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Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich

( Athlete, Boxer)

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Biography Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich
photo Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich
Sergei Shcherbakov was born June 20, 1918. Boxing started with 18 years for trainer A. Bessonova. With an excellent response and exceptional physique, for a short time became one of the strongest in the USSR. In the early days of the Great Patriotic War as a volunteer went to the front, fought in the enemy rear.

In the winter of 1942 in the Caucasus Sergei seriously wounded. While able to take to the hospital, his leg like a log. Verdict doctor - amputation. He began to persuade, to prove that he was high-class boxer, like a boxer without a leg ... And that: "What kind of boxing can be a question after such a wound!" Then Shcherbakov said: "Boxing - my life. I had the willpower to become a boxer. So, enough will to get out of life ". The doctor saved his leg, but the foot is almost ceased to bend. Sergey, feeling terrible pain, became her coach, and in 1943 came with a bandaged foot in a gym sportobschestva "Pishevik" and began to train. A few months later, still in bandages, he won the battle on the Anti-Fascist Congress, in which fighting took place boxers.

After the war, Sergei Shcherbakov trains at Mikhailova. Since 1944, he spent ten (!) Times in succession, becoming the champion of the USSR. In 1952 the Soviet Union, there were already 106 thousand fighters - from 12-year-old novice to the experienced front, like the invincible Sergey Shcherbakov. Most, as they say, an elite group of masters of the ring began preparations for the Olympic Games in 1952. Lead this work commissioned chair of the Central Institute of Physical Training Boxing Konstantin V. Gradopolovu. He invited me to help Honored Master of Sports and honored coaches USSR Viktor Pavlovich Mikhailov, Anatoly Ivanovich Bulycheva and Victor G. Stepanov.

. From the first Soviet boxers for the Olympics, held in 1952 in Helsinki, Sergei returned with a silver medal
. Everyone was waiting on our renowned champion gold medals, but had no success in the final battle against the Poles Hihly. Sergei Semenovich not looking for excuses, and even intercepted conversations like "sued". Vinyl only themselves. "We were confident to impose its will, rather than wait for the right moment" - he told friends.

At the European Championships 1953 in Warsaw, Sergei Shcherbakov in the final meeting with the Polish boxer Hihloy. Already in the first round, Sergei nearly sent the enemy in the knockout. But he took the blow. Shcherbakov won the second round with an even greater advantage. In the third, both slightly decreased activity, slow the pace. Tired. Yet Shcherbakov was clearly stronger.

So victory. Photographers are not waiting for the judges, have rushed to Shcherbakov. He throw flowers. Suddenly, the announcer announces the result:
- Victory - Hihle!
On the face Shcherbakova not flinch a muscle. He went to Hihle, shook his hand. The judges' decision, whatever it was - the law. A Hihla snatched her hand, ran to the ropes, grabbed outstretched - he was now - flowers, turned sharply and passed all the flowers Sergei.
Even in such a difficult time for myself Shcherbakov did not change the schedule of training. Already the next morning, everything went as usual. Charging. Cross at 12 kilometers. Work with a sack, pear. Not the slightest deviation from the prescribed diet.

For two decades, a day without training, no raskachek after major competitions. Ended, for example, the Olympics in Helsinki. The team lawful month holiday. But Sergei Semenovich went to Odessa on the departmental sports competitions Society Pishevik ", which was, and they won all the battles. In Warsaw, the unjust decision of the judges selected Sergei victory. But it was his last chance to become the first glove Europe. Thirty-five years - the age when it's time to leave the ring, but do not start a new round of fighting. But he spoke again on the national championship, for the tenth time he became the champion of the USSR, the landslide victory of the strongest contenders Sarkisov, Igumnov, Chernova, Isaeva, and only then turned to coaching.

. He immediately received an appointment to the position of the State coach of the USSR, or more simply, the head of boxing-Union sports committee
. He led the preparations for the next Olympics, became the head coach of the Soviet Union and led the team to victory in Melbourne 96. The plan preparation team Sergey Shcherbakov developed based on the principle: "All work today as I yesterday.

. Tragically, . impatient leaders of Soviet sport angry at Shcherbakova after the relative failure of our national team at the next Olympics, . Rome, . where the team finished with one gold (Oleg Grigoryev), . two silver (Sergei and Yuri Sivko Radonyak) and two bronze (Boris Lagutin and Eugene Feofanov) medals overall fourth place,
. Too much wanted to demonstrate the advantages of socialism throughout.

Sergey S. Shcherbakov had 227 fights, won 207 victories, including 78 by knockout, or due to the apparent advantages. He honored master of sports of the USSR and honored coach of the USSR, was awarded the Order of Honor, the Medal "For Courage" and "Service in Battle". Wrote the book "Notes of a boxer."

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Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich, photo, biography
Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich, photo, biography Shcherbakov Sergey Semenovich  Athlete, Boxer, photo, biography
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