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Kluki Alla Feodorovna

( Actress)

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Biography Kluki Alla Feodorovna
photo Kluki Alla Feodorovna
Alla's parents met in the Minsk Society for the Deaf. My mother was such from birth, and his father lost his hearing at 5 years after meningitis. Nevertheless, their children, Alla and her two older sisters were born normal children. 'Since childhood, I know that is innate physical trauma from a loved one. I was taught many things in adult life and from many spared '- told many years later an actress.

But back to my childhood. In those years, Alla teased with a stick. The girl pretended that it does not hurt, but she secretly dreamed of becoming an actress. What she had hoped - freckled, ugly girl? ..

Schepkinskoe School. The first movie roles
Surprisingly, Alla Schepkinskoe enrolled in college the first time. She was lucky to learn from outstanding national date actor Yuri Solomin. Becoming an actress, Alla left his name: 'She and I both opera singer! Like - do not forget. And the pope is very nice! He is the son of wanted to name remained. Son did not work, but the name intact. "

In cinema Alla debuted in 1990, while still a student Schepkinskogo School. Her first film, 'Body' - a psychological thriller from provincial life - an enviable debut on the abundance of acute situations in which the heroine falls.

. In the same year she played the role of pioneer sluts steel glint in his eyes and servile bearing in psychological detective Svyatoslav Tarakhovskaya, and Vladimir Shamshurin 'Made in the USSR'
. It's quite another - red and freckled peripheral spontaneity - she appeared in the tragicomedy of Nikolai Dostal 'cloud-paradise'.

In 1990 Alla Klyuka first came to the U.S.. Along with her course, she went to study in the New York theater school. A year later, when Alla Schepkinskoe graduate school, the Americans arrived in Moscow. Alla fell in love with one of them. He invited her to New York, took off his apartment, helped to settle in Allais tantsshkolu. But then their life together was not developed. 'I loved him, was ready to go for him at all, and he: said that he will soon marry another'. Although Ala it was a very strong blow, they broke up peacefully.

'Hammer and Sickle'
In 1993 Alla was invited to one of the main roles in the social drama of Sergei Storm 'Hammer and Sickle'. And the actress has once again demonstrated outstanding talent. 'Her role - the embodiment of workers' and peasants' standard of femininity, the model girlfriend to a model of the Soviet hero. What a radiant smile Kluki and tender radiance of her eyes in the beginning, just as gloomy besprosveten automatism living dummy at the end of the film. Renewed statue returning to its static state - it is perfectly possible to gradual freezing actress who in her eyes soaked deadening air painting '.

. For his role in the film was awarded a prize Alla 'Green Apple'
. During the presentation there was a case that rocked the audience. The actress turned to the audience through gestures and sign language, comprehensible only to her parents, wept at this time of happiness:

. Marriage
. During the filming of 'hammer and sickle' Alla on one of the parties met with American Kenny Schaeffer, who together with Russia's colleagues created a production company 'Belcom'
. Allah says: 'The parents of his mother - came from Russia. He invited me odd jobs, escorting his Russian business partners. Then I went to Moscow, but he found me in the hostel, and offered to meet. It was all very romantic: '.

Once in the shootings announced week break. Alla has been gathered in Minsk to parents, but was unable to get plane tickets. And at that moment she called Kenny, who had already gone back to America. He invited her to urgently fly to the United States, explaining whom to contact for a ticket. Allah is not going to long ... Kenny met her at the airport, drove home and said: 'Marry me':

In U.S.
Problems of adaptation in America at Alla was not: 'I can easily dissolve in a society in which I am'. But family life, having begun so happily, was not developed further. My husband was 20 years older than her. Gradually, the difference in tastes and habits of the spouses became more noticeable. Kanye did not like the loud singing of his wife, he loved the theater and cinema, and Ala were tedious to computers, lasers, invented them radiogitara and wireless microphone.

Living in the United States, Ala nevertheless occasionally starred in Russian films. The most notable was the main role in the comedy Alla Surikova 'I want to jail', published in 1998. The actress told me: 'This is the first comedy in my cinematic biography. I always felt like a comedic actress in a drama school and acted as an actress Distinguishing. But starting to act in films during his sophomore year, unfortunately, has not played in comedies. And here such luck! "

After shooting her, finally had a chance to withdraw and in Hollywood. Fate flung her role of 'one-legged Svetlana' in the famous television series 'The Sopranos'. After reading the script, Alla agreed: "One of the versions that I came up with - is that the mafia specially cut her leg to a prosthesis, she smuggled '. Then Allah appeared in a famous American TV series - 'Law & Order'.

Soon Alla and Kenny son. Parents call it Kibo, which is translated from of old means 'Key of Life'. Alla same, laughing, adding that 'the first part of the name - from our friend Vladimir Kikilo, a' bo '- from Boris Grebenshchikov, whose songs I love very much'.

Again in Russia
In 2001 Alla Klyuka newly arrived in Russia. Director Alla Surikova offered her a major role in the series 'perfect couple'. The actress has already starred in the comedy Surikova 'I want to jail', and a new invitation is received with joy, especially since the script she liked the series. Within two years, Alla torn between America and Russia, but then it came to an end.

In 2003, the director Vladimir Morozov began to shoot the television series' Evlampia Romanova. The investigation leads amateur 'on the famous books Darya Dontsova. So the actress for the role of the protagonist looking for a long time. Once at the studio came to Alla. Director recalls: 'She came into the office crew and presented it:' But our Evlampia Romanov '. But I thought to myself: 'No, this is first and foremost - my wife! "

During filming, they realized that the part is no longer able. Some time later divorced Kenny Alla Sheffer, and soon held her wedding with Morozov. Schaefer was also among the invitees.

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Photos of Kluki Alla Feodorovna
Kluki Alla FeodorovnaKluki Alla Feodorovna

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Kluki Alla Feodorovna, photo, biography
Kluki Alla Feodorovna, photo, biography Kluki Alla Feodorovna  Actress, photo, biography
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