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Michael Perelman Izrailevich

( MD, Ph.D., professor, academician of RAMS, Director of the Institute Phthisiopneumology Sechenov MMA.)

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Biography Michael Perelman Izrailevich
Born December 20, 1924. in Minsk. Father - Israel Moiseevich Perelman (1892-1954), surgeon. Mother - Geeta V. (1898-1989 gg.) Doctor.

MI Perelman was married twice. His first wife - Boguslavskaya Tatyana. From this marriage has two sons - Boris and Vladimir (1958 g.rozhd.). Second wife - Inna Makarova, People's Artist of USSR.

He graduated from the Yaroslavl Medical Institute in 1945. By specialty - surgeon. From 1945 to 1951. worked as an assistant in the departments of anatomy and surgery of the Yaroslavl Medical Institute. In 1951 - 1954 he. - Chief surgeon Rybinsk in 1954 - 1955 he. - Assistant of operative surgery I Moscow Medical Institute, and from 1955 to 1958. - Associate Professor at the rate of lung surgery at the Central Institute of Advanced Medical. In 1958 - 1962 g. - Head of pulmonary surgical department of the Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. From 1963 to 1981. - Head of Department of Thoracic Surgery, Scientific Research Institute of Surgery of the Ministry of Health. Since 1981, Mr.. holds the chair of Phthisiopneumology Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, . is a consultant to the surgery department of the lungs and mediastinum Rossiyskogo Scientific Center of Surgery Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, . and the Medical Center under the President of Russia,
. Since 1998. - Director of the Research Institute Phthisiopneumology Sechenov MMA.

In MI Perelman's work harmoniously combines the unique qualities of the surgeon and a great scientist. They conducted more than 3 500 operations on the organs of the chest, mainly in the lungs (in lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis and suppurative-inflammatory diseases of the lungs). Until now, he does 120 operations a year. MI Perelman - author of 12 monographs, textbooks, 14 chapters in international textbooks, 160 articles in the central domestic and foreign journals. Major works are devoted to surgical treatment of injuries and diseases of the trachea and bronchi, diagnosis and treatment of lung tumors, surgery of pulmonary tuberculosis, the use of various means in surgery. They trained 61 PhD, for his consultations 29 people defended their doctoral theses

. MI Perelman - Doctor of Medical Sciences, . Professor, . Academician of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences (1986), . Academician of Russia Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences (1988), . Honored Worker of Science (1975), . Winner of USSR State Prize (1974), . State Prize of Russia (1997), . Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1985), . Prize of the Government of the USSR (1991), . Prize of the Ministry of Health to Oncology (1976) and the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR (1979), . Award of the Academy of Medical Sciences Bakulev (1977), . Prize Pirogov (1978) and Prize Spasokukotsky (1989), . Academy Award im.Gertsena creativity (1995),
. He - an honorary member of the International Society of Surgeons and 13 other domestic and foreign surgical societies, Secretary General of the Association of Surgeons im.Pirogova.

He is fond of cars, has a long driving experience. A particular passion - professional photography.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Michael Perelman Izrailevich, photo, biography
Michael Perelman Izrailevich, photo, biography Michael Perelman Izrailevich  MD, Ph.D., professor, academician of RAMS, Director of the Institute Phthisiopneumology Sechenov MMA., photo, biography
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