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Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich

( The warlord. Field-Marshal, His Serene Highness Prince.)

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Biography Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich
photo Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich
(1768-1842) - commander. Field-Marshal (1826), His Serene Highness Prince (1834). Service began in 1781, Mr.. the Semenov regiment. Distinguished in the Polish campaign 1794g., The Persian campaign in 1796, wars with France (1805, 1806-1807), Russian-Turkish war of 1806-1812., Russian-Swedish war of 1808 ^ - 1809. In World War II 1812. commanded the 1 st infantry corps covering the St Petersburg area. After the death of Kutuzov was appointed commander of the Russian-Prussian army (1813), but after the defeat in battle Bautsenskom Lyuttsenskom and replaced by M. B. Barclay de Tolly. From 1818, Mr.. - Member of the State Council, Chief 2 nd Army. In the Russian-Turkish war of 1828 - 1829 he. - Chief of the Army. According to contemporaries, was an honest and humane military commander. However, the strategic talent did not shine.
Took part in military actions against Poland, then moved into the body of Count Zubov in the Caucasus and participated in the capture of Derbent. In 1801, Mr.. was appointed commander of Elizavetgradskogo Hussars, led by, in a campaign in 1805, for the battle of Amshtetene George got the 3rd degree. Wittgenstein took part in the Turkish war (1806) and in the war in 1807, Mr.. against Napoleon. At the beginning of World War II, he was entrusted to 1 Corps, which during the retreat of the armies Drissa Smolensk was assigned to cover the way to St. Petersburg against the encroachments of MacDonald and Oudinot. While the main army retreated, Wittgenstein inflicted several defeats a formidable opponent, after the capture of Polotsk (7 October), it became known as the "protector Petrova hail". Nobility Petersburg province Wittgenstein put her address, and the merchants of St. Petersburg. - 150000 RUR. Upon entry of Russian troops, in 1813, in Prussia, Wittgenstein took Berlin, and thus saved him from the attacks of the French. Upon the death of Kutuzov, despite the fact that the three generals were later Wittgenstein, he was appointed commander. Having the army before the battle Lyutsenskim, . not being sufficiently aware of the situation, . troubled by the presence of the allied monarchs, . Wittgenstein as in this battle, . and in the Battle of Bautzen, . was not equal to the situation and requested his release from office of Chief,
. Left in the Army, he was severely wounded in the battle 15 February 1814, Mr.. at Bar-sur-Aube. In 1818, Mr.. Wittgenstein was appointed commander of 2 nd Army and a member of the Council of State. At the beginning of the Turkish war in 1828, Mr.. Vitginshteyn was appointed commander in European Turkey, under his leadership had been taken fortress Isaccea, Machin and Brailov. In 1829, Mr.. Wittgenstein was sacked from the post of commander in chief and retired from all. In 1834, Mr.. King of Prussia elevated him to the dignity of His Serene Highness Prince; adoption of the title was allowed to it by Emperor Nicholas I. - Wed. Bantysh-Kamensky "Biographies Russian Generalissimo and General-Field Marshal". M. AP

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Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich, photo, biography
Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich, photo, biography Wittgenstein Peter Hristianovich  The warlord. Field-Marshal, His Serene Highness Prince., photo, biography
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