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( Director, screenwriter, poet, environmentalist, writer.)

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Biography VASILIEV Anton
Born June 15, 1953, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Sergei Vasiliev (rod.17.07.1911), the famous Soviet poet - songwriter, satirist, poet, author of national anthem of TV, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, my, my pretty ... ". As the author of songs and worked with all the prominent composers of the time - from Dunaevskogo to Soloviev-Sedogo. Mother - Makarenko Olympics Vitalyevna (rod.07.08.1920 g.). Her father was a white officer, after the revolution had gone abroad and more in Russia can not be returned and died in France. His brother's grandfather - Anton Makarenko, replaced her father and his grandson was named in his honor, Anton. Sister - People's Artist of Russia Yekaterina Vasilyeva. Wife - Petrova Tatiana (rod.19.09.1957), the Folk Singer in Russia, performer of Russian folk songs, ballads. Son - Vasilyev Vasily Antonovich (rod.13.11.1985), the daughter - Ekaterina Vasilieva.

By profession director Anton Vasiliev began to prepare himself to sixth grade: writing short stories, many pictures. In 1970. after school, in spite of huge competition (for one seat claimed 265 entrants), joined the Directing Department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography and was enrolled in the workshop of Mikhail Romm. Anton lucky, he was among the last great master students.

After graduating in 1975. VGIK and received a specialty producer of feature films and television, A. Vasiliev worked as a director at the studio of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (1976-1978 gg.) While he served in the army (1976-1977 gg.) In 1978. worked on a film studio "Mosfilm", then moved to the studio to Gorky, where he worked as director for 10 years (1979-1989).. From 1989 to 1994. was a director and screenwriter on the Central Documentary Film Studio. He then worked as director of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater (1994-1996 gg.), Omsk Drama Theater "The gallery" (1997). Since 1985, Mr.. present work under contracts for Central Television. Since 1998. teaches directing feature films in VGIK. In 1985-1986. as a construction worker, then the restorer took part in the restoration of the St. Daniel Monastery

. A. Vasiliev is the author of three full-length feature films: "Blazhnov" (2 parts, . 1978, . fps Mosfilm), . "Beautifully live not forbid" (1982, . to / from the Gorky), . "At the grass barefoot" (1987, . to / from the Gorky), . author of the screenplay for "The old ABC" (to / from "Mosfilm", . 1987), . Red and white ", . award the second prize at the Festival "Golden Knight", . 1996, . well as of a show "Family holidays" on the play by Vasily Belov (Gorky Art Theater, . 1996) and "Darling you're my" to play M. Varfolomeeva (Omsk Drama Theater "gallery", . 1997),
. Currently, the director, together with Vadim Kojinova, working on the script news-documentary of the history of Russia of the twentieth century.

A great place to work A. Vasiliev took the problems of ecology and environmental. For the first time he turned to her in 1983, when he realized the extent impending environmental catastrophe. The first film director, "The Earth is in trouble" (1985), footage of amateur film and address these problems, look at a Politburo. While the country's leadership preoccupied with the transfer of water from northern rivers to the south and did not tolerate any criticism of its plans. Decide on such a film at that time was truly heroic deed.

What followed were new films - "Volga, from its source to the Lower" (1988), "raises his eyes toward heaven" (1989), "The Holy Volga" (2 episodes, 1991). In addition to the murderous facts (in the construction of hydropower stations on the Volga, . example, . been flooded more than 90 cities, . thousands of villages) in the films A. Vasiliev is music, . Poetry and sympathetic people with sensitive souls, . and the viewer is charged mood of the author and wants to act,
. After reviewing the film "The Holy Volga", Nikita Mikhalkov, who heads the studio "Three-tae" offered Anton Vasiliev shoot a documentary on his studio. The film, shot in the studio N. Mikhalkov, "Moscow River" (1994) was considered the best at the festival of environmental films "Green Vision". In it the director seriously and openly stated that after several years mankind for global ecological catastrophe if it will not close the environment.

All in all A. Vasiliev more than a dozen documentary films and journalistic affecting the concerns of all the problems of ecology. Among them, "Astrakhan node" (1991), "Volga flows into the Caspian Sea" (1991), "Portrait of a black background" (1991), "Voices Vetluga" (1993), "Third Patriotic "(1994)," Islands in the mainland "(1998)

. A. Vasiliev is the author of a number of scenarios of television programs and cycles of transmission, . among them: "Poetry Fedorov" (1985, . CT), . "The Third Angel" (1992;, . RTR), . "ц?ц?ц?ц©цІц?ц?ц?цўц?" (1995, . RTR), . "Chechnya - this is Russia" (1996, . RTR), . "Tatyana's Day" (1996, . ORT), . "Russian Troika" (ORT), . "Motherland stores" (1994, . RTR), . "Russians" (1997) and other,

. A. Vasiliev is the winner of film festivals in Moscow, . Kiev, . Minsk, . St.Petersburg, . Livardene (Netherlands), . Paris (France), . Zlati Bor (Yugoslavia), . Freiburg (Germany), . Tiraspol, . Prague (Czech Republic); Awarded "Green Cross" Rossiyskogo Ecological Society (1997),
. He - a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia (1992) and the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (1994).

Anton Vasiliev not only the director and screenwriter, but also a poet. Write poetry in this, he began after the death of his father. In 1991. in the anthology "Poetry" (N58) were first published some of his poems, in 1999. forthcoming collection of poems, and poems AS Vasiliev, entitled "Words". He is also the author of numerous articles in periodicals, . including "We need a victory" ( "Moscow", . 1995), . "Islands in the mainland" ( "Literary Russia", . 1998), . "Lifestyle" ( "Ekohronika", . 1996), . "We're going to watch" ChapaevaN "(" Power ", . 1999),

Anton Vasilyev believes that such the diversity of art - film director, poet, writer, environmentalist, writer - gives him the man of the Orthodox world, a unique opportunity to actively pursue its civil line. "I would have joined the party of decent people" - says Anton. His credo is environmentally friendly lifestyle, which, according to the director, should be developed as the cultural wealth of the nation.

Leisure time gives poetry, prose, travel around the country, like a Russian bathhouse, is building homes in the village. Is admirer wife - Honored Artist of Russia T. Petrova, as well as his grandfather and his brother - Makarenko, often visits the museum of his father in Kurgan.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    VASILIEV Anton, photo, biography
    VASILIEV Anton, photo, biography VASILIEV Anton  Director, screenwriter, poet, environmentalist, writer., photo, biography
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