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Vyacheslav Kuznetsov

( Poet)

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Biography Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
photo Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
(p. 20/10/1932, Article. Dzharkul Aktobe region., Kazakh SSR) - Russian poet. Homeland believes his city of Penza, where born, his parents: his mother, Valentina Kuznetsova Andreyevna - Doctor (1910-1978) and Father Nicholas D. Sukhov - a professional soldier (a company political instructor), who died a heroic death (1912-1941). VN. Kuznetsov graduated with a silver medal 9 th Kazan Special School of the Air Force (1950), Leningrad Red Banner Air Force Engineering Academy п?.пє. Mozhaiskogo (1956) and higher literature courses at the joint venture of the USSR (1960). As an engineer, having been a member of the Union of Soviet Writers (1956), spent the winter in the Arctic (1956-1958). In February 1996, elected a corresponding member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences. The first poem to. Published in 1949. The first book - the poem "Dream" - was published in the Penza publishing company in 1954,. Author of four lyrical trilogies: "The blood of the fathers" (1955-1961), "At high latitudes" (1958-1961), "Sense of the earth" (1962-1964) and "mainland" (1970-1982). Most fully and vividly reflected in the work of the poet's one-volume selected works "Steps" ( "Arts. Literature ", L. 1984). The first lyrical trilogy, . which included the book "The Inheritance" (1955), . "The severe air" (1957) and "Blood of the Fathers" (1961) is devoted heroism of the Soviet people in the fields of the Great War against Nazism, . sons and daughters of fathers, . who gave their lives in the name of the Great Victory,
. Second lyrical trilogy - and this is the book "In the high latitudes" (1958), "Studeny Beach" (1958) and "Cedars on the rocks" (1961) describes the features of the romantic life of the pioneers of the Arctic, conquers vast expanses of the Far North. Third lyrical trilogy, . of the books "The feeling of the earth" (1962), . "I remain a romantic" (1963) and "Kindness" (1964), . reveals the feat of gaining our people native land, . faithful sons of this land, . expresses patriotic feelings of Russians in the way of their movement to the Great or the Pacific Ocean,
. Actually, picks up the same theme continues and deepens the fourth lyrical trilogy, which made the book "The Continent" (1970), "Plast" (1975) and "Wings" (1979). There is a K. and individual poetic cycles, and the book - "Island Time" (1967), "Overcoming" (1971), "And in the heart of light" (1985) and others that come first philosophical reflection "about the time and myself" , of the soul and conscience of the human. Vivid and dramatic and the island was the last "Post-perestroika" of the book to. - "The Age" (1992), "This is a mid-life" (1995), "... about you" (1997), "Star in the spring" (1998) and "Russian Wedding" (1999).
A lot of emotional strength gives K. and poetic translations. It appeared in his translation of the book - "Restless Birds" B. Matskyavichyusa (from Lithuania), "The inscription on the snow" A. Vaneeva (with Komi language), "Gratitude" M. Shulgin (with the Khanty) and silver rays A. Zhmisheva (Kazakh). Translated into many languages and poetry itself to. In 1979, in Yerevan, published a book of poems to. The Legend of days, "when translated into Armenian, and in 1982 in Alma-Ata - translated into Kazakh - a book of poems" Through the years "(" zulaydy zhyldar).
For half a century of creativity to. his poems were included in many anthologies of poetry of our time. He is the recipient of many poetry contests and prizes, Academician Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences, Professor and Corresponding Member of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Arts and Culture. The processed part of the personal archive of the poet and academician is in the custody of the St. Petersburg Archive of Literature and Art of Russia.

1. DREAM poem. 1954.
2. INHERITANCE Poems. "Sov.pis.", 1955.
3. U HIGH LATITUDES Lyrics. KomiGIZ, 1958.
4. Studeny BEACH Lyrics. Yakutsk, 1958.
5. Star is not extinguished Field notebook. M., 1960.
6. CEDARS AT THE ROCK Lyrics. Magadan, 1961.
7. BLOOD FATHERS Poems. M., 1961.
8. FEELING THE EARTH Poems. L., 1962.
9. I stayed ROMANCE Poems. M., 1963.
10. KINDNESS Poems. L., 1964.
11. Sing, SOLOVYEV ... Poems. M., 1965.
12. ISLAND TIME Poems. M., 1967.
13. YOUTH Campfire Poems. M., 1968.
14. SELECTED LYRIC Poems. M., 1968.
15. Mainland Poems. L., 1970.
16. OVERCOMING Poems. L., 1971.
17. MARATHON Selected Poems. M., 1972.
18. MAIN STREET RUSSIA Ground Prose. M., 1972.
19. VISITING THE SUN Poems. KomiGIZ, 1973.
20. PLAST Poems. L., 1975.
21. Riverbeds Poems. M., 1975.
22. THROUGH THE YEARS Selected Poems. L., 1977.
23. BALLAD OF GLOBUS Poems. M., 1978.
24. WINGS Poems. L., 1979.
25. LEGEND DAYS Lyrics, translated into Armenian. Yerevan, 1979.
26. Mainland Selected Poems. L., 1982.
28. LEGEND DAYS Poems. L., 1983.
29. STAGE one-volume edition of selected poems, and poems. "Literature". L., 1984.
30. And in the heart - LIGHT Poems. L., 1985.
31. Side lights Selected Poems. M., 1986.
32. Walk through the Summer Garden Poems. L., 1989.
33. CENTURY Selected Poems. SPb., 1992;.
34. IS LIFE MIDDLE Poems. SPb., 1995.
35. ... About you lyric book. SPb., 1997.
36. STAR in the spring book of lyrics. SPb., 1998.
37. RUSSIAN WEDDING Poems. SPb., 1999.
38. Besides, There were four books of poetry in translation V. Kuznetsova:
39. Unquiet BIRDS Bronius Matskevichisa (from Lithuania). M., 1973.
40. The inscription on the SNOW Alberta Vaneeva (with Komi language). M., 1975.
41. THANKS Mikula Shulgin (with Khanty language). Sverdlovsk, 1975.
42. SILVER RAYS Abirasha Zhmisheva (Kazakh). Almaty. 1975

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Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, photo, biography
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