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( Bolshoi Ballet soloist)

Photo Gallery VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia (14)
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Biography VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
photo VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
Born January 20, 1976 in St. Petersburg.

In 1986 she entered, and in 1994 with honors got MA in the Vaganova Ballet Academy (class of Professor H. Dudinskaya). As a student at the school, performed Odette-Odile in "Swan Lake".

In 1996, won first place and won the gold medal at the Second International Ballet Competition in Kiev.

From 1994 to 1998 she danced in the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater, which was adopted immediately after the end of the school. Her repertoire included: Odette-Odile (Swan Lake), . Nikia (La Bayadere), . Giselle (Giselle), . Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), . Lilac Fairy (Sleeping Beauty), . Kitri (Don Quixote), . Medora (Le Corsaire), . Raymonda (Raymonda), . Clara (Nutcracker), . Firebird (Firebird), . Scheherazade ( "Scheherazade"), . Soloist (Paquita), . Zarema (Fountain of Bakhchisarai), . Female ( "The Spirit of roses", . M,
. Fokine), The Dying Swan (M. Fokine), fragment from the ballet "The Nutcracker" (statement of Dr.. Neumeier), Tango (statement E. Smirnov), Vilis (statement E. Smirnov), In memory of Princess Diana (L statement. Ursulyak), My chrysanthemum (statement E. Smirnov), Metamorphoses (statement E. Smirnova).

In 1998 admitted to the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, where he worked under the guidance of Ekaterina Maximova.

Her repertoire: The Swan Princess (Swan Lake ". Vasiliev), Raymonda (Raymonda S. Grigorovich), Nikia (La Bayadere S. Grigorovich), Lilac Fairy (Sleeping Beauty), Russian (in the formulation to. Goleizovsky) Joke (staged Bryantseva).

Regularly toured with the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater and other troupes in the of United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium.

She dreams of dancing in "Spartacus," "Romeo and Juliet" and replenish the repertoire of modern choreography.

In his spare time likes to walk around the city, reading books, listening to music, and classical and contemporary.

Favorite composers - Bach, Vivaldi. Poets - Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Blok.

Favorite color of clothing - a yellow and green, as well as the spectacular white.

He believes that the ballerina in the first place should be a woman, mother, and be sure to have a family.

She likes ice cream.

Photos of VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia

Photos of VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia

User comments
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  • mf85 for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Vi prosto prekrasni! U vas bol'woe buduwee ne davayte nikomu ego isportit '! Ot vsego serdca vaw bol'woy poklonni Tosha! :-)))
  • NIMAH for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Class
  • pp for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • woman in the highest sense of the word, beautiful, elegant, perfect, diva, God bless her good health and happiness
  • korifanski666 for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Why all the fuss around in general is fairly high ballerina?
  • korifanski666 for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Idiotically mawkish way that it came up with her mother all her wedding nadoel.A general pattern of vulgarity and lack of taste, definitely put everything in its place.
  • Anastasia for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Dear korifanski666, . why if a person is beautiful, . successful, . it should definitely sling mud, . and why, . if you're so smart, . do not put your photo on the site, . no courage? because they look so well as Volochkova, . be very, very hard work, . and all the crap - this is the easiest, . Achieve themselves at the beginning of something,
  • Emma for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • The money her wealthy men did everything for her. Where do you look-Volochkova.Zabrala husband and father of three children. And the whole world flaunts its svadboy.Na everything is for deneg.Razve can create a clean, open and God-fearing man, as she finds herself?. Enough already overwhelm their portraits Journals. Your vulgar behavior not done you a good reputation.
  • Marina for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Anastasia! You ocharotelno beautiful! You are a star, no doubt! You are a professional! You uneasy, you're beautiful ballerina dancer! And is, a rarity in the ballet, show business and life!
  • Ludmila for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • I am your fan, you are my ideal woman.
  • arahni007 for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • A pochemu net etoy gryazi vikrug Mai Pleseckoy? Ili ona ne velikaya balerina? Po moemu, u kogo ne hvataet talanta, tot pitaetsya vibitsya s pomishiy shumihi i spleten.
  • Marina for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • I remember his sense of Volochkova, when I first saw it on TV: "Wow! What a beautiful woman, what manners, how to dress!" Moreover, such a bright, clean, soulful and spiritual, which says absolutely the right thing and, most importantly from the heart. I was deeply impressed by it, thinking that there is a lady in Russian villages. :) All that began to happen with her further, did not fit into the fabric of such a spiritual personality: a barrage of intrigues, quarrels, scandals, love stories, gossip courts because of flats and dismissal. And in all our history is the victim of Anastasia ... Interviews for the interview, the transfer of the transfer ... and everywhere the same words, thoughts, formulaic language, search philosophy, where there is none, ever surprise the wide-open eyes of a child, house edge, a lot of stories about what it is believing ... Anastasia, but where was your belief in God, when you longed for someone else's husband? Vdovina taken away from a family with three children, one of which - newborn. I think this woman was quite bad enough to be alone with 3 young children at the hands. But she did not give any interviews, either then or now, although I am sure that many publications were hunting for this "scandal" ... On his same "mountain" - divorce you trumpeted wherever possible, washed, rinsed and pressed Vdovin, shared so many intimate details that sometimes become ashamed of you. Many public people disagree, but none of them did a divorce SUCH SHOW! It's a shame for you Anastasia, in the end, you already need to be, but not seemed to be digging a hole to another, remember that there obliging themselves. Perhaps only now, you feel the same feeling that women, who have you in their time taken away favorite. I wish you worthy to escape from a situation in which you yourself as a cornered.
  • pisbn for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • you fool
  • Marina for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Anastasia, you are very intelligent, beautiful woman. I admire you. Do not listen to who says what. Not your fault that left his wife and left three children. Blame his wife who was unable to restrain him.
  • Elena for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Saccharine, went without talent. Just uboga.Slava God, people are not stupid and they see it enough bystro.Napominaet cannibal-Ellochka to zhuti.No claims! Well Well it all so offended? Must forget - nobody!
  • Natasha for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • Anastasia-beautiful, clever. I saw her wedding dress, which can not take his eyes. Where mozhnokupit? Maybe Anastasia sell, because it gave her a long time family happiness? What if? Fate! Good luck to her, the health of the family and friends!
  • Pasha of St. Petersburg for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • We have every fool (fool) climbs into power. Volochkova - Mayor .... ha-ha-ha No, pretty woman, dancing, the level of dancing can not determine, not a fan. But an empty and superficial aunt.
  • Mary Superwia for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • I recently read a magazine "Caravan" and saw Nastia Volochkova. Oh, and read ... But before that I was not interested in it. What is that there. I liked this first, . that she had since childhood plunged into the world of Bohemia and realized over time, . that all this represents a BOHEMIA: Competition, . Envy, . Anger, . PODHOLIMSTVO, . HYPOCRISY, . DESIRE VISUAL Delete and destroy RIVALS ... the list goes on ... But Nastia struggled hard with this,
    . It turns out it is by nature a fighter, and I respect her for that! PS. And to survive in such conditions in the scenes very hard!
  • Nafanya for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • for Mary Superwia. Yes, you can see between the lines are not able to read, in the caravan was written article with the words of the cow (I mean Volochkova), she struggled with the same vile, repulsive and disgusting practices, that's all there. And with all this she is so white and fluffy with her words, the eternal victim with painted eyebrows. Just terrible, it does not look in the mirror or what? With its broad bones and hands-spades she was not in the ballet should be, and the bar throw. How can you not feel her hypocrisy!
  • ALAN for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • noblewoman, you're better than all the above, so do not scandals, they spoil you, not sink to the level of cattle, or such as sobchachka !
  • Kira for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • New interview with Anastasia Volochkova site Internet magazine 'new fashion' html
  • musisi mike for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • mike l love your status. am in Uganda but l support you.by watching your video. l love your daughter Adrian.keep it up. reply on my mail.
  • Raivo for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • But she is sooooooo FAT :(
  • musisi mike for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • l love your performance and l wish to meet u.
  • mike for VOLOCHKOVA Anastasia
  • happy x-mass to you and your daughter
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