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Gazenko Oleg G.

( Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Lieutenant-General)

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Biography Gazenko Oleg G.
photo Gazenko Oleg G.
Born December 12, 1918 in the village of Nikolaevka Stavropol Territory. Father - George G. Gazenko (1894g.rozhd.). Mother - Gazenko (Nikitin) Larissa (1895g.rozhd.). Wife - Tolmachovsky Olga (1918g.rozhd.). Son - Alexander (1941g.rozhd.). Daughter - Larissa (1944g.rozhd.).

In 1941. G. Gazenko graduated with honors from the military faculty of the 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute and the army doctor with the rank of 3rd rank (captain of medical service), together with all the release went to the front. Served throughout the war chief of the hospital's troop 197 Battalion of the airfield service 15-th Air Army in the West, South-Western, Bryansk, Baltic and Belorussian fronts. Awarded military orders and medals.

After the war on. G. Gazenko in 1946-1947 has received special training at the Military Medical Academy (r. Leningrad) at the Department of Physiology, Laboratory of Aviation Medicine, where, under the direct supervision of eminent physiologists - Academician Colonel General L. Orbeli and Professor Major General M. Brestkin studied the problem of high-altitude physiology and the state of higher nervous activity in hypoxia. In 1947 he was appointed to the Institute of Aviation Medicine of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and went all the way from the researcher, head of the laboratory and head of the department to deputy chief of the Institute for Science.

Experience physiologist and physician assisted About. G. Gazenko in addressing issues such aircraft as work crews under adverse climatic conditions. So when it started active development of our aviation Arctic and arid regions of the country, . it as a flagship medical doctor and head of the research team between 1948-1950 took part in high-latitude air expeditions Air Force "North Pole-2, . 3, . 4, . repeatedly worked on drifting stations, . islands and the coast of the Arctic Ocean, . as well as in the Karakum desert and other difficult-to-service airmen ground,
. In 1951-1952 years participated in the fighting in North Korea.

Since 1955,. G. Gazenko focused its efforts on research in the field of space biology and medicine, becoming one of the ideologists, leaders and artists active research programs on biological artificial earth satellites. Results of biological and physiological studies of living organisms in space flight and ground-based laboratory experiments with a simulation of a number of factors of space flight possible to prove the possibility of human space flight, . and when preparations for the flight SW,
. A. Gagarin On. G. Gazenko took direct part in it.

Since 1969, the decision of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers on. G. Gazenko attached to the 3 rd General Directorate of the Ministry of Health as Director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, and served in that capacity until 1988.

In this position, fully manifested his great scientific experience, erudition and organizational skills. The main scientific work of G. Gazenko in this period were devoted to the fundamental problems of space biology and medicine. Studies reactions of the human organism to spaceflight conditions, and disclosure mechanisms for biological effects of weightlessness on living organisms are allowed to justify the principles and methods of protection of rights of action of adverse factors of flight, . a system of activities to maintain health and performance of space crews in flight and return to the conditions of Earth's gravity, . and a system of medical care of astronauts and preventive procedures, . allowing them to maintain health and safety,

Since 1978, O. G. Gazenko working on the rationale and implementation of complex physiological, hygienic and psychological measures to ensure implementation of long-term space flights.

About. G. Gazenko - an outstanding organizer of science. On his initiative and under his direction was carried out a series of biological research on specialized biosatellites Cosmos. In these studies, attended by scientists in Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, USA, France and other countries.

For quick and effective solution to the problems of space biology and medicine on. G. Gazenko managed to attract the best specialists of the Academy of Sciences, Higher Education and other departments. For several decades, Oleg G. combine the work of these organizations and in many cases is the de facto leader of such works.

Among the most important publications on. G. Gazenko - the book "Animals in Space" (1960), "Life and Space" (1961), "Space cardiology" (1967), "Humanity and the Cosmos" (1987) and others. Convinced of the need for a broad exchange of information on medical-biological problems of space exploration, ON. G. Gazenko actively participated in organizing the publication of a multivolume edition series "Problems of Space Biology (since 1963 till now was published over 80 volumes), . as well as the publication in 1969 of "Space Biology and Medicine", . in which Oleg G. for many years was editor in chief,
. He is the initiator and co-editor of two editions of US-Russia work on space biology and medicine - "Fundamentals of Space Biology and Medicine" (in 3 volumes, . 1975), . editor of the journal "Advances of Physiological Sciences, . managing editor of the series "Scientific research results in space flight", . member of editorial boards and editorial boards of several journals (Izvestiya RAN,
. Biology Series "," Science and Life "," Aerospace and Environmental Medicine ", etc.), Chairman of the Scientific Council of Academy of Sciences on space biology and medicine.

In 1988, O. G. Gazenko retired with the rank of lieutenant general of medical service.

In 1987, O. G. Gazenko was elected president of the All-Union (now Rossiyskogo) Physiological Society name and. P. Pavlova and so far is this responsible post. For many years he was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Fund behalf of Mr.. Galileo (USA, 1982), one of the leading committee "Bioastronautics" of the International Astronomical Federation. With his participation systematically organized the international symposium "Man in Space".

Multilateral and extremely fruitful scientific and social activities on. G. Gazenko widely, including international, recognition, as evidenced by their well-deserved high ranks and awards. He is an active member of the Russia Academy of Sciences (1976), Russia Academy of Natural Sciences (1992), the International Academy of Sciences and International Academy of Astronautics (1965), an honorary member of the Academy of Astronautics name to. E. Tsiolkovsky (1998), . American (1987) and Poland (1976) Physiological Societies, . honorary professor Raytovskogo University (Dayton, . Ohio, . United States, . 1988), . Honorary Doctor of Russia (1997) and Poland (1982), Military Medical Academy, . member of the Order of the Dolphin, . combining figures, . have made a significant contribution to the establishment of international intellectual cooperation,

Oleg G. awarded numerous high state awards. He - USSR State Prize Laureate (1976), the RF Government Prize (1997, for research on biosatellites), the International Prize for the name space D. and F. Guggenheim International Academy of Astronautics (1976), Prize of the Association of Space Explorers (1991, for work on Bioastronautics), Award L. Bauer (USA, 1978, for the development Bioastronautics) Award R. Lovlessa (USA, 1990, for work on space medicine), Prize PN Demidov (1998, for the development of space physiology). G. Gazenko awarded the Gold Medal of Pavlov Russia Academy of Sciences, gold and silver medals behalf I. Purkinje Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1986), awarded the Order of the Russia Academy of Natural Sciences for services to science, as well as medal H. V. Timofeev-Resovsky and medal Rossiyskogo Geographic Society.

In 1989-1991 he was a people's deputy of the USSR, was a member of the Committee on Science and Education of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was a member of the Commission of Inquiry into the events in Tbilisi, April 9, 1989.

Currently about. G. Gazenko - Adviser Russia Academy of Sciences at the State Scientific Center RF "Institute of Biomedical Problems, where he continued to participate actively and work productively. The institute he chairs the specialized Scientific Council for the Protection of doctoral theses. In addition, the Department of Physiology, Academy of Sciences, he serves as Deputy Academician-Secretary. As part of the US-Russia Expert Council Oleg G. participates in the evaluation of the security arrangements of works created at the international space station.

Free time Oleg G. has always been enough. In his younger years he was interested in hiking, kayaking, mountaineering (a specialty mountaineering instructor). Currently engaged in gardening and flower. Favorite writers - Chekhov, and O'Henry, and J. Verne and A. Clark. In the music of preference for jazz and classics: G. Miller, L. Armstrong, E. Fitzgerald, F. Sinatra, E. Grieg. Recently, interest in history, especially the history of science and space, as well as the prospects for their development.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Unfortunately, Oleg G., died November 17, 2007!
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    Gazenko Oleg G., photo, biography
    Gazenko Oleg G., photo, biography Gazenko Oleg G.  Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Lieutenant-General, photo, biography
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