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( Head North-West District of the Union of Cossacks, representative of the Republic of Komi.)

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Biography DIAMOND Boris
Born August 5, 1944 in Leningrad. Family comes from an old Cossack family, which is mentioned in documents dating back to 1632. In line with the mother in 1726. In Leningrad, the family came, fleeing hunger and repression in the Don, and a resident here since 1932. Father was subjected to repression, as the grandson of the hamlet chief and son of a Cossack officer, mother - as a noble Cossack woman and a priest's daughter. The whole family participated in the Great Patriotic War, where all the men killed. My father died from wounds received in the penal battalion. When clearance Konigsberg in 1946. The mother returned from the front rank of lieutenant in the Medical Service, disabled with a broken spine and six medals. But this is not exempted from the family's identity as second-class citizens.
At the end of ninth grade high school BA. Diamonds, because of the difficult material situation of the family, entered the factory, where the captured professions turner and fitter, while continuing in school for working youth, where he graduated in 1961.
. In 1968 he graduated from the evening department teatrovedcheskogo faculty of the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography
. During training at the institute has changed many works: he was a loader, a masseur in a children's hospital, working in a geological party in the Far North, a literary associate at a large-circulation newspaper.
. Upon graduation, due to lack of professional work in drama, comes to high school teacher of art history, thus taking part in the experiment, the All-Union
. Over twenty years of work in the school has developed a methodology of teaching history and theory of art and cultural foundations for high school. He became one of the leading specialists in this area in the country. After the publication of several scientific works, adopted in Russia's Pedagogical Society. Offers scholarly work declined, citing the lack of special teacher education.
. Many works in the press and in 1974 adopted, as an exception, since it does not work in the state in the Union of Soviet Journalists.
. In the ten years leading two cyclic transmission of television as an author and presenter.
. In 1978 he published his first book for children "The most beautiful horse, once the author has brought fame
. In her feature film shot, it is translated into 18 languages.
. In this film, Almazov owns several scenarios of popular films and two plays run in the scenes of the country.
. Since the early sixties, has become known as the author and performer of songs
. And in his lectures, concerts, which toured the whole country, not only as author and performer, but as a historian and theorist of the genre, tracing its development in line with the development of Russian poetry from a very early time. Abroad, published several titles of his songs, two in the Soviet Union.
Publication of poems and songs abroad, as well as his refusal to join the Communist Party, on religious grounds, put B. Almazova in a number of dissidents. In this capacity, he appeared in many references abroad.
In 1980, after the fourth book, B. Almazov adopted by the Union of Soviet Writers. However, the work in the school reserves only in 1987, when the combine teaching and literary activity is physically impossible. In February 1990 took active part in the revival of the Cossacks. It is, in fact, the ideologist of the Union of Cossacks Russia. He was first elected Ataman of the Cossack community in the field of non-traditional residence of the Cossacks, . St. Petersburg, . but then chieftain of the North-West District of the Union of Cossacks, . remain in office until the present time, coordinates the activities of the Cossack communities and ethnic conditions in 13 regions of the North-West Russia and carrying out communication with the Cossacks abroad.,
. Many works as a journalist, always speaking in the press, on radio and television, editing and releasing compilations of Cossack history, culture, and two newspapers
. Organization of scientific conferences, chairing the public organization "Cossack Information Center.
. Continuing to work on his literary efforts, . produces two children's books "The Life of St. Seraphim of Sarov" and "The Life of prince Alexander Nevsky", . recommended by the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Church for study at the initial catechesis,
. Currently Used. Almazov written 42 books, including popular science, such as "Goodbye and Hello horses". "Our daily bread", a tale for children, historical novels, "Ataman Ermak and his comrades", "Ilya hero", "Road to Istanbul", etc.
. Being engaged on a voluntary basis by persons from the Far North, to the Government of the Republic of Komi specially designed program
. She was accepted and gave convincing results. The result was a proposal to create in St. Petersburg Representation of the Republic of North-West and lead him to the status of minister.
Currently Used. Almazov includes representatives of the Republic of Komi, headed by a volunteer of the North-West District of the Union of Cossacks, and continues to work in the literature.

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DIAMOND Boris, photo, biography
DIAMOND Boris, photo, biography DIAMOND Boris  Head North-West District of the Union of Cossacks, representative of the Republic of Komi., photo, biography
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