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Uspensky Vladislav

( Composer.)

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Biography Uspensky Vladislav
photo Uspensky Vladislav
The artist is truly a universal talent, . Vladislav Uspensky owns a wide palette of musical genres - from songs to opera, . of instrumental miniatures to large-scale symphonic canvases, . from children's plays, . film music - to the Divine Liturgy ..,
. Striking way they are welded together, are fused, melted in the crucible of the original style of the master. Music creation is incomprehensible, but you can try to trace the sources that feed the style of the creator.
Vladislav Uspensky was born Sept. 7, 1937 in Omsk. The future composer from childhood singing in church choir, and the first lessons in music was his first teacher - my mother. The indomitable desire to create was directed in the right direction recognized master of music D.B. Kabalevsky - "godfather" of the young musician. In the music school of the Moscow Conservatory, Vladislav Uspensky broadened his understanding of music of XX century under the guidance originally thinking of the teacher with. Frida. Years of study at the Leningrad Conservatory, penetration into the rich spiritual and academic traditions of the city, merging with the creative environment of the sixties ". The terms of communication of the young author - Mstislav Rostropovich, Evgeny Mravinsky, Michael Wyman, Boris Gutnikov, Joseph Brodsky, Mikhail Shemyakin, Jacob Gordin. The secrets of composing career in. Assumption is attached under the guidance of experienced master, BA. Arapova.
Meeting with Dr.. D. Shostakovich, . whose Vladislav Uspensky from 1962 to 1965 he studied in graduate school, . defined much of his life and creative destiny: it expanded the horizons of artistic Worldview, . identified a growing level of skill, . Finally, . deepened understanding of human nature and art,
. Vladislav Uspensky adopted from his teacher's best qualities - not only as an author and teacher, but also as an individual. Earnestly devotion to his profession, the accuracy in words and deeds, a special delicacy of interpersonal relationships - all these traits, taken over by the great master, entered the flesh and blood of nature in. Assumption, were the invincible symbol of faith. Composer truly democratic orientation,. Assumption utterly devoid of false academic snobbery and aesthetically: for him there is no impermeable boundaries between the spheres of "high" and "low" in art, between the esoteric and "light" entertainment (E & U-Musik).
On the contrary, they are complementing and enriching each other, give rise to a unique author's style. Thus, the theatricality, primordially inherent talents in. Uspensky, penetrates into the symphonic genre (the personification of sounds, vivid portraits of characteristics) and pop songs (solo performance "Waiting" the verses P. Rozhdestvensky), . vocal-symphonic pop and connects to the poetics of the ballet "The Cranes Are Flying"; techniques and principles of screenwriting (mounting, . rapid change of pace) penetrate the opera "Intervention", . and from Zongo last "sprout" later effervescent musical "Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Bohemia" ..,
Paradoksalizm, not just a creative composer, but also its very nature. Features of extrovert and introvert are combined here wonderfully. On the one hand, . Vladislav Uspensky - people, . endowed with an extraordinary public temperament, . immersed at times in the vain cares of the world ", . on the other - is an intellectual Chekhov warehouse, . a subtlest psychic organization (not from here I appeal to the prose and,
. Bunin, poetry M. Tsvetaeva, B. Pasternak and accurate "psychogram" woman's soul, in many presented in his writings with a penetrating, piercing lyricism and romanticism vsepokoryayuschey).
Spiritual, moral start in music in. Assumption deserves special attention. This is rightly said at the time of his great mentor Dr.. D. Shostakovich: ".... VA. Assumption very well aware of the ethical significance of musical creativity ... "Confirmation of this comes from many acts - human and creative - Vladislav Uspensky: his service to his art, his pupils and colleagues. Special magnetism of the spirit (a trait also inherited from DD. Shostakovich), a sense of deep connection with his contemporaries and predecessors, a sense of spiritual duty - is the moral leitmotif of the composer. It is no accident the key word in the names of some of his works is "Dedication" ( "in the sacred" as touching the sacraments of love, . Faith, . friendship ( "Dedication" - elegiac symphony memory mother, . symphonic poem "Dedication to the courage" in memory of the perpetrators of the Seventh Symphony D,
. Shostakovich at the Leningrad blockade, the song "Dedication to a Friend", "Dedication to a woman")
. The religious shrines composer attached to the monumental choral works of the early 90's: All-Night Vigil (1990), . Divine Liturgy (1991), . "The outcome of the soul" (Dirge, . 1992), . where the canonical genres Orthodox Typicon (ritual) are painted a bright personal tone creator, . absorbing the Christian faith with their mother's milk and is now positing its cornerstone being, . perpetual engine of true art,

. A characteristic feature of the Assumption of creativity - a concern for the fate of the world, . direct response to the global conflicts and challenges: the fight against fascism and totalitarianism (opera "War with the Newts" by Karl Capek), . the dominance of vulgarity of mass culture ( "antidote" to serve her in the works in,
. Assumption songs based on pure, uncomplicated sources of folklore and natural living intonation). His compositions are always carry a charge of moral purification, the effect of catharsis. Even the dark forces in. Assumption, breaking, transforms into positive aesthetic values (the final opera "War with the Newts", the concluding episodes of many symphonic opuses).
Musical language Vladislav Uspensky combines national traditions of Russian music with contemporary sounds and colors that makes the music composer "ravnodokladnoy" and for professionals, and for music lovers. The works of the composer in. Assumption performed in different years of outstanding musicians, . including Boris Gutnikov, . Pavel Serebryakov, . Arvid Jansons, . Irina Bogacheva, . Gennady Rozhdestvensky, . Vladislav Chernushenko, . Sergei Leiferkus, . Philip Hirschhorn, . Maxim Vengerov, . Roberto Fabrichchiani, . Wolfgang Stockmayer, . pop stars Edita eha, . Joseph Kobzon, . Valentina Tolkunova, . Irina Ponarovskaya, . Irina Miroshnichenko,
. Enormous popular established VA. Assumption in 1999. and raised in Finland, a big dramatic musical "Anna Karenina".
People's Artist of Russia, Professor Vladislav Uspensky has not only the tremendous energy and deep inner intelligence. Latitude vision of the world, . interest in all, . what is happening in the city and country combined it with attention to an individual, . and immersion in the work on major new musical works - with the ability to see the beauty of quiet, . discreet streets of St. Petersburg - those, . past which usually take tourists, . opening its own charm, only careful, . loving eyes,

Educational activity
1965-1967 gg. - Lecturer in music theory, Leningrad State Conservatory
1967-1972 gg .- Dean theoretical composition faculty LOLGK
Since 1969. - Associate Professor of composition LOLGK
1982. - Professor of arrangement LOLGK
1995. - A visiting composer at the State University of Seoul (Republic of South Korea): lectures, master-class
1997. - A visiting composer at the State University of Lima (Peru), lectures, master-class.
More than 30 graduates of composers, among them A. Dorokhin, deputy chairman of the SC Belarus, Igor Korneluk, Laura Quint, E. Irsha, a member of St. Petersburg SK (Slovakia), C. Poddubnyi, a member of the St. Petersburg SC, E. Poplyanova, a member of the UK Russia,. Chebotarev (Omsk), and. Blinnikova (Komi Republic) and. Laenko (Mexico), Park Shin John (South Korea), Edmondo Dante Valdez Ortiz (Peru), A. Mikhailov (Bulgaria) H. Hastsler (Germany) and other.

Musical and social activities
Since 1972, Mr.. - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg
Since 1999. - Secretary of the Union of Composers of Russia
Since 1972, Mr.. - Co-Director of the International Festival "Musical Spring in St. Petersburg"
Since 1996. - Chairman of the Music Council with the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg
Since 1995, Mr.. - Director General of the International Children's Music Festival
From 1980 to present. moment - a member of the jury Russia and International performing and composing competitions

Honors, Awards
1976. - Order of the Badge of Honor
1980. - Honored Artist of the RSFSR
1988. - People's Artist of the RSFSR
1988. - Order of Merit to the Fatherland "
1997. - Laureate of the Union of Composers of Russia. D. Shostakovich
2000. - Honored Composers' Union of Russia

Photo by Vladislav Alexandrovich Uspensky

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Uspensky Vladislav, photo, biography
Uspensky Vladislav, photo, biography Uspensky Vladislav  Composer., photo, biography
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