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Taimanov Irina

( Director musical theater, TV commentator.)

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Biography Taimanov Irina
photo Taimanov Irina
Born in Leningrad in a theatrical family. Father - a theater engineer-architect, so all the best theaters from childhood to become a home Irina Taimanov. Mama - amazingly beautiful woman - in his youth was a singer and pianist, but for the sake of the children had left the profession. Irina danced, studied German language, history and theory of painting at the University at the Hermitage and Russian Museum.
Having received a classical education in piano music in a special ten-year school at the Leningrad Conservatory, and then graduated with honors from the piano faculty of the Leningrad State Conservatory N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, Irina Taimanov and acquired a second profession, newly graduated with honors from the music faculty of directing the Conservatory, specializing in director of opera theater and graduate work in the same specialty. Gratefully she remembers his teachers - Professor P. Savshinskogo, LI. Zelihman, EH. Sokovnin, RI. Tikhomirova.
The first success came to her in May 1968, when on stage, Mr.. Ufa, it was staged opera-pamphlet VA. Assumption "War with the Newts", highly evaluated by critics. In February of that year, Irina is a student - 3 course - invited to work as director-director of Leningrad television. More than 30 years to create it on this channel their own cycles, plays, films.
Characteristic feature of her as a director - in an effort to experiment. For the stars of world opera - G. Vishnevskaya, C. Leiferkus AND. Bogacheva - it long before the video clips created unique solo performances: "Complaints Book" on A. Chekhov on music Rogalyova, "Satire" Sasha Cherny on music DD. Shostakovich's "Songs and Dances of Death" Stamp. Mussorgsky's original TV shows to music by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Glinka. In "Love and Life Woman" by Schumann (with and. Bogacheva), in the television movie "Bewitched" (with L. Kazarnovskaya) singer, actress was invited to play a lot of unpredictable ways, composed by director. On the rising star of the Opera, Olga Borodina Irina Taimanov created the film "Hello, . Olga ", . and the stars of ballet dancing on the quays and squares of St. Petersburg in its programs "in a white night" and "Ballet at the fountains" (awarded the International Prize in 1974 in Italy),
. In 1996, Irina Taimanov won the Grand Prix at international contest "velvet" season "for creating film-parable touch souls" of the duo Dhikr.
The event was the opera "War with the Newts" on TV in 1986. This performance-grotesque, in memory of Dr.. Shostakovich - composer, teacher in. Assumption - unusual, anti-totalitarian in essence a performance, this time was raised and. Taimanov with the soloists of the Mariinsky Theater.
Irina Taimanov created a number of popular cycles: "Conversations at the piano" Conservatory with Professor Nathan Perelman, "The Wisdom of Terpsichore" with Gabriella Komleva, "Music halls of the Hermitage with M.B. Piotrovsky, Sergei Stadler, Sergei Yevtushenko and orchestra "Camerata. The highlight on television began its TV version ballets B. Eifman's "Teresa Raken," "The Brothers Karamazov," "Don Quixote", "Russian Hamlet", "Red Giselle" and the TV productions of the Theater. Mussorgsky's "Carmen" and "Queen of Spades".
Irina Taimanov - by more than two thousand programs and films on prominent personalities the 20 th century: D. Likhachev, SW. Temirkanov, M. Rostropovich In. Gergiev. Within 5 years (1994-1998.) Emerged on 51 of its channel program "The Gift" - a live broadcast hour and a half, with the participation of eminent persons 20 century - Daniel Granik, Michael Anikushina, Ernst Unknown, Maya Plisetskaya. The program had a great response - it addresses the most pressing issues of life, creativity, politics.
Programs Irina Taimanov first appeared which subsequently became stars of E. Kissin IN. Repin, M. Vengerov, P. Ossetian and their teachers:
Irina Taimanov is an associate professor of St. Petersburg Conservatory, a master of directing the course of musical theater and TV. She released a number of bright talented directors currently serving in the Mariinsky Theater (A. Stepaniuk AND. Gabitov), in the Moscow Theater "New Opera" (In. Raku), read the master courses at Boston University Art. To all my students Irina Taimanov treated with great attention and warmth, trying to help them in solving not only creative, but personal problems. Many graduates and. Taimanov are now working in theater and on television abroad.
From 1991 to 1996. Irina Taimanov was chief editor of the musical version of St. Petersburg television. And now she creates many of the programs for various TV channels in Russia, playing piano concertos.
Honored Artist of Russia.
Brother-player M.E. Taimanov. My husband - composer VA. Assumption.


Photo Taimanov Irina

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Taimanov Irina, photo, biography
Taimanov Irina, photo, biography Taimanov Irina  Director musical theater, TV commentator., photo, biography
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