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Daoud Ozdoev Osmanovich

( Artist)

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Biography Daoud Ozdoev Osmanovich
Born in 1959.
His path to the profession of the artist was not easy. In the uncommon talent of teenage emphasized NM. Sukhinov - an experienced teacher of art school of his native village Kartsev Prigorodny district SOASSR, who became his first mentor. Later, after serving in the Army, visited the studio Ozdoev VI. Suvorov - the pupil of the famous artist M.F. Larionov.
Since 1984, Daud Ozdoev cooperates with well-known St. Petersburg schedules TK. Dobrovolsky and NG. Lebedev. Lot of attention he pays and self-study with the great artists of past centuries. Study of old masters, . copying of works by Rubens in the Hermitage boosted his mastery of the painter and gave rise to interest in comprehending the complex and delicate techniques of laminated glazing letters, . received throughout the development of European painting,
. This Dawud Ozdoev learned the lessons inherent in the old academic system of training, which was based on adherence to classical models.
In the works of art of Renaissance paintings in the Flemish artists Dowd Ozdoev draws many creative ideas and, like, his predecessors, has invested in its "role model" old masters, new, contemporary content. Later, through the classics, he will come to national roots, the folk epic Ingush (or as they call themselves, vainakhov), their history and literature.
Each exhibition of paintings and drawings D. Ozdoev - is a tempting invitation to travel to the Caucasus, a unique walk through the artist's favorite places. Daoud Ozdoev offers along with him to contemplate the nature of the Caucasus, subtly and gently draws the viewer's attention to its original beauty, invites you to get used to the fragile world charm of this nature, it reveals the eternal value.
The image of majestic and proud of the Caucasus has created in his time M.Yu.. Lermontov's poem "Mtsyri. By means of painting a picture of the same name D. Ozdoev "Mtsyri complements the emotional story about the profound turmoil of the hero in the way of finding a new homeland, of his spiritual strength and nobility in the struggle with the tragic circumstances of life.
One of the main places in the artist's landscapes occupy. In the works "river gorge Assa, . "Before the Dawn", . "On a mountain road", . "Morning in Assinskom Gorge", . written with great inspiration and skill, . represented a variety of plans and views of majestic Caucasus mountains, . Climbers in the narrow banks of swift rivers, . iridescent from one rock to another springs,
"Picturesque suites" with pictures of landscapes Ingushetia D. Ozdoev the imagination. Long horizontal format pictures, helps the artist to give not only a wide spread of the space, but also gives the upland landscape and monumentality. One of the main expressive means of painting is the color of Ozdoev. Peculiarities of its color associated with the tradition of Russian painting at the turn of the twentieth century п?1п? -. Subtle nuances of color, richness of color combined with a clear and precise picture.
Watercolors and gouaches Ozdoev bribe viewer freedom, spontaneity and intimacy inherent in the nature of the artist. In his works "Winter", "River Sholhi", "Sunset", "Autumn", "River Azdyn" and many others drew the clear sense of untouched beauty and pristine nature of South. Graphic artist differs multifaceted composite building and at the same time gentle and attentive attitude to the transfer of parts, especially picturesque.
National motives above all can be felt in works inspired by folk epic. Among them - "The Caucasian legend", "A wonderful source Hovrahy", "Ancient Melody". Here, . against the background of the Caucasian landscape unfolding narrative composition on the theme of Ingush tales and episodes from the life of the ancestors - the holy spring water, . you can not sell, . and can only be taken for the sick and the suffering, . the eternal theme of maternal love, . of timid interview loving young people in mountain waterfall,
. In his panoramic landscapes of the D. Ozdoev introduces image Ingush in the old national costumes, as well as architectural monuments, emphasizing the antiquity of this land and its historical and cultural values. The artist considers them as an integral part of the Caucasian nature, living with her single life.
"Portrait of Mother", written by the artist in memory, even after her death, affects the feelings of everyone. It is both a portrait of a particular elderly women, and synthesizing the image of all mothers, to whom we are always in debt.
The artist is not afraid to experiment with such a non-popular (and therefore neglected in the present), the genre of painting as an allegory. One successful of his paintings - "Ingushetia" in the grand portrait of the first President of the Republic of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev under the Triumphal Arch of the Holy Temple Thabo-Erdy. Details of the picture are the main motives of Ingushetia - the state symbols (flag), . ethnographic (costume, . accessories and weapons), . architecture (Arch of the Temple), . as well as landscape depicting the place of the future capital of Magas (in the doorway arch) and an allegory of abundance, . transferred to the classical tradition with wreaths of flowers and fruits of this beautiful earth,

. In the painting "The Holy pear" artist in allegory tells of shocks of the Ingush people, . comparing them with the national shrine - cut by pear, . which, . despite the evil forces, . seeking to destroy it, . reborn again and again,
D. Ozdoev is heir to a generation of contemporary Russian art, which can be called romantics. Against the backdrop of general enthusiasm in the types of modern paintings and art forms that have characterized the European School 10-20-ies. XX in. - Abstract art, futurism, Dadaism, and their varieties, Ozdoev continues the tradition of realistic painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The nature of the artist himself is far from just a trendy, casual and everyday, his works involve the viewer in the world of the sublime and perfect.
Realism artist does not mean that he was not paying attention to features of their pictorial and plastic language, the share of convention, without which art ceases to be art. His precise drawing and painting and composition skills are undeniable.
In his work A. Ozdoev, passing through a long learning process of many prominent artists of Western and Russian school of painting and realizing themselves as part of world heritage, has created his own style, thanks to which his works are easily recognizable.
We Daoud Osmanovich three children, whom he wants to leave his good name and rights of the artist, to whom he feels his responsibility. And in life and in art he chooses beauty, goodness and faith in happiness.

1994. - Exhibitions in the United States: DIZAIN-ART (Houston), WEB-GALERY (Crosby)
1996. - Personal exhibition in the Ingush State Museum of Fine Arts, Mr.. Karabulak (24 works purchased for the museum funds)
1998. - Participation in the exhibition "Artists of Ingushetia," Mr.. Ufa
2000. - Personal exhibition in the Ingush State Museum, Mr.. Nazran
2000. - Participation in the All-Russia exhibition "Towards the third millennium", Artists House, Mr.. Moscow
2001. - Personal exhibition in the Marble Hall Rossiyskogo Ethnographic Museum, Mr.. St.Petersburg
. His works are in private collections in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Finland, Latvia and Russia.

. Photo Ozdoev Daoud Osmanovich

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Daoud Ozdoev Osmanovich, photo, biography
Daoud Ozdoev Osmanovich, photo, biography Daoud Ozdoev Osmanovich  Artist, photo, biography
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