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Petrovsky Gury Timofeevich

( Director-General SUE VSC 'GOI im. SI Vavilov '.)

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Biography Petrovsky Gury Timofeevich
photo Petrovsky Gury Timofeevich
Born 05.08.1931 in Leningrad.
Father - Timothy Timofeevich Petrovsky, teacher. Mother - Marina Petrovna Timofeeva, secretary-typist. Wife - Marina Lazarevna Peters, associate professor of the Technological Institute. Daughter - Olga (28 years), graduate student. Son - Igor (35 years), artist.
He graduated from the Institute of Technology. Leningrad City Council in 1955. In 1957. graduate studies in Prague, Czech obtained a diploma. Since 1959, Mr.. works in the State Optical Institute (GOI) of. Vavilov.
Institute - one of the few who have received the status of the Federal Research Center. His work aims to develop scientific and technical potential of Russia. The Center is divided into 6 institutions involved in the design and construction of civil and scientific optical instruments - microscopes, astronomical instruments. Institute of Space Optics is developing equipment for the spacecraft; Institute of Laser Physics Lasers develops medical and technological applications. Institute of Physical Optics studies the processes of interaction of light with matter and the effect of light radiation optical materials. Institute of Materials develops and manufactures all types of optical material - 100 brands of clear and colored glass, 30 brands of transparent crystals, fiber optics. The Center is one of the largest organizatsiy.Nesmotrya to halve over the past years, there are 7 thousand. The structure of SOI includes two plants, the Institute for Complex Testing of Sosnovy Bor, where the simulated conditions of space. GOI is engaged in the full range of issues of optical science and technology. Our age - age of optics, and in the future all information will be stored and transmitted through optical devices, thereby increase the output speed of information.
Mr. Peter from 1969. served as director of material science in-ta. B 1993. became CEO of GOI. Permanent 'headache' - where to get dengiN But domestic science will live, her enormous potential. GOI was established in 1918, when the difficulties were no less. Is there more aware of the importance optikiN 'Science should be on hand at the state and feel its warmth "- cites Mr. Petrovsky word C. I. Vavilov. Mr. Petrovsky - USSR State Prize laureate for the development of new optical glasses for space photographic and special silica.
He was a principled opponent of the stretching and night, thinks the second half of the day time, when the researcher has to fill up their knowledge. Daily reads the scientific literature, in t.ch. foreign; loves books, causing concern in t.ch. and the detectives of Agatha Christie. From theater allocates BDT, BDT considers brilliant filmmaker. Not keen on either hunting or fishing, or sports, or gardening: 'In nature, everything is much better to grow without human intervention'. He can not stand clutter and untidiness. He does not like big companies and prepare breakfast, but he loves all that he was preparing his wife. She believes in love. I like them, family celebrations, especially New Year's. For comfort at work is quiet, furniture in the office of the Director-General was made in the days of organizing in-ta, and passed by inheritance from one CEO to another. The plans of Mr. Petrovsky is not only the transfer of the cabinet in good hands, but also the restoration of optical in-ta to the level it was in the heyday, strengthening its position in world science and industry.
President of the Optical Society im.D.S.Rozhdestvenskogo (since September 1996. present)
. Academician of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Academician of Engineering Academy of Russia, Russia Technological Academy, the New York Academy, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
. Field's own research interests - the theory of the glassy state, technology and physical chemistry of optical glass, optical crystal, fiber-optic elements
Author and co-authored over 600 scientific publications, including the monograph "Optical technology in space."

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