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Jack Dempsey


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Biography Jack Dempsey
photo Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey (real name William Harrison) was born June 24, 1895 in Colorado. Coming from the poorest segments of the population, up to 19 years, he was an auxiliary worker at the mines. One day in 1914 he was offered a small sum to make a boxing match, and he agreed without hesitation, took the ring for the sonorous name Kid Black.

The beginning was promising. In addition to the forces Kyd Blake had a hot temper and stubbornness - in fact in his veins the mixed Irish and American Indian blood. From match to match his growing self-confidence, and eventually the young man came to the conclusion that it would be easier to live in the ring than in the mines. Nick soon seemed to him too conservative, and he assumed the new name of the militant - Jack Dempsey, who once wore the first ever middleweight champion (1884-1891gg.).

For two years (1915-1916) the second Jack Dempsey held 29 fights, of which lost only 2, and 18 opponents knocked. The young boxer has become mature, and as no one before him, seized near the battle. He had an unusually strong blows with both hands, with a very quick, agile, fully justifying the nickname "Jack the Tiger".

Decisive career Dempsey began the match with Fred Fulton in July 1918. Fred Fulton, weighed 118 kg with an increase in 190.5 cm, and was recognized candidate for a meeting with world champion Jess Willard. Manager Fulton Michael Collins thought that one more success on the road to the championship will only benefit his ward, and offered to meet Fulton - Dempsey. The result of this battle smote all. Huge Fulton was an opponent of Jack Dempsey only 23 seconds (with timer).

Some sports commentators considered it a victory Dempsey random, but a series of knockouts in the following months, and persuaded them that "Jack-tiger" - a boxer with a great future. Thus, 4 July 1919, the day provided for the match Fulton - Willard, cowboy stood up against the powerful Jack Dempsey. Few believed in the success of Dempsey in a meeting with such a giant as Willard (111 kg, 198 cm). The difference in favor of the champion in the growth was 11 cm, and weight - 26,2 kg.

And again - surprise. The ease with which Dempsey dealt with Willard, its hurricane-force attack and formidable force strikes dispersed remnants of distrust of him in boxing circles. America waited for the champion, who in the opinion of even experienced professionals, stands comparison with the most remarkable masters of the past.

Within 7-plus years Jack Dempsey unconditional right to professional boxing, and only 23 Sept., 1926 ceded this place "boxer-philosopher" Jean Tunneyu. Rematch that took place a year later, also brought the victory of Jean Tunneyu.

Until old age has kept Jack Dempsey excellent physical shape. Proves this as follows: during a walk through the former champion with his wife, two young men, snatched from the hands of Mrs. purses, attempted to leave with impunity. But nothing of the sort! "Jack-tiger" caught up with criminals and not delaying the procedure, I studied them so convincingly that searchers adventures themselves were quick to surrender under the protection of the guardians of the law, somewhat late to the beginning of a lesson of morality. Happened in 1977, Dempsey for the day are over ... 82 years (!).

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Jack Dempsey, photo, biography
Jack Dempsey, photo, biography Jack Dempsey  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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