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CHIKIROV Alexander

( General Director of JSC `Sovmortrans Petersburg`.)

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Biography CHIKIROV Alexander
photo CHIKIROV Alexander
Born in g. Leningrad in 1950, Mr.. in the family, which is a difficult time 20 - 50 i.i. able to maintain their historical and cultural roots.
Years of childhood and schooling were related to the historical center of g. Leningrad, where his parents. Great influence on the vital position of Alexander Sergeyevich had the unique environment, through which passed much of the generation of the postwar years.
. Then there was a navigational school and service as a sailor on ships of the Baltic Shipping Company (BMP)
In 1971, Mr.. Alexander did, and in 1976. Makarov graduated college and got a profession skipper. After graduation, he worked on passenger ships BMP. Here he passed the high school of professional skills, . and knowledge, . ability and experience gained allowed Alexander Sergeyevich master all stages of the qualification hierarchy, . from 4 - the first assistant to the senior assistant captain of a passenger vessel,
. Then he worked in a post captain on cargo ships of various classes.
In 1992. Alexander moved to the St. Petersburg branch of the firm "Sovmortrans" and organized in 1993. on the basis of this branch of the company "Sovmortrans Petersburg, he became its permanent CEO.
Alexander has a wife and daughter.
AO Sovmortrans was established in 1989. as the first non-state company engaged in the Forwarding. In 1990. G. Leningrad opened its branch with the same name, and in 1993. this branch was reorganized into an independent subsidiary company - JSC "Sovmortrans Petersburg.
. Earlier in the Soviet Union was engaged in forwarding exclusively "SVT" and only after the establishment of JSC "Sovmortrans" was broken state monopolies, and customers can choose
Today JSC "Sovmortrans Petersburg (SMTP) provides customers a wide range of services associated with transportation and forwarding of foreign trade goods. The company serves clients from all parts of the world and works on a regular basis. SMTP is a transport company and provides port agency services vessels, freight forwarding throughout Russia and the former Soviet territory, bukirovanie courts, customs formalities and clearance of cargo at the port of Mr.. St. Petersburg, handling and all transactions relating to the transshipment port.
SMTP clients only need to declare their desire to send or receive the goods and the company will assume all subsequent care of the cargo. Highly qualified staff SMTP offer the most convenient and efficient for the client mode of transportation of goods by sea, rail and road transport. Shipping agents will monitor all cargo operations throughout the vessel's stay, firmly defending the interests of the shipowner and the charterer. Forwarding service will ensure the delivery of goods anywhere in the territory of the former Soviet Union agreed with the client mode of transport. Department of Customs Service will carry out all customs formalities and clearance of goods in full, since SMTP is a licensed customs broker.
Since 1990. until 1996. SMTP was linear agent "Sea-Land". After creating the world's largest company of its own firm in g. St. Petersburg, SMTP has liner agent Northern Shipping Company (SMP) and organized work 5 shipping lines in Holland, Italy, Spain and France. Currently, SMTP operates on these lines 7 courts SMP. Line service includes transportation as a container (including REFRIGERATOR) and general cargo
. SMTP provides the whole range of works in accordance with official licenses:
. Ship agent services (SMTP is a member of FONASBA)
. Freight forwarding service (a member of FIATA)
. Brokerage (a member of BIMCO)
. Acting as a customs broker.
. Accordingly, the company carries out the following list of licensed services:
. Chartering and bukirovanie vessels
. Ship's agency
. Customs formalities and customs clearance
. Total volume of freight forwarding
. Implementation of tracking containers
. Delivery of goods from door to door
. Serving a lot of clients from most European countries, . Americas, . South-east Asia and Africa, . company in its activity relies on work with domestic firms, . trying to satisfy demands Russian entrepreneurs,
. Unfortunately, it should be noted that in recent times almost all the laws and regulations of official bodies did not meet the interests of Russian shipowners and cargo owners.
. But, despite all the difficulties with the main goal - providing clients with fast and reliable delivery of their products, facilitating their work - the company copes
. First and foremost this is due to, . that unlike other firms, . created by the leadership of the port and other security forces, . Company Sovmortrans Petersburg "started from scratch at great cost to the team of like-minded, . that, . without taking over time, . no difficulties, . work successfully and to this day.,

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CHIKIROV Alexander, photo, biography
CHIKIROV Alexander, photo, biography CHIKIROV Alexander  General Director of JSC `Sovmortrans Petersburg`., photo, biography
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