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Laurent Oleg

( Chief Urologist Health Ministry, Professor)

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Biography Laurent Oleg
Born July 24, 1943 in Moscow into a family of Russian intellectuals. Grandfather - Laurent Yuri, on the first education was a civil engineer. Later he graduated from the Conservatory and was a soloist at the theater named after Stanislavsky and in the last years of his life - directing the Drama Studio Theater Stanislavsky. Father - Laurent Boris Yu (1914-1978), architect, member of the Great Patriotic War. Mother - Laurent Irina Donatovna (1918g.rozhd.), . graduated from the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute and worked in a clinical residency in urological clinic 1-st Moscow Medical Institute under the guidance of well-known at the time of domestic urologist Professor RM Fronshteyna,
. After the war retrained into the medical microbiologist for many years worked in the Research Institute of Medical and Biological products named Tarasevich. Wife - Grebennikov Irina (1963g.rozhd.). Son - Laurent Boris O. (1968g.rozhd.). Daughters: Maria Smirnova O. (1974g.rozhd.) Grebennikov Tatiana O. (1992g.rozhd.).

On the choice of future career OB Laurent had a tremendous influence relatives and close friends of parents, many of whom were doctors. However, was not among them surgeons. In 1960, after entering the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute, the family council the final word has been said a close friend of the parents, the brilliant surgeon Iryna Solovieva-Raskina. And another close friend of the family - Paul Lev Davidovich, . Former Associate Professor of Urology, 3rd Medical Institute, . veteran and the chief urologist at the 2 nd Russian Front, . Head of one of Moscow's urology department, . undertook to train young professional, . Having Oleg on night work, first as a medic, . then brother Mercy,

After graduation from 1966 to 1969, OB Loran worked as a surgeon in a city hospital in Salda (Upper Salda city of Sverdlovsk region), where he focused on a planned and emergency surgery and urology. From 1969 to 1972 he was resident physician uroginekologicheskogo department of the hospital after SP Botkin. In 1973 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. From 1972 to present works at the Moscow Medical Dental Institute (now - Moscow State Medical Dental University) at the Department of Urology, . his way up from assistant to head the Department of Urology and Andrology, with a course of urogynecology,
. Teaching work combines with an active surgical practice.

The main direction of scientific and practical activities OB Laurent are the problem of plastic-reconstructive urology, andrology and urogynecology. They developed and put into practice a unique operation to restore the urethra, . treatment of complex and recurrent forms of urinary incontinence, . impact damage ureters and bladder in women; experimentally justified and applied in clinic operations to create an artificial bladder from isolated segments of intestine after cystectomy for bladder cancer, . contracted bladder and interstitial cystitis,

One of the country's first professor of OB Loran began to perform a radical prostatectomy, to implant an artificial sphincter native bladder in the development of which was directly involved. Under his leadership in the urological clinic developed original methods falloplastiki and total urethroplasty using a vascularized skin flap, . falloprotezirovaniya, . deferent ways to restore patency in infertility in men and pr,

. In the area of operational urogynecology and reconstructive plastic surgery professor of OB Loran is a recognized authority in this country and abroad, . He has the largest in the world experience of reconstruction of urethra in women, . which is reflected in one of his monographs,
. On the problems urogynecology Professor OB Laurent series of lectures at universities in France and the U.S.. Developed an original and effective plastic surgery repeatedly presented to the Russian and international urological congresses and were highly appreciated by specialists. Professor OB Loran awarded diplomas of the American Urological Association and the American Urological Foundation for the unique surgical technique. Under his leadership, held two international symposia on operational Andrology

. OB Loran - author of 230 scientific works, . of which 80 were published abroad, . and 9 monographs, . including the following: "post-traumatic destruction of the urethra in women" (M., . 1995), . "Treatment of urination disorders in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia of alpha-blockers" (M., . 1998), . "Prostate-specific antigen and morphological characterization of prostate cancer" (M., . 1999), . "Menopausal disorders in males" (M., . 1999),
. He has 10 patents for inventions RF. Under his leadership reserved 5 doctoral and 21 Ph.D. theses

. Professor OB Loran is the chief urologist RF Ministry of Health, . Chief Scientific Secretary Rossiyskogo Society of Urology (1978), . active member of the European Association of Urology (1992), . board member of the East European Society of Urology, . member of the editorial boards of the journals "Urology and Nephrology" and "Annals of Surgery, . member of the Expert Council WAC RF surgical specialties,

He is fond of music and theater. Favorite Composers - Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, F. Chopin. Favorite artists - V. Gaft, E. Evstigneev, O. Tabakov, M. Ulyanov, O. Menshikov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Vadimych for Laurent Oleg
  • This man is a physician with a capital letter in February 1983 in the 50 th GKB g. Moscow ssovmestno with another luminary of Urology of the world, the late Kahn Dmitry Vavilovichem, made me a unique urological surgery. It took 25 years. Alive, as his years well. I wish you, dear Oleg, especially health, strong arm and all sorts of well-being! "Let there be more such doctors like YOU! Vyacheslav Tikhomirov, V.
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    Laurent Oleg, photo, biography
    Laurent Oleg, photo, biography Laurent Oleg  Chief Urologist Health Ministry, Professor, photo, biography
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