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Andrey Vorobiev

( Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Academician of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Andrey Vorobiev
photo Andrey Vorobiev
Born November 1, 1928 in Moscow in the family physician. Father - Vorobiev, Ivan Ivanovich, worked as a senior lecturer N, Department of Physiology 1-st Moscow Medical Institute, was arrested and died in 1936. Mother - Mary Kizilshteyn Samuilovna, a biologist, was also repressed, died in 1980. Wife - Kolomoytsev Inna Pavlovna. Children - Vorobiev, Ivan Andreevich, Head of Laboratory of Biological Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, Pavel A. Vorobiev, Head of the Department of Therapy, Moscow Medical Academy named after Sechenov.

AI Vorob'ev graduated from the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute (1947-1953). From 1953 to 1956 worked as a doctor in Volokolamskaya district hospital, where he and therapy, and pathology, and pediatrics. In 1956 he enrolled in the clinical internship at the Central Institute for Advanced Medical therapy department under the direction of the largest Soviet therapist - Academician Iosif Abramovich Kassirskii.

After the internship was on the department's assistant, and in 1956 became an assistant professor. In 1963 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, devoted to the study of the structure of erythrocytes in hemolytic anemia.

In 1966, AI Vorob'ev was appointed head of the clinical department of the Institute of Biophysics, USSR Ministry of Health. In 1968, AI Vorob'ev defended his doctoral thesis on the problems of tumor progression of leukemia, and in 1969 he was awarded the academic title of professor. In 1984, AI Vorob'ev was elected a corresponding member in 1987 - a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR in 2000 - academician of Russia Academy of Sciences.

In 1971, after the death of IA Kassirskii AI Vorob'ev his legacy becomes chair of hematology and intensive care unit of the Central Institute of Postgraduate Medical. From 1987 to the present time is the Director of Hematology Research Center, Russia Academy of Medical Sciences.

The scientific team under the leadership of AI Vorob'eva made fundamental contributions to the development of modern hematology, both in clinical and morphological, as well as in the experimental relations. They developed a scheme of hematopoiesis, which underlies all modern works on leukaemogenesis. An original theory of tumor progression of leukemia, based on the phenomenon of increased mutabelnosti tumor cells, the emergence of subclones in the formerly monoclonal tumor. Rather than was common earlier descriptive approach to tumor growth are identified universal patterns of development of malignant tumors, . understood by non-prior morphological, . functional, . cytogenetic and clinical signs of tumor growth,

Closely associated with this area of the school AI Vorob'eva is the study of radiation pathology. They were given a classic description of the pathogenesis of radiation sickness, created the world's only comprehensive system of biological dosimetry, including the analysis of the kinetics of cell populations, analysis of chromosomal rearrangements and morphological changes in tissues. This led to the development of theoretical foundations of pathogenetic therapy in the intensive radiation pathology, hematology and other conditions characterized by a massive collapse of the tissues. The indispensability of such therapy in the face of massive radiation damage strikingly confirmed in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in 1986

. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the widest spectrum of human pathology, . primarily leykogeneza, . was proposed by the theory of "cellular reservoirs", . which claims, . that in the postnatal development of the organism is a change of functionally related elements of the parental cell, . what, . particularly, . explains the fundamental difference tumors of one age period of morphologically similar tumors of another age period,

. Eritropoeza study of differentiation based on age profile by analyzing the kinetics of lysis was shown the existence of potentially separate (redundant clone) of red blood cells, which are produced by the bone marrow in conditions of stress eritropoeza
. With the same methodical approach was shown a fundamental difference of erythrocytes of different age groups (with their morphological similarity), which was another confirmation of the theory of "cell layers".

The work group led by AI Vorob'eva received due recognition in our country and abroad. That AI Vorobyov and his staff is credited with the introduction into the domestic medical practice software therapy of acute leukemia, which provided the opportunity is no longer considered acute leukemias as incurable diseases. In 1987, AI Vorobiev et al assigned the title of USSR State Prize winner for a series of works "New methods of diagnosis and intensive therapy of diseases of the blood". Scientific School AI Vorob'eva among the leading scientific schools in Russia was supported by RFBR. Repeatedly AI Vorob'ev represented domestic medicine in international forums and congresses

. Job AI Vorob'eva inextricably linked with teaching not only of Hematology, . and cardiology, . Transfusion, . morphology, . differential diagnosis and intensive therapy of critical states at the department of hematology and intensive care unit of the Central Institute of Advanced Medical (now - Russia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education),
. His brilliant lectures on internal medicine, . Morning conference, . which, . Based on the specific clinical situations, . discusses the most pressing questions of diagnosis and treatment, . widely known not only in Moscow, . but also far beyond its borders,
. Conducted under its authority, since 1972, the annual dekadniki memory IA Kassirskii "New in hematology and transfusion have become virtually non-formal congresses hematologists across the country, including the CIS.

AI Vorob'ev - by more than 290 scientific publications including 12 monographs, textbooks and teaching aids. Under his leadership, defended 48 theses, including 10 doctoral.

Along with strong scientific, medical and teaching AI Vorob'ev known as a major organizer of national health care and a prominent public figure. It is well known for his work organizing the elimination of the medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident, for which he was awarded the Order of Lenin (1988). His greatest contribution to the development of therapies crush syndrome during earthquakes and the creation of new, . relevant to modern development of delivery vehicles and evacuation, . principles for transfusiological care centers in natural and man-made mass disasters,

Organizational skills AI Vorob'eva most clearly revealed when he was appointed director of the Hematology Research Center and the appointment of the Minister of Health of Russia (1991-1992). From 1987 to 1991 he was elected people's deputies and a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In this difficult for the entire period, the country's AI Vorob'eva crucially contributed to the preservation of national health systems, academic training and priority research directions and centers.

More than 10 years, AI Vorob'ev is chairman of the Moscow Municipal Scientific Society of Physicians, and in recent years - mostly medical practitioner of the Presidential Administration of Russia. He heads an inter-ministerial Council for Science, Hematology and Transfusiology ", . is the principal editor of Hematology and Transfusiology ", . and a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Therapeutic Archives" and "Problems of Hematology and Blood Transfusion",

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Andrey Vorobiev, photo, biography
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