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DRAGAN Vasily Mikhailovich

( General Director of JSC 'Sparkling wines'. Wine-professional.)

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Biography DRAGAN Vasily Mikhailovich
Born March 3, 1964 in Moldova.
He graduated from the Kishinev Polytechnic Institute of Technology Wine ".
He has a son and daughter.
His belief: to get a good wine, you need to know how to make wine.
Self-sufficient people who can answer for myself and for my life's work.
In people appreciate honesty and professionalism. Moreover, a professional, he believes, will never be the one who performed the work is not a pleasure.
Vasily Mikhailovich believes that the excellent performance of each wine unique fine. However, prefers dry red Cabernet.
In Moldova, the main branch of production has always been and remains the winemaking and wine-making talent in this blessed edge is transmitted genetically. In addition, however, wine production, according to Vasily Mikhailovich, requires more experience, enterprise, high material costs, and, of course, technical and technological knowledge. So he tries to explore all the subtleties of craftsmanship and winemakers, and winemakers and vintners.
In Moldova, it is very famous, who knows his business specialist. His professional activity began one of the winery's director of farms. He later became Director General of the Association of Moldovan wine "Dagiya-Phoenix. Then - the president of the company "Klassikvin".
With JSC "Sparkling wine" it has long-standing partnerships: loved by Russia's consumer brand of champagne "Lev Golitsyn" and "St. Petersburg" are made from the best of wine Moldovan wineries. Close cooperation with leading enterprise in the north of the capital began in 1999 when Vasily M. Dragan was elected chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Sparkling Wines". Since April 2001 he became CEO of this company.
With the advent of a new director in the life of the plant underwent a major change: modern equipment, running an Italian bottling line. As a result, last year alone, sales of champagne rose by 12%. Changed the structure of production: in addition to champagne fired first collections of grape wines. And ahead of the company - the new economic horizons. In the final stage is a new project for the production of brandy. In this connection, will be soon launched a new universal line for bottling of wine, champagne, cognac and improved technological line for cold and filtration of wine worth 2.4 million. U.S..
JSC "Sparkling wine" participated in the urban and international exhibitions: "St Petersburg 300 years," World's Fair "Russia's Farmer," PRODEXPO - 2000 ". Most of the wines have received the Grand Prix and Gold Medals.
Occupying a prominent place in economic and social life of St. Petersburg, the company takes an active part in many cultural and sporting events the city, charity.
JSC "Sparkling wine" is constantly expanding range of products. The beginning of the summer 2001 season was marked for the enterprise release of a new series of Wine. "The potential of the plant is significant," - says CEO, - "but we will have to invest many more resources and time to consolidate our new market in Russia. A lot of work, but we will do everything to ensure that products of our company retained the stamp of one of the best in Russia. "

. Photo Dragan Vasily Mikhailovich

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    DRAGAN Vasily Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    DRAGAN Vasily Mikhailovich, photo, biography DRAGAN Vasily Mikhailovich  General Director of JSC 'Sparkling wines'. Wine-professional., photo, biography
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