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Biography SINGERS Dmitry
photo SINGERS Dmitry
(p. 08. 06. 1963), actor.
Born in Moscow. Graduated GITIS (1985). In 1985-1991 - Actor Drama and Comedy on Taganka, 1991 - actor theater 'Lenkom'. In the cinema since 1986
. Award 'Felix' in the category 'Vtoroplanovye role' for 1990
. 1990 ... nicknamed 'BEAST'
. 1990 MOTHER ( 'Illegal People')
. 1990 The Witches Cave
. 1992 ALICE AND Bukinist
. 1992 Possessed (Nikolai Stavrogin)
. 1992 for thee
. 1992 WALK FOR Scaffold

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    SINGERS Dmitry, photo, biography
    SINGERS Dmitry, photo, biography SINGERS Dmitry  Actor, photo, biography
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