally, his partners in the school stage were Mayor UINningem and Val Kilmer, in the future, not the last people the American cinema. A Val at one time even considered his bosom friend and it was he who persuaded Kevin to continue training in Dzhulyarde "school drama skills. "Val did two years earlier and persuaded me to finally decide and be interviewed, . If I really want to become an actor, a result of his past, and my first two years we studied together ", . - With these words, his lips touching Spacey smile emotion,
. How, indeed! School years wonderful, with friendship, with a book, with songs ...
. It must be nice now would be to meet both old and famous friends! Certainly not.
. Val Kilmer: "Kevin had stolen money from my father, so I do not talk to him ..
. We were at the "Dzhulyarde, but he knew my father ever since studying in a secondary school. Once Kevin told my father that he be expelled from the faculty, because he has no money, and all student loans he had already used. His father gave him a check. Only later it became known that by the time Kevin had already decided to leave school and just draw out his father's money. Annual tuition fee was then about eighteen thousand ... My father thought that we are best friends with him, and immediately wrote a check. A few years later I met with Kevin, he had already appeared in films and, in my opinion, has already received a theatrical premium "Tony". I think he was happy to see me again, but I told him: "Congratulations, your affairs are going well! But do not forget that you have the money to my father. And I do not have to talk to you until you have paid duty ". After that meeting, he sent his father ... thousand dollars and a note in which he somehow tried to justify. And now my father had died. And the only way out, I think - to force Kevin to pay for the education of my children. "
But with Mayor Uinningem was different. No dark spots. No injuries. Once in the school production of "Sound of Music" they played the Captain and Maria. And when the 96-m at the same time, both were nominated for an Oscar, Kevin received a telegram: "Captain Von Trepp, I congratulate to the nomination!" Maria ".
His career began with a performance of skits, in nightclubs, and then with stage roles. And although the names of theaters were quite loud, had to work in a secondary part. But even when you are in a similar position, he managed to distinguish themselves - when director Mike Nichols staged "Confusion," Kevin offered to hedge in case of illness or other valid reasons ... absolutely all the actors, . involved in the play! And since it only played the star and then one actor, . some others were engaged on the set, . he turns and almost all repeats! And brilliant! His admiration was not left in debt,
. In the late eighties, he brought Kevin in the film, inviting the role in "Heartburn" and "Working Girl". And in general it is in these years, fate smiled Spacey. She smiled, though somewhat wryly: on the one hand, he became a prominent figure on television, was mentioned prize "Tony" in the theater, but on the other - in cinema, as he himself says, for a long time stuck on the roles of "the best friends the main characters". However, there is no evil without good. After all, supporting actress and made him the first Oscar! After the "usual suspects" producers as a burst: not, . that was followed by work in such films, . as "A Time to Kill", . "LA Confidential" and "Specialist in negotiations" ( "Negotiators"), . Spacey also made his debut in directing, . putting "Albina Alligator,
. Kevin sighed with relief when the additional reason that the director has finally ceased to think of it as an actor, extremely suitable for all kinds of maniacs Role-neurotics, thugs and mischief
. Indeed, for many years attracted the directors is to the ordinary appearance, behind which was felt inflexible nature. A man from the crowd, casually looking into the eyes which can see the dark abyss. Is not this had to be, . example, . scary villain in the "usual suspects", . who throughout the film seems harmless cripple and only at the end finds his true litsoN! Is it not obvious villains, . and those, . who is hiding under the guise of an ordinary man in the street, . not the most strashnyeN And though Spacey said, . that it "attracted characters, . whose moral crisis or moral decay ", . he still wanted and other roles,
. (By the way, directors are always appreciated nezvezdnuyu style of play, Kevin. Even becoming famous, he did not pull the blanket over. On set he has used to joke and improvise brilliantly, leading to the delight of all surrounding. But before the camera his uncommon. Talent shows at once, but well thought doses on the rise.)
. By the same glorious time career take-off and the natural deterioration of the inhabitants of interest to his person applies his decision to close tightly from the eyes of his personal life
. "Earlier, people, . whom I encountered by chance in a store, . stealthily peered into my face, . trying to remember, . where they saw me, . and then politely asked: "Excuse me, . we can not znakomyN, . We went to the same shkoleN "Now, . When I received the "Oscar", . they, . as best friends, . rush to greet me with a broad smile: "And, . Kevin! How delaN 0'keyN "And why do I nadoN - wondered if Spacey,
. - Up until now I could safely walk the dog in the district, and no I did not recognize. Trying to be inconspicuous, I consciously avoided the career steps that could bring me a lot of money. Hand, breyas morning, I could in good conscience look yourself in the eye ... And what dalsheN Maybe spit on all the principles, and not to blush in front of the mirror, his beard otrastitN "

But before his beard is not reached. Just in talking to journalists, Kevin took the dead of defense: "They want to talk about your mistress. They want to know everything about your wife. They want to know everything and believe they have the right to do. Clearly, we have a free society. But this also gives me the freedom every right to question any of their reply: "No!" I want to talk only about his work. All that is outside the topic - my own business. I understand they need to sell the magazine. But do not rule out that if I am accused of something really quite transcendent, such as racist remarks or theft in the store, the case comes to trial.
Before the trial until the case reached. In the theft of a bottle of beer in a supermarket Kevin nobody suspected. But to completely avoid rumors about himself he failed. It's one thing to respond to sensitive issues only say "no", another - what conclusions from this categorical refusal may be made. Once journalists, tired of failed attempts to dig at least some unsold mistress Spacey, asked him head-on the question: "You - geyN" And Kevin, instead of closing the topic in the usual way, suddenly embarrassed. "I thought then that if something will answer, it will look as if I was making excuses. And I said: "I have this question offends. Does not concern you, and should not affect ". Guess from once, what conclusion did the shark pen after such otvetaN ..
But the actor had enough savvy not to respond to articles in which the theme of his thumb gay. Moreover, he once mentioned that his relationships with women they do not affect. Those either not read the article, or trying to "reorient" misguided Kevin. The names of these heroines are still unknown. However, it is possible already. in the next few days Kevin will split. In any case, he had found the strength to utter the following: "Yes, I have a girl. A couple of years ago, we even spoke to her about the baby. But then I had to say: "Excuse me, while I have to do in his career". Recently we have gone back to this conversation. In fact, I very much want children ". When asked to name the girl he loved answered "no", but it is very likely that her name was Diane Dreyver. No accident that it was in her company he a week ago and appeared on the Oscars

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SPACE, Kevin (Kevin Spacey), photo, biography
SPACE, Kevin (Kevin Spacey), photo, biography SPACE, Kevin (Kevin Spacey)  Actor, photo, biography
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