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Vladimir Vasiliev

( University Rector, the supervisor network RUNNet)

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Biography Vladimir Vasiliev
photo Vladimir Vasiliev
Rector of the University, the supervisor network RUNNet, Head of the Department of Computer Technologies. Honored Scientist of Russia, laureate of the Government of Russia in the field of education. Professor, . Doctor of Technical Sciences, . Full Member and Corresponding Member of a number of industry and international academies, . Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Education Russia, . Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of Informatization of education, . Deputy Chairman of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg on scientific activities, . Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Government of St. Petersburg, . Vice-President of the Association of Russian Universities,
Vladimir was born on April 1, 1951. He graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (LPI) in 1974, specializing in thermal physics. Until 1978, he studied in graduate school LPI and in 1980 defended his thesis. From 1978 to 1983 he worked in the Stavropol Polytechnic Institute, occupying a senior research fellow, assistant lecturer.
Since 1983, he went to work at the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics. In 1989 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the field of "optical instruments", "Thermophysics and molecular physics". In 1990 awarded the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1992, given the academic rank of professor in the department of computer technology systems.
He is currently rector of St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Litma).
His wife, Lydia B. Vasiliev, born in 1952, works deputy. Director of the Agency of International Projects and programs.
Daughter, Alice V. Vasilyev, born in 1974, St. Petersburg State University Law Faculty.
Son, Arseny V. Vasiliev, born in 1977, post-graduate law faculty of St. Petersburg State University.
The scientific work of VN. Vasilyeva linked to two main directions:

. mathematical modeling and realization of technological processes of manufacturing fiber-optic communication systems;
. development of principles and the creation of global telecommunications
As a result of work on the first direction, have been proposed and implemented new processes of production of optical fibers, including the control system with a fundamentally new sensors and devices. Developed methods to increase the reproducibility of the fiber-optic communication lines.
Contents of the second direction is connected with data transmission systems for the global computer network Internet. A new approach and principles of the global Internet network in Russia. Implemented by developing simulation and network topologies Internet, based on a hierarchical scheme. Developed a flexible interface channel and the levels of global computer networks, system control and protection system with poor telecommunications infrastructure channel. A remote monitoring stations, satellite. Addressing these challenges allowed in a short time to create the largest scientific and educational computer network in Russia - RUNNet.
With the active participation VN. Vasilyeva developed the concept and program for constructing a network RUNNet, the basic principles and carried out the implementation of the Federal University Network. On the base of the Republican Scientific Center of computer telecommunications networks of higher education (Vuztelekomtsentr) organized and satellite network segment RUNNet, . providing international connectivity to the largest European academic service-provider - network Nordunet,
VN. Vasiliev is one of the creators of their own information resources of higher education in Russia and build a unified scientific and educational information space of Russia. The network RUNNet is the largest scientific and educational computer network in Russia, with more than 30 federal sites, located in the largest cities in Russia and provides full connectivity to other networks.
On his initiative and under his leadership, has developed new control systems and maintenance of satellite communications, local and global networks and implemented in real operating networks. He - the author of more than 130 scientific publications including 14 patents and inventions. He has made a great contribution to the development of international cooperation in the field of computer networks, as a permanent member of international society and international working groups. Have organized international and All-Russia conferences, seminars and symposiums on computer networks, telematics, and mathematical modeling.
Prof. VN. Vasiliev has been actively teaching career. He - one of the initiators of a comprehensive training of gifted in the sciences students. Preparation of highly skilled engineers and scientists in the field of computer technology, . optoelektronniki, . laser technology and laser technology, . computerized instrument systems and control systems is the goal of special education project, . conducted at the University,
On his initiative at the University in 1991 created Department of Computer Technology. The Department produces specialists in the field of applied mathematics and computer. With his participation designed and developed training plans and programs for training specialists, issued a series of training manuals. Students of the department repeatedly became champions of Russia in programming, the winners of European and International Olympiad in Informatics. In 2000 a team of students the department became the silver medalist in the World Cup final competition on programming.
In 1995, the Department for the first time in the world, hosted an international student's competition with the use of the Internet. Ten students of the Department have published four monographs on the problems of computer telecommunications.
April 1, Vladimir Nikolaevich Vasilyev was 50 years.

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Vladimir Vasiliev, photo, biography
Vladimir Vasiliev, photo, biography Vladimir Vasiliev  University Rector, the supervisor network RUNNet, photo, biography
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