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Plotnikova Raisa

( Director of the International Union of Economists, Vice-President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Secretary of the International Business Academy, Member of the International Academy of Manag)

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Biography Plotnikova Raisa
photo Plotnikova Raisa
Born in g. Yukhnov Kaluga. Father - Leonkin Ivan Ilyich (1906 - 1947 gg.). Mother - Leonkina Anastasia Petrovna. Husband - Sittse Vladimir. Daughter - Natalia Kuznetsova

. After graduating from the Moscow financial institution for many years worked in the All-Union Correspondence inventory-credit college Gosbank, . where she had trained a large number of highly qualified, . successfully employed in various sectors of the economy of Russia and CIS,
. He is the author of textbooks and methodological developments on banking records, credit and analysis of financial and economic activities.

Especially fruitful scientific and organizational and social activities Plotnikova RI. revealed during the work in public research organizations: the All-Union Council of Scientific and Technical Societies (VSNTO), . Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations (Societies) - The Union, . All-Union Economic Society (HEO), . the International Union of Economists (ITU) and the Free Economic Society of Russia (HEO Russia),

During work in these associations Plotnikova RI. made a great contribution to the organization and improving the financial and economic activities of scientific and technical societies in Russia and CIS countries, self-supporting scientific and technical centers, houses, machinery, professional laboratories. Widely known for its methodological developments in the field of property associations.

In 1990 she was awarded the title "Honored Economist of the RSFSR".

In recent years, working in VEO of Russia, Plotnikov RI. greatly contributed to the improvement of Russian regional cooperation and international organizations, scientists, economists, . fully participated and was the initiator of many international symposiums, . seminars and business meetings, . dedicated to broadening and deepening mutual understanding and cooperation of scientists, . Economists, . professionals from leading countries of the world: Russia and France, . Russia and the U.S., . Russia and the UK, . other,

In 1989 - 1996 he. There were seminars on cooperation in industry, science, economics in Germany, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria. With direct participation Plotnikova RI. made to the Government of Russia and Moscow, the administration of a number of regions of the country proposals to improve the economic reforms, including in land relations. Her efforts revived the best traditions of the Imperial Free Economic Society, 230 th anniversary of which recently pointed out in Russia.

Plotnikov RI. is one of the founders of the International Union of Economists, where he worked since 1991 director. She - a member of the editorial board of "work of ITU and VEO of Russia, organizes newsletters ITU, ITU and other publications VEO Russia.

Plotnikov RI. elected secretary of the International Business Academy and a Member of International Academy of Management, acting under the International Union of Economists.

Plotnikov RI. is one of the initiators of the Association of Graduates of the Moscow Finance Institute (now the Moscow Finance Academy under the Government Code), which served as the growth of its popularity in the banking and financial circles.

For a great personal contribution to the development of economic science and economic cooperation of scientists and experts awarded the Order of "Friendship" (1997).

Lives and works in g. Moscow.

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Plotnikova Raisa, photo, biography
Plotnikova Raisa, photo, biography Plotnikova Raisa  Director of the International Union of Economists, Vice-President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Secretary of the International Business Academy, Member of the International Academy of Manag, photo, biography
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