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Shevchuk Irina

( Actress)

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Biography Shevchuk Irina
photo Shevchuk Irina
Born Oct. 6, 1951 in Murmansk. Father - Shevchuk, Boris Ivanovich (1920. born.). Mother - Shevchuk Maya Pavlovna (1925. born.). Spouse - Afanasiev Alexander Fedorovich (1948. born.), composer. Daughter - Afanas'eva Alexandra (1981. born.), a student at the Faculty of Economics Institute of Cinematography.

The first childhood impressions Irina Shevchuk linked to the Arctic - the northern lights, white nights, trips to the snow-covered tundra reindeer with his father, who served in the Northern Fleet. She grew up a dreamer and the dreamer, a lot of reading. When she was 11 years old, the family moved to Kiev.

In the cinema Irina Shevchuk had a chance: in the 10 th grade, she starred in an episode in the film Rezo Chkheidze "Well, young people" (1968). Three weeks spent on the set, enough to ever fall in love with acting career. Summer nights under the tape recorder she was preparing to enter the Kiev Theatrical Institute, taught Ukrainian repertoire. However girlfriend Irina led the Union of Cinematographers, where vgikovskaya commission headed by renowned actor MAT School, People's Artist of USSR, Professor VV. Belokurova gained national rate. Successfully passed the examinations, she was credited to VGIK, the studio VV. Belokurova.

Student of 3rd course Irina Shevchuk played Rita Ovsyaninu in the famous picture of SI. Rostotsky "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" (1972). Round-faced girl-soldier with a plump child-like lips and huge eyes, she was still a child, but mom, independent, courageous, fearless ... This role is immediately brought the young actress fame and recognition, which became her calling card. Working with a great SI. Rostotsky was for Irina Shevchuk serious school, comparable to the one that she got VGIK his teacher VV. Belokurova. No less vivid impressions associated with the actress about filming in another movie SI. Rostotsky - "White Bim the Black Ear (1978), and the role of Dashi, this pattern remains one of her most favorite.

Unusual fate painting "Abiturientka" (1973), which played a stewardess Irina Shevchuk. By fragments of the film's future flight attendants undergo a course of conduct in the case of plane hijacking by extremists.

. At the end of fighting positions and until 1983 Irina Shevchuk worked on behalf of the Dovzhenko Studios (Kiev), then moved to the studio name M
. Gorky (Moscow). During the years of creative work, she starred in 40 films. Besides those already mentioned it: "Gulf Stream" (1968), . "Marble House" (1972), . The Story of a Woman "(1974), . "Housewarming" (1974), . "Marina" (1974), . "Crime" (1976), . "There is far, . the river "(1976), . "Men turn gray sooner" (1976), . "Eralashny Voyage" (1976), . "The Right to Love" (1977), . "Prison Break" (1977), . "I'll wait" (1979), . "Otherwise it is impossible" (1980), . Bronze Angel "(1983), . "State border" (1984), . "Aunt Maria" (1985), . "On the dark side of the Moon" (1989), . "Code of Silence" (1990), . "Yar" (1991), . "Code of Silence - 2" (1992), . "Male zigzag" (1992), . "She-Wolf" (1993), . "Crossroads of Destiny" (2001) and others,
. In the detective film "She-Wolf" (his directorial debut A. Kulagina) Irina Shevchuk, first for himself acted as a producer.

Irina Shevchuk is the founder of the popular domestic film festival Kinoshock ", held annually in Anapa. Since 1991, she - the general director of the Creative Center Kinoshock "and Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic states, deputy chairman of its organizing committee, and now also the chief director.

Even before "Kinoshock Irina Shevchuk, together with B. Tokarev, D. Yatskin, E. Zharikov and B. Shilovsky created actor festival "Constellation". Once on the actor's guild meeting, the board of which she belonged, where there is not the first time spoken about the crisis of cinema distribution, unemployment among the actors, she surprised herself stood up and said he would try to do something concrete. Together with C. Novozhilov (film critic, now - the artistic director "Kinoshock"), she organized for the actors concert tour in the Far East. The trip was more than successful, . but even then it was obvious to, . that the festival needed, . which replace the missing rental would enable actors and directors to show new work, . bring together the creators of cinema, . enable them to meet with the audience,
. And Irina Shevchuk s. Novozhilov and playwright in. Merezhko, who later became president of the Film Forum, decided to create a festival, giving him the title "Kinoshock.

IB. Shevchuk and its sympathizers in many ways had to be "pioneers". With unprecedented enthusiasm, individually and directly, in practice it is to master a new profession for himself - an organizer of large-scale film festival. The creators wanted to a new film festival had its original face, different from other parades. The first festival wearing avant-garde nature. Its program reflects the search for authors, new ideas and forms of expression. Although today IB. Shevchuk and other organizers of "Kinoshock" preference tapes, marked by a spirit of innovation, they tend to play at the festival screen the entire spectrum of contemporary national cinema.

. Since 1996, the festival Kinoshock "is registered as Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic
. At the festival, which in 2001 celebrated its 10 anniversary, going to films and filmmakers of all the countries of CIS and Baltic. Thus, the festival - this is the only area which is over 10 years, supports and promotes not only domestic but also to national cinematography.

. Every year "Kinoshock" gaining more and more authority, he won prizes at various times became famous paintings: "Makarov" In
. Khotinenko, "What a wonderful game" P. Todorovsky, "Thief" P. Chukhrai other. In addition to the traditional awards creators of the festival came up with a unique prize - "Lady Luck", named after the legendary actor P. Luspekaeva. This award is for those who for years served as the art. Among the winners of "Lady Luck" - About. Efremov, N. Sazonov, A. Smirnova.

Irina Shevchuk - Honored Artist of Ukraine (1973), laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Award (1974), a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1974), an Academy of Russia "Nick" (1995). Since 2000 - Vice-President of the Guild of Film Actors in Russia.

Irina enjoys literature, theater, wrote poetry. Likes Russian bath. Its main motto is - to do in life as many good and useful things

. Lives and works in Moscow.

. 1972 The Dawns Here Are Quiet
. 1974 MARINA
. 1976 CRIME ( 'Deception', the film 2)
. 1976 there in the distance, across the river
. 1977 White Bim Black Ear
. 1977 Jailbreak
. 1980 no other way
. 1985 Aunt Maria
. 1991 YAR
. 1992 Code of Silence - 2
. 1993 WOLF

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  • Tikhovod for Shevchuk Irina
  • There are idols of all time. Irina is one of them - at least, in understanding the people of my generation - 30 +. I am absolutely with the age of the new open her work in film. I sincerely love this man and actor! The only pity is that information about it on the stingy. I have the same publication about Irina Shevchuk, and more interesting from a professional point of view - as a journalist. A purely human standpoint want to wish her good health and further success as an actress and organizer "Kinoshock" in Anapa.
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