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Ascension Anastasia

( Actress)

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Biography Ascension Anastasia
photo Ascension Anastasia
Anastasia V. Ascension was born July 27, 1943 goda.V in 1965 graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. While still a student she had met with Andrei Myagkov, who studied there and was five years older than her. Since then they have together - Anastasia Ascension and Andrei Myagkov. And judging by how they look at each other (and on the stage and in life) - they are happy. Anyway, as far as all people can be happy.

In 1965, the wife of Ascension and soft were taken troupe "Contemporary". And 12 years later, in 1977 they again moved along the Moscow Art Theater. From 80-ies of Ascension - Leading the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater actress, singer ostrosatiricheskih and domestic roles.

Among her best theatrical works: Galina ( "Duck Hunt"), Masha ( "Seagull"), Aglaia ( "Silver Wedding"), Babakina ( "Smith"), Marquis Condotti ( "Milk truck stops more here), she (Brad in two voices "). Starting with the domestic roles, the actress gradually developed a taste for the grotesque and the eccentric. How to write criticism, "she skillfully combines vivid theatrical form of psychological certainty".


In the film began with the roles of heroines, charming and modest. First, a spectacular film career Anastasia Ascension evolved even more successful than her husband. The role of scout Ani in the series "Major Whirlwind" (1967) brought her people's love and fame.

Invitations to the survey fell, as from a horn of plenty. She co-starred in the movies: "Adam and Hewa (Aishat)," Password not required "(Sasha)," You wrote me "(Nina)," Sit down next to Teddy! " (Mama Gena). The actress is often chosen films, in a scenario which had the role and for Andrew. So she got into comedy "Garage", where brilliantly played by director of the market Koushakov. Most of these actresses Movie parts were based on the eccentric, voice and bare nerve.

The decline in popularity

The peak of the popularity of the Ascension took place in the 70's and gradually gave way to recession. Moral dissatisfaction due to low demand in the movie theater and the woman started to compensate for a hefty dose of alcohol. Since 1993, the actress stopped altogether removed, and in her theatrical repertoire remained only the role of eccentric ex-ballerina Pesochinskoy in the play "Retro" directed by Andrei Myagkov. Only the husband's support, which is madly in love with his wife, even after 40 years of living together, helped Anastasia Ascension triumph over addiction

. Author: Igor BIN

. Filmography:

. 1966 Pope folding! (short story in the c / a "Journey")
. 1966 First Love
. 1967 Mayor "Whirlwind"
. 1967 The password is not needed
. 1968 Love
. 1969 Adam and Hewa
. 1975 From the notes Lopakhin
. 1976 you wrote to me ...
. 1977 Sit down next to Teddy!
. 1979 Garage
. 1979 Take a telegram to the debt
. 1979 Old debts
. 1979 The morning walk
. 1980 Fantasia on a theme of love
. 1982 Railway Station for Two
. 1983 Look!.

. 1986 from paycheck to paycheck
. 1987 Your special correspondent
. 1987 somersault over the heads
. 1989 accident - the daughter of Menta
. 1989 Musical games
. 1990 old fool
. 1992 I'm sorry I ...
. 1992 Alien Game
. 1993 Will Stalin
. 1995 Crusader
. 1998 Chekhov and K - Series

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  • Ascension Anastasia
  • Ascension Anastasia
  • Ascension Anastasia
  • Ascension Anastasia
  • Ascension Anastasia
  • Ascension Anastasia

Photos of Ascension Anastasia
Ascension AnastasiaAscension AnastasiaAscension AnastasiaAscension Anastasia

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Ascension Anastasia, photo, biography
Ascension Anastasia, photo, biography Ascension Anastasia  Actress, photo, biography
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