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Senate Yuri Konstantinovich

( Rear-Admiral, retired. Chief Specialist Navy USSR and rescue ship raising work.)

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Biography Senate Yuri Konstantinovich
Born October 13, 1924 in g. Arkhangelsk. Pre-school years were spent in the countryside and in the Vologda g. Leningrad. Of particular fascination with the ship and airplane models in the Pioneer City.
In 1940 - a pupil of the 2nd Leningrad naval special schools. Grade 10 took place in the besieged Leningrad during.
From February 1942 - graduate training courses of the Higher Naval School of. M.V. Frunze, which was evacuated first to Astrakhan, and then in Baku. In September 1942 the so-called "alphabet" was assigned to Navy medical assistant school. In April 1944, at the rank of second lieutenant and paramedic skills aimed at the Baltic on the trawler Zhelyabov-172 "in Tallinn. In October 1944, for the courage shown in battle with the amphibious assault on the island of Saaremaa Island and Dago awarded the Order of the Red Star.
After the war, from 1945 to 1950 - student of the shipbuilding department of the Higher Naval Engineering College named. F.E. Dzerzhinsky. After graduation in December 1950 he was appointed a senior engineer - naval architects in 405 separate division of emergency service (ODASS) r. Tallinn Baltic Fleet. Up to 1953 participated in many rescue and ship raising ra-bots, including the rise of the 60 thousandth of the German floating dock and turboelektrohoda "And. Stalin.
From 1953 to 1956 - Diving ACC specialist of the Navy, Mr.. Leningrad.
Years 1956-1957 - Commanding Officer of the Navy on the Volga ACC g. Bitter.
1957-1958 years in the rank of Captain 3 rank - a senior special branch officer of the General Staff of the Navy.
From 1958 to 1965 - Deputy Head - Chief Engineer ACC Baltic Fleet. Actively involved in many rescue and ship raising work, and in the development of new vessels and rescue and diving equipment arrived at the fleet.
Since 1965, serves as the central apparatus of the Navy at the ACC Chief diving specialist and deputy director of security and deep-sea diving operations.
In 1969, as Deputy Commander-Chief Engineer of the expedition special purpose (EON-10) participated in the rise of the submarine S-80 Northern Fleet from the depth of 200metrov. Author of this unique project recovery without the use of diving work at great depths in the open area of the Barents Sea.
In February, April 1972, provided technical guidance and assistance towing a nuclear submarine K-19 "in the Atlantic on the rescue ship Beshtau Northern Fleet. During this operation was awarded a second Order of the Red Star.
From June 1972 to July 1974 participated in the ship raising work in the port of Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, as the ACC Specialist of the Navy and then as deputy commander for ship raising work EON-12 Soviet Navy. It was dredged from 30 meters to 26 vessels with a total displacement of about 100 thousand tons. For these works was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.
From 1974 to 1987, Deputy Director-Chief Engineer of the Navy ASS (After renaming - Rescue Service of the Navy). During this period:

. technical guide rescue personnel and the rise of the submarine S-178 "Pacific Fleet from a depth of 31 meters in October 1981;
. as Chief Engineer EON provided technical guidance rescue personnel and the rise from a depth of 41 meters of the nuclear submarine K-429 "Kamchatka
. 102 submarine were rescued and the boat lifted entirely for 40 days;
. technical guidance salvation KFOR-84 and GTRI "Anadyr" in the Pacific Fleet;
. in 1977 was awarded the title "Engineer Rear-Admiral" Author of several articles on the most interesting job in the newspaper "Guarding Arctic and other naval newspapers
. In the magazine "Dialogue" N3 in 1992 published an article "had three hours" about saving the submarine K-19 ". Is technical editor of special directories Voenizdat for search and rescue and ship raising work.
Since 1987, retired.
Veteran Navy ACC, ACC DKBF and diving services.


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Senate Yuri Konstantinovich, photo, biography
Senate Yuri Konstantinovich, photo, biography Senate Yuri Konstantinovich  Rear-Admiral, retired. Chief Specialist Navy USSR and rescue ship raising work., photo, biography
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