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Floyd Patterson


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Biography Floyd Patterson
photo Floyd Patterson
Floyd Patterson was born Jan. 4, 1935. With boxing met in early childhood (his older brothers Willy and Frank were famous boxer). In 15 years, Floyd won the battles in training adults, . and only the age limit did not allow him to enter the big ring, . but the U.S. Olympic team coach Pete Mello had prepared him for the tournament in Helsinki, and he became the champion of the XV Olympic Games in the second middleweight champion,
. As an amateur he had held 44 meetings, 40 wins (37 KOs).

Olympics ended Aug. 3, and already on September 12 Floyd Patterson made his debut as a professional. During the first fight he got $ 75 for the second-100, a third to 150, and the fourth-1500. Every year, he appeared more confident and in 1956 was ready to battle for world crown. By the time Floyd scored 30 wins in a row by knockout, and the list of applicants to meet with world champion the fourth largest

. Rival Patterson on November 30 was Archie Moore, . 1913 Birth, . champion light heavyweight, . which, . finding no worthy competitors in their weight category, . For the second time trying to become the overall champion (in 1955 in the ninth round, he knocked out Rocky Marciano),
. Floyd (he was twenty-one), dealt with the veteran faster - in the fifth round.

After 8 months of Floyd for the first time defended his title against the little-known boxer Tommy Jackson. The Applicant has received terrible injuries before they fell in the tenth round. A month later, was a victory over the XVI Olympic champion in the heavyweight Pete Rademacher. This was the first ever boxing fight between an experienced professional champion and the strongest fighter among fans.

Lost his title of Floyd Patterson in 1959. A single blow in the third round did Ingemar Johansson's character throughout the cheering Sweden. Rematch took place on June 20, 1960 and caused unprecedented interest in the U.S.. In 160 U.S. cities were rented 230 cinema screens which was telecast from the match. Patterson won by knockout in the fifth round.
Who will win PattersonaN This question was asked many boxing experts in the world press. Among the candidates named in the first place of the mighty Negro Sonny Liston. Discussions and rumors terribly nervous Floyd Patterson, the current world champion - the main goal of the applicant. Intelligent and skillful in the ring Floyd was ready to accept any challenge, but this time it was approaching some fantastic figure. Champion saw the obvious weakness Liston - the fruits of his late and forced boxing education, but still it was a case of 'no receiving from scrap'.
The match took place on September 25, 1962 at Chicago's Park 'COMISCA', at a cost of $ 100 for the most common ticket, which today would cost several times more expensive - in short, the interest was crazy. The public curiosity and impatience, looked at the boxer, anticipating anything, but not what happened. Champion of the world grew a beard, and already in the locker room took off big sunglasses, and reporters later joked - this masquerade Patterson started in order to hide the fear. He looked much better 'brutal gorillas', slimmer and more mobile than explicitly. Sonny also stood silently in his corner, with a contemptuous indifference, staring at the back of shifting from one foot to the champion.
What to say about the boeN Yes, almost nothing. Patterson slightly raged near Liston, made two light attacks, and Sonny waddled went straight to Floyd: two strikes - and the world champion crashed. That's all spectacle, was interrupted for 126 seconds. The audience is stuck in a daze. Ask rivals was approximately equal to the same Patterson rightly considered 'drawling fighter', not once he got up and won, getting the most ferocious attacks, but here - not a glimmer. In the crowd of spectators were heard wailing: 'We were robbed, return the money'.
Match revnsh gave the same result (with the only difference being that it lasted for 4 seconds longer).

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Floyd Patterson, photo, biography
Floyd Patterson, photo, biography Floyd Patterson  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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