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YUHNIN Vladimir E.

( Head-General Designer of the Northern Design Bureau.)

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Biography YUHNIN Vladimir E.
photo YUHNIN Vladimir E.
Born February 20, 1937 in Leningrad.
He is one of the major designers and organizers of shipbuilding production.
He graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (1960) and the Military Mechanical Institute. Ph. D.. (1988). Professor (1990). Academician SpbIA (1992). Academician Russia IA (2001). Specialists in the field of contemporary design of large surface ships of the Navy, the hardest and most sophisticated research vessels. Works in the Northern Design Bureau (1960): engineer, deputy chief designer (1971), Chief-Designer General Bureau (1979).
Participated in designing, building and testing spacecraft projects, 56, 56K, 58 and 61. Participated in the creation of a large antisubmarine ship Project 1135 from the draft design to delivery lead ship and launch it into mass production. Deputy chief designer of heavy nuclear missile cruiser Project 1144 "Kirov". As chief designer, . author and leading developer of advanced warships (cruisers, heavy atomic Project 1144, Project 1164 missile cruisers, large antisubmarine ships of project 1155, Project 956 destroyers; border patrol ships of the project 11351; export frigates project 61EM, etc.),
. Has organized interaction with companies involved in the construction of these ships. Developed a project to restore the cruiser "Aurora". The program "Revival Rossiyskogo Fleet participated in the design and construction of dry cargo vessels, . chemical tankers, . developing projects for passenger vessels for various purposes, . as well as vessels for other purposes (fishing, . environmental, etc.),
In 1995-2000, under his leadership and with direct participation have been established and put Navy heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Pyotr Veliky" and the large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Chabanenko".
Both of these ships, in essence, is the parent. They absorbed all the best that has been established shipbuilding. Their high quality marine and military striking power of the shock, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weapons allow them to take the ships of the XXI century.
Currently, under the leadership and personal involvement Yuhnina VE. conducted design research study of shape future of Russia's fleet of ships, being conversion works. Recently, the project offices were built for foreign customers were bulk carriers, bulk carriers and chemical tankers.
Carrying out the decision of the Government, Yuhnin VE. as the general designer of direct scientific and technological cooperation with China, India, Vietnam.
Construct 2 ships to China, built 3 ships for India, the project office was built by a patrol boat for Vietnamese.
For projects developed under the leadership and personal involvement Yuhnina VE, built more than 100 major warships and a large number of civil courts.
Since 1990, holds the chair of "Design of Ships" C. Petersburg Marine Technical University.
He is the author of more than 50 scientific works and inventions, among which 32 printed works, 2 books, 2 series of lectures, 12 monographs and 16 inventions.
He is a member of many inter-agency councils on shipbuilding, including the Academic Council of Central Research Institute. Academician AN. Krylov, troubled council Northwest Branch ATN RF, chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council SPKB, since 1990 member of the editorial board of "Shipbuilding".
He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution (1988), Order of Red Banner of Labor (1985), Order of Honor (1977), commemorative medals.
Married. Has two sons.

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YUHNIN Vladimir E., photo, biography
YUHNIN Vladimir E., photo, biography YUHNIN Vladimir E.  Head-General Designer of the Northern Design Bureau., photo, biography
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