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Vertlib Eugene A.

( Professor of Political Science and Russian culture in the European strategic center of the George C. Marshall (Bavaria).)

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Biography Vertlib Eugene A.
Born July 21, 1943 in Leningrad. Orthodox. In 1970 he graduated from Leningrad State University. Participated in samizdat (Boris Ivanov, Reid Grachev, Viktor Krivulin, Vadim Nechaev). The attempt to flee to Sweden. Captured with illegally crossing the border. Service aviation. Since 1975, emigration. Was in New York as a loader with Eduard Limonov, a creative-human contact was with Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Dovlatov, Sasha Sokolov, Alexei Tsvetkov, Valery Popov, Yuri Kublanovskaya. In 1983 he defended at the University of North Carolina (USA) doctorate in political science aspect of the Russian spiritual tradition. In 1996-97 held post-doctoral training in political science presidential structures Russia. He is a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, . Union of Journalists of Russia, . PEN, . Royal Institute of International Affairs (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), . member of the American Association of Political Consultants, . consultant on political and diplomatic work of the International Christian Foundation Blagovest-Media ": In St. Petersburg,
. out two books: "The Russian - from Zagoskina to Shukshina:" (Publishing. Byblos. "Stars", 1992, with a foreword by Academician A. Panchenko) and Raznoobryvki rhymed thoughts "(" Terzia ", 1994). About a dozen interviews on radio and TV, Peter (including 22 December 1995 had a conversation with Yuri Boldyrev). He was an invited guest of the Congress of Compatriots in our city of Petra (Vitali Potemkin). For fifteen years he lives and teaches in Germany, as a professor of political science and Russian culture in the European strategic center of the George C. Marshall (Bavaria)
. His wife Elena - the daughter of the well-known Christian human rights activist Tatyana Khodorovich (led by the Fund in Moscow to Solzhenitsyn's expulsion of the whole family in Paris) - granddaughter of Admiral von Nemittsa king, . who in 1920-21 commanded the Navy Russia,
. Then he was a professor at the Naval Academy. Great-grandmother of his wife - sister of artist Vrubel (Anastasia). In the race there and princes Volkonskie:

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  • katerina for Vertlib Eugene A.
  • We invite you to the Congress on the Russian language, which will be held in March 2007 in the walls of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov. Get all the Faculty of Philology www, philol.msu, ru in the "News".
  • Eugene for Vertlib Eugene A.
  • Dear Catherine! With pleasure is ready to consider your invitation to me to Congress on the Russian language, . to be held in March 2007 in Moscow State University. To do this, please send me a formal invitation to form at MSU: Vertliebe@mail.ru Or fax: 49 8821 7502 444 (Prof. Vertlib EA). bezoezultatno tried to open the site of Philology - learn more about the Congress,
    . I'm glad I will information. Thank you for the invitation. Sincerely, Eugene
  • Katerina for Vertlib Eugene A.
  • You see, . we have such a system: the future members registered on our site, . then send abstracts, . Program Committee evaluates these points and decide to accept or reject them for publication - about the same time we additionally inform (though, . may participate without the report and, accordingly, without abstracts),
    . In the second half of November, should already be sending invitations to the registered. So what can you pass the registration? Although the authorities have said that the theses make late in the day. Sincerely, Katerina.
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    Vertlib Eugene A., photo, biography
    Vertlib Eugene A., photo, biography Vertlib Eugene A.  Professor of Political Science and Russian culture in the European strategic center of the George C. Marshall (Bavaria)., photo, biography
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