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( The unrelenting opponent of the policy of Bonaparte)

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Biography Madame RIVERS
photo Madame RIVERS
on her life, one can study the evolution of very complex and controversial period in the history of France. She was born in 1777, in the era of absolutism. In her childhood and adolescence occur during the collapse of the French monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution of 1789. In her youth she becomes a witness to defeat the ideas of the great revolution and the beginning of phase, which went down in world history, as the Consulate, associated with the rise of Napoleon, who declared himself Emperor of France. And this is - just a few years after the victory of the bourgeois revolution! And, finally, in his mature years, she celebrated the defeat of the great Corsican, and the Restoration of the French monarchy in 1816. How many political perevorotv and perepity for twenty-five years! But it remains true aristocrat, and by their social origin, and its vital principles in the positive sense of the word.

In the life of Madame Recamier had a lot of secrets, which attracted attention to writers, historians, artists, political figures. Her first mystery was the mysterious marriage. She was only fifteen when she married Jacques Recamier, a wealthy banker, her senior by 27 years. Romantic nastoroennye writers believe, . that it was her father, . having fallen in love 27 years ago in the charming Madame Bernard - mother Julie, . and in 1777 from this context was born a wonderful girl, . inherited from the mother of beauty and good taste, . but from the mind of the father, . and transformed in the first half of the 19 th century in one of the most charming women of France,
. Incidentally, the alleged father and the father, whose name she has been inherited, were good druzmi. History in a purely French duhe.Chto is true and what is not, it is difficult to say. Mr. Recamier did not bother to later start a family, but suddenly, in 1793, in the midst of political upheaval in France, offered his arm and heart of a young Julie Adelaide Bernard ...

. Skeptical historians explain this event with a different, more pragmatic point of view - the fear of confiscation of property, the new republican government came to power after the 1789 revolution
. A prosperous and well-known banker Recamier had something to lose and a sham marriage allowed him to rewrite all of its assets in the name of either a young woman, whether an adult daughter, which should not be too big name. Both families were willing. In Mr. Recamier had no heirs, and Madame Bernard was glad that I successfully added a daughter, not paying attention to the very improbable rumors. She was a woman with character and public opinion it is not particularly interested. Those same historians argue that in the difficult era of such marriages were not uncommon. Strangely enough, but all revolutions alike. In the noble words Liberty, Equality, Fraternity hiding less beautiful phenomenon: terrorism, confiscation or nationalization of assets.

. Immediately after the wedding there is the second riddle Madame Recamier, and became intrigued all at the time the talk in tongues - the intimate life 'married'
. Same Skeptical historians, this time more favorable to Madame Recamier. They argue that the aging husband never touched his young wife, with full freedom, which she enjoyed quite reasonable. After receiving a gift from her husband's beautiful home in Paris, she organizes her salon, to be the most popular literary and political salons of France for several decades.

Its charm attracts many. She make friends, among them a special place was taken by the famous Madame de Stael - a famous French writer, early 19 century. During this time she is 32, it is eleven years older than Julie and it was the beginning of two decades of friendship between two women. Another mystery for the fans to gossip. Could be a real friendship, which is considered a privilege of men, between the two zhenschinamiN

. And her mysterious marital status intriguing men, there are many admirers, including one of Napoleon's brother, Lucien Bonaparte, who in 1799 began aggressively take care of Julie
. But she remains indifferent as to the attention of senior admirer, and in general, to the name of Bonaparte, which play an increasingly important role in the life of France. She refuses the role of the court lady offered her Napoleon and not looking for invitations to the refined points, organized by his wife, the beautiful Josephine - the future Empress of France. Rather, Madame Recamier unites people around her, pro-opposition to a new public policy. In 1802, she travels to England - an implacable opponent of Bonaparte, . showing that its rejection of the new government policy, . and returning, . opens its salon, . gradually evolving into a dissenter Napoleon political center,
. But it attracts not only those who disagree with the Republican government and its fans.

Her beauty, combined with sincerity and intelligence, subdued and artists. Great David was the first. His most famous 'Portrait of Madame Recamier' is now in the Louvre. Later, she was inspired by another great artist - Francois Gerard, and then the sculptor, Mr.. Shinara who created a wonderful bust of Madame Recamier. Something they all attracted to her, but chtoN Another woman's secret, and that they could not solve!

In a word, without any special effort she forced Paris to talk about himself, though now her name is not associated with an unusual marriage. Often talked about her salon, where she organized prazdnevstva lush, inviting celebrities who are nostalgic for the old times. Quite often there was heard and criticism of the Republicans yesterday, turns to the supporters of the monarchy.

And the Emperor soon showed their displeasure. In 1803 he issued an order to close the salon, in 1805, contributes to the ruin of the bank Mr. Recamier, and in 1807 expelled from the country's closest friend, Julie - Madame de Stael - just yaruyu opponent of Napoleon's policy. It turns out that the great Napoleon had fought only on the battlefield ...

It was the most difficult period in the life of Madame Recamier. Husband on the brink of ruin, in 1806, dying very near and dear to her people - her mother, attorneys for all of its secrets. She is torn between an aging husband and Madame de Stael, while remaining faithful to her during her exile, which led to the fact that in 1811, Julie has also been sent from Paris. But she belonged to the category of women who are not afraid of the province, where she spent the next few years. Her house and there to attract the people, regardless of age and status. Among her fans were young people, attracted by her intelligence and kindness, of which was the son of Madame de Stael, the mother fell in love with her friend, much older than himself. But Madame Recamier know how to behave with men, holding them at a distance and at the same time not pushing them. It was the face she had never passed, preferring to have loyal friends, than fans of non-permanent. Among them was, for example, the Prussian Prince August. This was the first man in her life that made her think about love, romantic and passionate. She was carried away so seriously that he asked for a divorce from her husband, but then she herself away from this step. She could not stop the aging husband (or ottsaN), to the same and then ruined it was her fault, or in other circumstances, and does not want to just be the mistress of a man who adores her. It starts with a touching correspondence between Madame Recamier and Prince Augustus, with encouraging 'yes', then with a sad 'no' and, finally, a few years later, she gives a decisive rejection.

During these years she has thirty. After the defeat of Napoleon in the Russian campaign in 1812 and at Waterloo in 1815, the emperor lived in exile on St. Helena, and France began a period of Restoration. Finally Madame Recamier is free to return to Paris, where he again opened the doors to her famous salon.

. By the innate charms of added experience, turning it into not just an interesting companion, but also one of the most intelligent women of that era.

. She had no expectations of privacy and, evidently wishing to fill an emotional void in my soul and heart, takes on the education of the young niece of her husband, having replaced her daughter, family, and later her friend after the death of Madame de Stael in 1817

It was in these years in her salon there is another person - the famous French poet and novelist, equally succeeded at both the literary and political career, Francois Rene de Chateaubriand. The man now known as the founder of modern French literature - Standal, Balzac and Zola were after him.

. And Julie, who just turned 40, suddenly forgot about his principles that would assist her in her relations with men
. She fell in love, passionately, and long. It was a spiritual revival of Madame Recamier and her salon, but at the same time she got into an emotional 'slavery' of love. Visited Chateaubriand, . her salon became a political intellectual and artistic center of France of that period, . which had access most famous figures of the era: the great French scholar, Andre - Marie Ampere, . Eugene de Beauharnais - the daughter of Josephine, . first wife of Napoleon, . Mr. Bernadotte - the future King of Sweden, . writers Prosper Marim and Sainte-Beuve,
. She was friendly with Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo, it binds the community of tastes with Musset and Stendhal admired artists of M-L. David and Eugene Delacroix, and many others. It was the color of French art and science, the names included in the global culture - and all of them managed to combine Madame Recamier.

. Her name becomes a symbol to celebrate the good taste and education, it becomes a 'star' of the European scale of it is spoken in Russia and England, Italy and Germany
. But in her heart prevails Chateaubriand. By this time he was already disillusioned with politics, unsuccessfully married, and has written several philosophical treatises. And after all these Perepetui he found solace in society Madame Recamier. Having lost interest in politics, he devoted his life to literature and Julie becomes his muse, who remained with him for the next twenty years, while continuing to love him and asking nothing in return. This feeling has brought her joy of novelty.

She did not write novels and do not create pictures, but she has an amazing talent to attract extraordinary people, discovering their talents, helping and supporting them. Not everyone is obtained and portraits of each of the lobes are not located in the Louvre - the most famous museum of the world!

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  • kik for Madame RIVERS
  • At Josephine's daughter was not named Eugene Beauharnais, was the son of that name, and the daughter's name was Hortense. The articles on this site is just a lot of inaccuracies
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    Madame RIVERS, photo, biography
    Madame RIVERS, photo, biography Madame RIVERS  The unrelenting opponent of the policy of Bonaparte, photo, biography
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