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Yevgeny Chernov

( Vice-Admiral retired. Hero of the Soviet Union.)

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Biography Yevgeny Chernov
photo Yevgeny Chernov
Born on March 12, 1930. in Leningrad in a family of indigenous Leningrad. During the war years - resident of Leningrad under siege, with 14 years working in a repair shop connection of the Baltic Fleet. The age of 16 he began his studies and service in the Navy.
In 1953, the end of the 1 st Baltic Higher Naval College, Lieutenant Chernov was appointed to the diesel-electric submarines of the Northern Fleet submarine force. Since then and over the next 33 years he served in the Seafarers of Northern Fleet submarines: the first 7 years on the diesel electric and 26 - on nuclear submarines 1 st Red Banner Fleet Northern Fleet
. From 1960 to 1986 - Lieutenant nuclear missile submarine, . commander of the multipurpose nuclear submarine, . Chief of Staff of the division and the division commander of the same nuclear submarines, . deputy commander and commander of the 1-st of the Red Banner Fleet submarines Northern Fleet,

. Actively participated in the trials, . exploration and combat exploitation of new conventional and nuclear missiles and multipurpose submarines, . methods of their application, . in remote areas of the oceans, . to previously inaccessible depths and under the ice of the Central Arctic,
After the arrival of the flotilla entrusted to him the deep nuclear submarine K-278 Komsomolets, was chairman of the committee on its trial operation. Supervised while on its board, the most senior trials of this ship at sea with the crew of the legendary captain 1 rank Yu.A.. Zelensky
He graduated in absentia Naval Academy and the Higher Academic Courses of the Academy of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.
From 1986 to 1990. - Deputy Chief of Naval Academy.
After the crash nuclear submarine K-278 April 7, 1989, Mr.. conducted research into the causes and circumstances of her accident met a group of specialists Academy which came to conclusions inconsistent with the official version Glavkomat Navy, . appeared in the media criticism of official position and assess the causes and circumstances of the death of the "Komsomolets",
. Resumed in 1991, the Main Military Prosecutor's Office preliminary investigation, which ended in 1998, came to similar conclusions obtained in the Academy.
In 1990. transferred to the reserve. From 1990 to 1997 - Research Fellow research of the Marine Technical University in St. Petersburg.
In 1996-2000, after the arrest of the submariner captain 1 rank Nikitin AK. actively and publicly involved in its protection.
At the present time - Vice-Admiral, retired. Hero of the Soviet Union.
Candidate of Military Sciences.
Since 1992, volunteer work in the St. Petersburg public charity, the Society of memory Navy nuclear submarine "Komsomolets". He is currently Chairman of the Board of the Society ... " on an elective basis
. The objectives of the Society ... " are:
. - Provision of material assistance!, Social and legal support to families of those killed in the sea during the Cold War submarine the Navy, as well as by the submariners suffered injuries and loss of productivity
- Perpetuating the memory of those killed in this period the submariners, as well as assistance funds of the Society ... " reduce accidents and loss of crew submarines of the Navy.


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Yevgeny Chernov, photo, biography
Yevgeny Chernov, photo, biography Yevgeny Chernov  Vice-Admiral retired. Hero of the Soviet Union., photo, biography
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